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  1. if you want to practice your japanese or just have a look at them here's the thread:
  2. xylek!!! love u dude dont ever forget that

    1. teh lazy prince Xylek

      teh lazy prince Xylek

      i did...but will never again x D

  3. canonically, all that keyblades you mention are just keychains he changes on his own keyblade
  4. sup angel hope youre doing great i miss you!!! love u<333

  5. wow this site CHANGED

    1. Oli


      i am: LOST

      btw sup angels how yall doin

  6. yea i dont usuallly do that but like i was bored and still had some things to complete with terra lol i dont know what youre talking about sorry this post was just me being bitter because i cant defeat the mysterious figure lmao
  7. how could we not recognize you?? welcome back felicia!!
  8. if that kh show was going to be anything like those storyboards the creator of it posted online i'm so glad it didn't even ended up being a thing. that artstyle looks as bland and interesting as a brick.

    1. Oli


      it's also really funny to me that he's selling pieces of those storyboards for up to 50 bucks when you can pay that exact same quantity of money for a professional comission that'd look ten times better

    2. Jingilator


      Dude…not even close. I’m sure it would’ve looked a LOT different than the storyboards. Storyboards are NEVER final.

  9. pvp was the biggest mistake of KHUX (yea even a bigger mistake than the story) and the main reason people are quiting the game lmao
  10. let the newcomers play KH3 first imagine this comment but with the clapping emoji between words, KH13 doesn't show them for some reason
  11. this is a sad departure from the Lea gang but I came to confirm the username change
  12. i want to change my name to Oli again it feels lonely being the only leanort left
  13. none they all sukk looooooooooooooool but seriously tho, i may be interested if they added like the ost or something
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