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  1. I feel completely lost now. When did the site redesign happen?

  2. There go the obvious members for sure, at least for me. Now I'm left wondering, will we have many different ages of xehanort? Terranort seems a guarantee. Maybe Larxene or Luxord? Or some more of the UX gang
  3. What is this mysterious message from master yen did? What is his name spelled backwards? Why do I care now? What is my name spelled backward?
  4. Found out what I was doing! I was trying to time my movement and swings together. Instead it was more like, swing move swing move in a rhythmic pattern. Needless to say I can kill hundreds of them again thanks a lot, everyone! (Funny titbit, I killed my first one there on the PS4 after making this post. Asking for help always tends to make me get it the first shot afterwards lol). I’ve never even tried for the black fungus or pink agaricus rare items, mainly cause besides being able to show off there wasn’t any point for that mich work.
  5. So, I’m finally playing Final Mix on my ps4, doing my old trick in never land hitting the rare truffles. When suddenly I suck at it (and I’ve done it for years now), and Sora just keeps knocking him further away..... it’s quite frustrating and I can only imagine it’s because of the 60fps. Anyone got any tips?
  6. Maybe they did that as a fake out? Make us think July 2018, then when it turns out wrong... “Looks like my summer vacation is...over.” Then boom! KH3!
  7. Where is SENA’s posting about the weekly update that should be today? :/

  8. Any of y’all ever met someone just a little too late? I have a friend who’s married now. One of my best friends actually, with whom I actually had some of the greatest chemistry with (and shared interests as well!). Not to mention she is drop dead gorgeous! But, naturally, I just had to meet her just barely too late; she was already starting to date someone and they soon got a lot closer (even amidst many fights and some abuse on his part..) but needless to say, they got married. Eh,...

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    2. KeybladeMasterBalo


      Well maybe she just wasn't destined to be with ya, so don't waste time and find yourself the One that is meant for you :)

    3. Dr. Shimo
    4. KingdomHearts3


      Well you may be Dr. Shimo, but you don't seem to be a love doctor. I will say this, the right one will come.

  9. Any Ace Attorney fans here?

    1. -Justin-


      Even though I’ve only played a bit of a couple games, I love the series!

  10. But wait, there's more! Act now and with your lifetime supply of roblox you can get the roblox protection shoes, a $55 value, absolutely free! *plus $88.95 shipping and handling* Never step on rogue roblox or Legos again!
  11. The saddest part is.. All versions of Simple and Clean, Sanctuary, Passion, and Hikari should've been in this...
  12. You know, I've never thought about it really, but that smile that he makes at the end of DDD actually makes sense now. Previously, I took it as okay maybe he's getting ready to wake up, but it never really clicked as much until all of this stuff about him knowing Chirithy came about.
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