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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Critical mode on April fools day.
  2. Frozen was a complete disappointment tbh
  3. Bugs life should've gotten a sequel.
  4. I wonder if Luxu will stay in his current vessel for the next saga...
  5. Apprently on the box art, there are six people on the tower opposite of where Sora and the others are standing......and they are wearing black coats. https://mobile.twitter.com/DKHF_/status/1102484383481528320
  6. So how much story expansion will be in the DLC? KH2 had like half an hour of new cutscenes. Maybe some of the expansion can be appiled to Frozen after Sora had like two interactions with Anna and Elsa throughout the world
  7. Why didn't terranort look like his Kh2 appearance?
  8. I think MOM will be either an OG charecter An older Luxu that s been guiding his younger self like Ansem did to YX An older corrupted version of Sora or an ancestor of his. Yozora
  9. So, if there's a boss fight with Luxu in A future game, will he keep his current vessel or does Nomura plan on showing his original form and voice from Back Cover sans black cost?
  10. *Don't think Twice plays in the distance."

  11. *Bodies plays in the background*

  12. I really despise politics now.

  13. Imagine the Kingdom Hearts series with The Disney princesses being the main heroes fighting Ansem, Organization XIII and Master Xehanort

    1. Jingilator


      Well, just as long as it stayed true to their characters.

    2. VocaloidLover13


      As long as Kairi was among the list too, It'd be great xD, principally if she were some kind of a leader.

  14. If kingdom hearts could've add a third party member with Goofy and Donald, it should've been a Final Fantasy charecter maybe Yuffie.

  15. I loved Detroit Become Human alot. So in between Connor, markus and kara which one reminds you of Sora, Riku and Kairi?

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