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  1. A lot was shown off in the recent KH3 trailer. Winnie the Pooh is returning, the final battle between the lights and darknesses, an evil Baymax and there's still mroe to come.
  2. This is how the KH community views the games. I feel this is accurate. Almost anything else is wrong IMO.
  3. TheFrozenCavern

    Who Will Die in Kingdom Hearts 3?

    Me and ProdigyxCD work together to talk about characters who will die in Kingdom Hearts 3
  4. The other Kingdom Hearts games have been incredibly important to the build up towards Kingdom Hearts 3 and a lot of newcomers want to jump into KH3 without playing the rest of the series because it's "too much work". Now is the BEST time to play the series before KH3 arrives.
  5. KH3 is looking to be the best game in not one of the best in the series, especially with all of the things happening to it's combat, world exploration, and much more. Do the other games have a chance at being treated this way?
  6. A challenge on Twitter for Kingdom Hearts has been roaming around, so I decided to do a video on it since that would be faster.
  7. TheFrozenCavern

    I Do Not Want Multiplayer in KH3

    Kingdom Hearts 3 has the potential for multiplayer modes. I don't want that. Here's why.
  8. TheFrozenCavern

    My Journey Through the KH Series on Youtube

    Right? I managed to time everything perfectly for 0.2 as well as 1.5+2.5 (I do kinda wish I played BBS on PS4, but meh, what can you do?) Thanks, btw.
  9. TheFrozenCavern

    My Journey Through the KH Series on Youtube

    You are right. This is something we have all been waiting for (not for 10 years of course). Also, it's been 5 years since KH3 was announced which is crazy.
  10. It's been a crazy 3 years of playing through the KH games on my channel and I wouldn't have the time any other way. I've made a bunch of friends, gotten a new viewpoint on all of the games and have fully refreshed myself for the long awaited Kingdom Hearts 3.
  11. TheFrozenCavern

    Will Text Cutscenes Return in KH3?

    Kingdom Hearts has had (what I call) text cutscenes since the first game. 0.2 didn't have anything of the sort though. Does that mean KH3 won't have this anymore?
  12. Thanks. Really, I feel the inclusion of TWEWY gets people interested. If they told you everything, there would be no point to playing the original game.
  13. Kingdom Hearts has been ported all the way to PS4. However, with the upcoming success of the series and KH3 being on Xbox One, could the rest of series follow through?
  14. TheFrozenCavern

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Final Mix

    Kingdom Hearts has had it's fair share of final mix versions in the past, mainly with it's "number titles". So, what are the chances that Kingdom Hearts 3 will have a Final Mix or DLC at all?
  15. TheFrozenCavern

    What 100%ing a Kingdom Hearts Game Says About You

    Thanks. I've done so many of the games and I still have to get around to doing BBS completely, Dream Drop Distance, and 0.2. I livestream the games from time to time. Thanks man. I haven't done 0.2 but I'll get around to it at some point. Still got BBS and DDD to get to first. And probably KH3 before that too.