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  1. So, as I was writing my theory on the significance of the Lone Sora Chess Piece scene, something occurred to me about the final scene of the Final Battle trailer. Those figures look awfully identical, right? You would think, that since the 13 Vessels have a fragment of Xehanort's heart, they would each be of different sizes and lengths, yes? But they're not. And here is what I believe... I believe that those figures are actually If that is very much true, then some things that we've seen start making absolute sense. First of all, Vexen's introduction to the True Organization XIII. Now, I personally am unsure as to whether or not he's truly loyal to the Organization. Perhaps he's the one Demyx is carrying in that one bit where he appears to Ienzo in the TGS trailer? Regardless, Xehanort would want him in his group for one reason, and one reason only: The Replica Program. Vexen crafted two Replicas who went to greatly form a sense of self: Xion and the Riku Replica. Doubtless, the old Organization was really invested in what could be done with it, but then of course Axel destroyed him. They couldn't go further. But with Vexen now in their ranks, he can do just that. Maybe that's how the other Riku shows up? He recreates it. However, if they all do have fragments of Xehanort's heart in them, then it could potentially be possible that he could see what's in their minds, and can therefore make their knowledge his.It is then potentially possible that he can make his own Replicas of himself if he doesn't already have Vexen doing it for him. And why would he do that? Because, to quote MoM, he's always thinkin' and thinkin' underneath that bald, veiny head of his. Xehanort is known as a master planner and tactician, so it would make sense for him to have a backup plan should this new Organization fail him. And why wouldn't he? Recall that Xemnas admitted that Ansem's apprentices' original experiments with the Heartless were attempts to control the mind, and make it renounce its sense of self. And yet, despite him having 13 Seekers of Darkness, they are still rather individualistic. Examples: Xigbar still kinda antagonizes Xehanort (i.e. What now, you old coot?!") Saix still going to talk to Lea in Twilight Town, even after they've established their sides, instead probably focusing on starting the Keyblade War. Vanitas still wanting to merge with Ventus, even after having been told that becoming the X-Blade will make him whole, meaning he probably no longer believes that. And the fact that they still don't probably know the full extent of Xehanort's plans, though this was as off Re:coded, and might have changed by the time of KHIII. The bottom line is that they still retain their sense of self, and not on the level Terra-Xehanort was (though MX sent his full heart into him, but there should still be signs that his presence should be within them beside the physical yellow eyes and pointy ears.) Overall, Xehanort making Replicas to replace the True Organization should they fail is totally a valid thing he would do. It's in his character, and he would be more than willing to do it. Another hint is that in the beginning of the Final Battle trailer, we see multiple No Names floating behind him when he summons Kingdom Hearts. It made me recall that there was two Kingdom Keys present at the same time, when Roxas and Xion still existed. It would make sense that the Replicas all have copies of the No Name. (Though I'm still hoping all of the True Organization XIII members get their own Keyblades in KHIII.) Overall, this is all still speculation on my part... but I'm honestly convinced that this is what will likely be as to who those figures are.
  2. So after watching the Final Battle Trailer, I have come to believe that there is more significance to the Sora Chess Piece being alone. If you've been avoiding news snippets like the extra stuff that we've seen at TGS, I suggest you turn back now if you want to go into KHIII fresh. As we have seen, there is going to be a part in Kingdom Hearts III where the Guardians of Light are going to get beaten, quite severely, at that. Now, here's the thing. I don't think they're going to die, necessarily, but I do think that they're going to be held captive, or some sort of purgatory. The reason I believe this is because I recall Vanitas speaking in the Keyblade Graveyard: "Only when your hopes have been broken by battle upon battle can the key to Kingdom Hearts be claimed." It seems from this, they are likely going to have their captives keep fighting, as indicated by Riku fighting Replica Riku, and Lea getting slammed with Xemnas' lasers. (Alternatively, they could all have simply been put in various states after getting beaten, like maybe out of commission, but let's assume for the sake of this topic that they're made to continue fighting. I'll explain why later.) They all get captured. The King, Riku, Lea, Kairi, Donald, Goofy, they get taken by the 13... except for Sora. Because of Riku, he manages to escape. He's distressed about it. As we've seen in the 30 second spot, he's only ever fought alongside his friends, but he's never had to do it alone. He feels he CAN'T do it alone. But Riku reassures him. "Sora, you don't believe that. I know you don't." After what happens in the Graveyard goes down for the first time, Sora is left alone. He has to find a way to save everyone on his own. He probably still feels like he can't do it... until a pep talk from a certain best buddy, home skilly biscuit, home slice for life: Chirithy! (That's what I call him, haha) There's probably more to it and more people involved than that, but Chirithy does ask Sora if he knows how to bring back a heart after it's lost. Maybe he learns it there? After that, Sora resolves to continue where they left off: find more Guardians of Light to help save his friends. How does he start? By finding a way to the Realm of Darkness to save Aqua. There have been various cutscenes in the trailers where, oddly enough, we see Sora alone when talking to some of the Darknesses. Vanitas, Young Xehanort. I believe at this point in those times, we're playing as Sora, and he's trying to find a way into the Realm of Darkness. And eventually he does. And as we've clearly seen in the TGS footage, Sora fights Aqua alone. Perhaps this is why? Now, granted, Aqua's scenario may indeed involve the Master's Defender, and I have no sure proof to suggest that it is after he gets the Master's Defender is when they go save Aqua. Alternatively, though, there's also no concrete proof supporting the fact that it is when he gets the Master's Defender is when he goes for Aqua. Anyway, he restores Aqua, and then the next order of business is saving Ven. I like to believe that Vanitas probably still feels Ventus and Sora though his connection to Ventus' heart, and likely surmises what Sora's trying to do. As of the Final Battle trailer, we can see that it seems that Vanitas doesn't really care for Xehanort's plot much. He's mainly trying to merge Ventus' heart with his again. Maybe he lets Xehanort know, or decides to go on his own, and get the heart back himself. Cue them in Castle Oblivion/Land of Departure, trying to get Ventus back, and Vanitas shows up. Aqua hold him off, while Sora dives into Ven's heart. Not sure how this portion will end, but I have a feeling it'll end with my long-awaited showdown between Sora and Vanitas, the later of whom may not survive the fight. Perhaps one of the Darknesses takes Ven while this happens. Maybe he has his heart back, but it's taking him a while to wake up due to how long he's been a sleep. A slow reboot so to speak. They go back to the Keyblade Graveyard, and end up confronting Terra-Xehanort. How he is there, I don't know. Is he one of the Darknesses? I do not know. What I do know is that Sora and Ventus were chained up by dark versions of the Lingering Will chain technique in the Final Battle trailer. Terra-Xehanort has them, but then they're saved by the Lingering Will, which could lead to Terra being saved. If that is the case, he now has 4 Lights to fight the Darknesses. Him, Ven, Aqua, and Terra. I also believe Roxas will be fighting for the Lights as well. Perhaps the whole thing with Roxas takes up a good chunk of the story in the meanwhile. He gets taken out of Simulated Twilight Town, has to get checked up on by Ansem the Wise and Ienzo, and then shows up later to save Lea. He could probably save him from Xemnas' ultimate attack, and point the Kingdom Key at him, before summoning his other Keyblade, and shifting them to Oblivion and Oathkeeper like he did at the end of 358/2 Days. He swipes at Xemnas, and then removes his hood like at the end of the TGS trailer. I also think Sora might recruit Xion and Namine, but I have no proof nor any explanations as to how he will do so. All I know is that if he succeeds, there will be a new group of Seven Lights. Sora. Aqua. Ventus. Terra. Roxas. Xion. Namine. To conclude, I really hope this theory turns out to be true, though I have to stress again this is all merely speculation on my part. Still, it makes for a great character development arc for Sora, that would only have him engaging in a venture worthy of a Keyblade Master. He has always said his friends were his power, and he theirs... Now it's time for him to prove it.
  3. Late night thought of what am I going to be playing till KH3 releases so it got me thinking, what is your gaming plans looking like until KH3 day? Mines is currently some BO4/Assassins Creed Odyssey. Probably going to skip RDR2, then get Spyro and apart from that I have no idea! Give me your suggestions and all!
  4. You know the drill folks. Gimme all your hopes and prayers for whichever remaster you would like!
  5. Shard the Gentleman

    ~Imminent~ Sign-ups and OOC/Discussion

    Have you ever lived by a forest or a group of woods? Have you ever stayed awake late at night because you swear you've seen something stirring in the distance, or heard something unusual originating from it? The citizens of Ascendance have, and are a bit too familiar with those all-mysterious bumps in the night. Age-old legends of the city are well known to most of the people of Ascendance. A devil is said to take rest in these woods and forests, one who is known for taking people in. These people either return changed forever, or never return at all. Our story begins with a set of students at Ascendance High School- a semi-well funded education facility which is located on the eastmost side of the city. The school is important due to what happens at night- desks are moved and arranged in strangest patterns, or white board markers are found with their lids off, evidencing the use of strange nonsensical drawings. Are there students sneaking in to add towards the city's legacy, or is there something more? And why has a strange figure began appearing in distances undefinable? Could this be the Devil that everyone knows the town for? Are there some people the figure appears before more than others? If so, why these people? Do you want to help solve the mystery? Are you a student at the school? Are you an adult who never believed in the legend, or a long-time believer? You can help reveal the truth of this town and its devil. Will you go down in history, or simply go down? How many mysteries will you discover along the way? This RP is going to be very similar to mystery and supernatural shows and comics we watched and read as kids. It's also largely based around many urban legends from across the world. There may be some slight clue hunting that may slowly reveal some truths. However, don't come to me for answers, because I will not give them out directly unless I choose to do so. Another thing: Message me about your character if you want your character to be directly involved in a town mystery. I would love to work a characters backstory into the main plot! ~Rules~ You must follow the KH13 rules. Keep it PG-13. Cursing is allowed, as long as it isn't overdone. No God-Modding, of course. Do not Kill, or seriously injure someone else's character, unless you have discussed it privately. Do not control other peoples Characters. If you have any major idea's that you feel you should talk to me about, feel free to do so! Love interests ARE Permitted, with other peoples characters, or your own. If with other peoples characters, discuss with them first. No explicit sex scenes please. Feel free to have more than one character, but please don't have more than two- there can be exceptions if discussed with me. ~Character Sheet~ Name: Age: Gender: Appearance: Occupation (If Student, put Student): Personality: Bio: This is a reboot of an older RP that has a different plot following many mysteries instead of just one. My character: Name: Vivian Holdings Age: 17 Gender: F Appearance: Occupation: Student. Personality: Vivian seems upbeat but anxious. She's also rather history smart, but doesn't like to bring it up at all. Instead, she'd rather talk about her love for Showtunes- and her longing to break out of her anxiety shell to sing and act on stage. Bio: Although she seems happy, her past is the exact opposite. She doesn't tell anyone, although it is already well known: She lived with her father for most of her life- and it was torture for her. She would come to school with bruises and torn clothes, and forced to stay quiet about it, or faced the threat of death. However, her father went missing about a year ago, her sophomore year. It's said that one night, he walked out into the woods, and was never seen again. Outside of school, she keeps to herself- her mother moving to this town to care for her after the father went missing. Her mother seems to do a great job caring for her- she no longer comes to school with torn clothes or bruises, but with a smile on her face, and a newfound passion for Theater Productions.
  6. TheFrozenCavern

    I Do Not Want Multiplayer in KH3

    Kingdom Hearts 3 has the potential for multiplayer modes. I don't want that. Here's why.
  7. Welcome, Naruto fans, to the official discussion thread regarding "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations", the upcoming manga series detailing the adventure's of Naruto's son Boruto Uzumaki, as well any other Boruto related topics. Here we can talk about our thoughts/theories on the upcoming manga, the additional one-shot, what we thought of Boruto: Naruto The Movie, and so on. As a reminder, here is the article that confirmed the upcoming one-shot and full manga series. Also here is some other additional material that you might not know about: "Boruto: Road to B" (promotional Boruto movie one-shot featuring the artist for the Naruto SD series) "The Day Naruto Became Hokage" (a bonus omake also related to Boruto found in the latest guidebook Zai No Sho. There is also going to be an anime adaption released with the Blu Ray/DVD version of Boruto: Naruto The Movie this July.)
  8. ~ SYNOPSIS ~ They called it the "Battle of Marineford", a colossal struggle between pirates and the World Government with the life of the son of Gol D. Roger on the line. The outcome changed the landscape of the entire world: Portgas D. Ace, the son of Roger, fell, and so did the fearsome and legendary captain Edward Newgate, aka "Whitebeard", who led his battalions into war against the Marines to save his fellow comrade. But because of Whitebeard's valiance, and his declaration to those who opposed him and revered him that the fabled treasure One Piece was, in face, real, countless souls from all over the seas joined the already collective pirate mass of the Grand Pirate Era and set their sights on taking the treasure for themselves, or for some, to make other dreams a reality. And who among these pirates dared to venture out, daring to go as far as to traverse the perilous landscape known as the New World? That's right... it's YOU! Come forward and begin your Romance Dawn!! ~ PIRATE'S LOG ~ Name: Gender: Race: Epitaph (nickname): Bounty: Role: Appearance: Devil Fruit: (if not using one, leave N/A) Haki: (read above) Abilities: (fighting style, special talents, etc.) Background: Dream: (to be a great pirate, to find a certain treasure other than One Piece, etc.) Sign the bottom of your sheet with a "WE ARE!" at the end to confirm you have read the synopsis as well as the following section below: ~RULES/POLICIES ~ All standard KH13 rules apply. Try to post as frequently as you can despite personal business getting in the way. The sign-ups thread doubles as a discussion thread. Feel free to converse with other players during downtime. Contact me in PM if you have a concern or query concerning the RP. This RP is rated PG-13. Mild swearing, violence, and sexual content is allowed, but don't go overboard. Do not God Mod. I expect fights to be creative and complex given the nature of the series, but don't just overpower everybody. Be fair and be respectful. Remember: this will be a crew of pirates led by me, the captain, so if make a decision in-story that requires the entirety of the crew's participation, I would advise you to follow it for the sake of the narrative. Not trying to limit people's creativity, but sometimes, you just gotta do it. For "Roles" section of log: everybody gets one. There can only be one navigator, one swordsman, one sniper, etc. If you're stuck on what role to be, feel free to be creative and choose a more unique role for yourself if you feel the standard ones don't apply to you. ~THE CREW SO FAR~ The Captain: Me
  9. Now that the first anime episode of DragonBall Super has aired, I hearby open this official discussion thread. Here, we can talk about the anime, the manga, or any other related Super topics. With that said, if none of you have read the first manga chapter, then feel free to take a look here. Now then, for my thoughts on the first anime episode:
  10. Firaga

    "Steven Universe"

    Welcome to the official thread dedicated to the hit Cartoon Network show created by Rebecca Sugar, who previously worked on Adventure Time. Prepare for magic, mystery, feels, and hilarity. But most importantly, feels. Aaaaaand now, cue the theme song because it's just that great:
  11. gabrahamsandwich

    A Man Who Hates KH

    A few years ago I finished playing KH 1.5 as part of a bet I made with a friend. My friend was a huge KH fan and mentioned how excited he was for it and how great it was many times, spawning arguments between us both. Finally we decided that the only way to settle the score was for me to actually play the game, start to finish with an open mind, and find out if the game really was garbage. Turns out I was right! At least, my anticipation of how much I would hate the game was. I played through both games on 1.5 and even watched the cutscene marathon, and although I found parts of the GBA remake more enjoyable than the original, I still found both the games to be subpar. I also made a video on youtube ( that was a cut down version of the entire final boss fight, which originally took me around 3 hours. It's garnered some hate from KH fans. The point of this thread however is not to take a dump on your game. I just want to know: when you see a guy like me that thinks KH is deplorable, do you assume I just have no taste in videogames? Do you hate me? Or do you think there's merit to not liking some or certain aspects of the game? I've not seen such a reaction from any other game I've hated and that's bizarre. Edit:
  12. Fire Force (also known by its original title En En no Shōbōtai ("Fire Brigade of Flames")) is the newest manga series by Soul Eater creator Atsushi Okubo currently published by Kodansha and serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine. In a nutshell: "... set in a world where humans spontaneously ignite and turn into flaming demon-like creatures, a disease most feared and known by the name "Human Body Ignition Phenomenon". Enter Shinra Kusakabe, a boy with the ability to ignite at his own will, who joins the 8th Special Fire Brigade of Tokyo to fight the Flame Humans, achieve his goal of becoming a hero, and to uncover the truth behind his family's death." And before you ask, no, I just don't like this manga because it involves fire powers, you f*cking racist. Now I've been reading this since it first came out sometime in 2015, and personally, so far it hasn't grabbed me as much as Soul Eater did, but you know what, it's still Okubo, so if you like his style, this manga will interest you. It's got fun characters, well drawn fight scenes, and it's even got a little bit of that dark, gothic/horror-ish element that Soul Eater, though not quite as much. There's also more of a focus on religion too, which is a little ironic for me given I'm agnostic, but hey, it doesn't really hamper my experience, and if you're into that, it'll just make yours even better. Hopefully. So yeah, if you've read it, cool, let's get to discussin', if not, then I don't blame you because I feel like I'm the only one who's even heard of this outside the people that responded to the thread I made about it way way way back when. Butseriouslypleaseletpeoplereadthiscuzidon'twannabeignoredandendupmakingthisthreadallfornaughtcomeonhumormealittleDX
  13. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 has finally been announced ladies and gentlemen! You can find the announcement trailer here;
  14. What I'm thinking is this: The dandelions rebuilt the world, and over time they trained younger generations of Keyblade Weilders. Then as time passed, and they died, they were slowly forgotten until only the regular folk remained. The Keyblade and it's ways became a myth, which lead to yuffie and leon(And mickey, dolan and gooby) being surprised and calling Sora the ''Keyblade master'' in KH1. Eraqus and Xehanort were part of the last people to be taught by their master, a survivor of the keyblade war, they in turn became the last teachers.
  15. Since chi seems to have a bit of a focus on the Princess worlds, people have theorised we might see Destiny Islands or Hollow Bastion. There are a few problems with this idea, though. Hollow Bastion is what Radiant Garden became after falling to darkness in the PRE-BBS,BBS,KH1 time period. It makes little sense that we would visit it in chi's time. Enchanted Dominion is different, because a Maleficent existed at that time(Which is likely why she is able to travel there and merge with the other version of herself from that time, and why Sora ''can't interfere'', because he didn't exist then). Disney characters and their worlds go through some kind of repeat cycle if the universe resets, but original worlds don't, at least that's how it seems right now. Our avatars and Aqua witness this in Snow White's story. There is no Daybreak Town in the current timeline, and it seems original worlds stay changed by events(Such as ROD/Castle Oblivion). Three? worlds in the current timeline also share similarities to Daybreak Town, but it could just be a design style. Destiny Islands. In BBS, the tree SRK sit on is small and still growing, and the ''play'' island itself looks rather deserted. It seems people are only living on the mainland(We know there must be, because Sora/Sora's parents. He was clearly born there, which leads Ventus there because of heart shenanigans). While I think it is still possible we could visit it(Or a version of it), Destiny Islands may only have existed after the Keyblade war. I think that needs consideration. There's also the fact that, like the rest of the current day cast, Kairi has not been born yet, meaning one of these must be true: 1. There was once only 6 princesses, until the world was re-created 2. There was a girl who existed in X's time, who was the seventh If 2 is true, then things get interesting. We could either be looking at another Disney princess, or a new original character. I feel the latter is much more likely when considering Disney worlds go through a repeat cycle, and these worlds may be in KH3. In other words..... The new world, never seen, is a brand new original world This way, we can have a brand new original character for chi's time. A theory for this world could also be that it later became DI. I wouldn't put it past Nomura and his team to do that As for this original character(if this is what happens)that also give us two possibilities: 1. The Reincarnation theory is somewhat true 2. The Seventh Princess is someone new chosen each time (by Kingdom Hearts itself, maybe?) *Gives tissues for your brains* Edit: The seventh of chi's time might be Skuld. I think she would fit that role with what we've seen of her
  16. thatkingdomheartsguy

    KH3 Pessimist.

    I'm one of THOSE people. Yeah, you know, the one that everyone hates and calls a pointless pessimist and hates your negativity, and your criticism, etc etc etc I just can't be optimistic for KH3. Am I excited for it? I suppose, but will I think it will be an incredible, mindblowing, "best KH game" yet? Absolutely not. I have my reasons for being pessimistic. Firstly is because I've always been sort of a pessimist; for example, I would expect an F on a test and get a C back and feel not as bad; opposedly, those who expect an A and get a C back feel awful. Secondly is because of the usual "Osaka Team" ramble, which I'm sure most people are aware by now. Even after seeing 0.2 gameplay, closer analyzing lead me to realize some very bad signs in the gameplay, which, if it carries over to KH3, can potentially...suck. Thirdly is because I think DDD ruined the story beyond repair, and not even KH3 will be able to fix it. Time Travel...what were you thinking Nomura? I hate when people go like "Oh wow, KH3 is going to be perfect just because it's KH3" because you don't know that. Using the fact that "it's KH3" to justify the game is good is ridiculous. This is also the crap that leads to massive, complete disappointment if the game comes out and it's glitchy, unbalanced, and sucks. Now can I justify that it will suck? No, I can't. However, I think it won't be as good as people say it will be. I also think it won't live up to its hype. Then, I get told, "if you aren't 'excited' for KH3, you're not a true KH fan." So why should I even bother being a fan then, if that requirement is needed to be a "true fan"? To absolutely love every game Square makes even if it is plagued with issues and glitchiness? I'm not optimistic about the game because of the signs Osaka Team has shown. I'm not going to be optimistic. So stop trying to make me an optimist, because I'm not. That doesn't mean I hate KH at all; it just means I want to see my favorite game series do better than it recently has. I fell in love with KH1 and KH2, but it's pretty much been downhill from there. So hopefully, you can see where my pessimism comes from. I get told after the 0.2 gameplay released, "Look at that! There's no way KH3 will suck now, the gameplay is incredible!" Once again, a completely blatant and ridiculous claim. A few minutes of 0.2 gameplay will show you nothing about the insight of KH3. It will not "prove" the game is good. People who say 0.2 gameplay is amazing is looking at the surface again. It's literally BBS all over again. People loved BBS at first, but recently, it's been getting a bit more attention to the issues it had. Why did people love BBS so much at first? Because it was flashy and fun to play around with the combat. It looked cool. It's the same thing with 0.2. The graphics are pretty incredible in comparison to the previous KH games. The spells and attacks all look super awesome, and even physical combos seem a bit better than the ones in BBS and DDD. That doesn't prove anything though. You might get a super overpowered attack that completely negates everything else you have in the game. There might be glitchiness, freezes, crashes. There might be horrible boss AI that is designed after horrible in-game mechanics. You don't know any of this yet, so assuming 0.2 proves KH3 will be incredible is such a ludicrous claim that I can't possible comprehend how these people are reasoning this behind their heads. So what if KH3 comes out inevitably, and it's an actual good game? People will probably yell at my face, tell me that "you were wrong and a dumbass for having low expectations." They can say what they want. I'll be stoked obviously; I still want KH3 to do well. That being said, if it does turn out to be a bad game, none of us are benefiting from this. However, I'll have this extra cushion that I've prepared in my mind, that tells me, you knew this was gonna happen. You shouldn't ever expect so much. KH3 is overhyped. People are in love with it even though we've seen little to nothing of it. I don't see much glimmer of hope. I have no reason to be optimistic. Insult me, call me names, exclude me, hate me; do whatever you want. However, you will never change my opinion on this subject, so stop trying.
  17. The entire movie would be an alternate version of Kingdom Hearts 1, with same story, same characters, but different worlds (most well-known Disney films as of today for more audience), alternated scenes/lines and a different ending. Most people recognize and enjoyed the first Kingdom Hearts and it's the one that started it all. That's the best story to go with if they end up going through with it.
  18. Kingdom Hearts 3 will be the next installment to the franchise after 2.8, we all know this.We know the Osaka Team is the main team developing the game and that has caused a lot of worrying among fans, and for good reason.This game is the game we have all been waiting for, and I wanted to ask the question of:What do you want the most from this game?The thing(s) that I want the most from Kingdom Hearts 3 are:(In no specific order)Opening Playable Characters10k heartless/nobody/unversed fightThe Return of Drive FormsI Won't Give Up from Kingdom Hearts 2 but with multiple different characters not just mickeyReplay ValueThat's just to name a few, tell me some of the things that you want the most from Kingdom Hearts 3! Some of your comments will be featured in an upcoming video of mine. If you want your comment to be featured in my video just make sure that "You explain why you want it, and give good reason for wanting it." Otherwise Just have fun i'll be reading almost every comment
  19. Hello there, everyone. V-mon again here, and finally, I am bringing a topic after such a long time. This discussion is going to be about, you guessed it: Dragons. But before we get to that, I would like to say a few words. As we discuss here, I may or may not speak as serious as I am now, but for the most part, this is a topic in particular that I take pride in talking about. Now I'm not saying we can't be silly at times, but let's try to respect each other, like in most discussions we do. If we keep it on-topic, we'll all get along. In this topic, you can talk about all sorts of dragons! We'll talk about these dragons... ...these dragons... ...And most importantly, these dragons... We will talk about all the different kinds of dragons you want, ones from games, movies, anime, and even dragons in culture! Also, want to just talk about dragons in general? Or perhaps you wanted to show us a drawing or image of a dragon? You are free to post about that, too. Poems about dragons are allowed as well! (I don't know how many people actually do stuff like that, but hey, why not?) As a starting discussion, can you recall the FIRST dragon you ever heard of or ever seen? Did you see it in a movie, a book, a show, or something more mystical like folklore? For me, the first dragon I can recall seeing was either the one from the movie, Shrek, or the ones from the kids' TV show Dragon Tales. It was such a long time since then, I'd say I was about 4-5 years old when I saw a dragon for the first time. Rock on!
  20. Okay, we're about a week away from E3, so I guess it's time to make the discussion topics! This topic will be focused on PlayStation and their conference happening on Monday, June 13th at 6 PM PST/9 PM EST. You guys can make your predictions/guesses of what might happen! Twitch: YouTube: E3 Conference Time Conversion
  21. Never thought I'd make a thread like this before, but hey, why not? I don't really talk about cartoons all that often on the forums anyway. Anyways: I started watching the new PPG cartoon this week. I've seen the three mini-shorts, the first episode that aired on CN on Monday, and the one 15 minute segment that aired yesterday. I say that because I know there was a pilot leaked online for an episode called "Man Up" which I have not seen and won't see until it officially airs this Friday. As for what I've seen so far: I actually really enjoyed it. Is it exactly like the old cartoon? Yes and no. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not. I mean, the former should be pretty obvious to be honest. This is a reboot after all, and wasn't/isn't marketed directly towards hardcore fans of the original cartoon. It's for casual and/or potential new fans of the series as well, but at the same time still shares the same aesthetics and core structure that the original possessed. The humor I will admit is mostly different and is catered towards a more modern audience, but that's okay because I still found it be clever, properly set up, and overall humorous, while still carrying the same spirit that the humor of the original. The main three girls are all pretty much the same too, only slightly modified in certain behaviors due to now being slightly older and being in elementary school instead of just kindergarten, which is understandable. You seeing a pattern yet? Overall, the show is different, but in a good way. Unlike something akin to Teen Titans Go!, the show acknowledges that it has an older fanbase as well as people who have never seen the original and appeals to both while at the same time giving respect to where it came from. And yes, it is in fact a million times better than TTG ... not that being better than TTG is a hart feat to accomplish, but still. One last side note that only really pertains to itself: the show has managed to do something that feels unnecessarily complicated to pull off, especially for a reboot, and that's incorporating a modern setting and doing it well, and by modern setting, I of course mean incorporating smart phones and computers and the like. I know there's a mentality present where incorporating modern elements such as those leaves a bad impression and just makes the show seem tacky or pandering, and I understand it, but believe it or not, it can be done right, and PPG'16 does it right. It doesn't emphasize the fact that the girls each have smart phones, the hotline phone is a smart phone now, or that Bubbles used a YouTube-esque site to start a beauty vlog at one point, it's just there. Which is fine because tech is just there in our lives as well and we don't call attention to it all the same. Again, this is a modern cartoon for a modern audience, and regardless about how you feel about it, we live in a society where technology is prominently used in everyday life. There's nothing being taken away from the core aspects of the show, it's just set in an appropriate time setting and reflects the trends of the time without using it as a crutch to appeal to its audience by having the girls constantly talking selfies or using "duck lips". I've pretty much got my points across. So if you have any thoughts about the new cartoon, please leave your thoughts below.
  22. The Transcendent Key

    Civil War Spider-Man Discussion!

    Hey there everyone, how's it going!? So then, today I, the Friendly Neighborhood Webhead, want to discuss with you all regarding Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War! Enjoy! So, what are your thoughts on Spidey in the MCU? Do you like his costume? Do you like Tom Holland as him? Let me know in the comments!
  23. Hey guys it's been a little while since I last posted here! Me and my friend LimitForm72 have been working on a project for a little while now that serves as 2 informational videos towards why outsiders should play Kingdom Hearts! Of course for most of you guys here you're already hooked into the series but perhaps you want to convince some of your friends to check the games out? If this is something that interests you, then you can find: Part 1 Here: Part 2 Here: Thanks, peace :lol:
  24. Today, I really am eager to talk about some more of Kingdom Hearts! Really! But, I am not interested in super in depth discussion like you normally do. I want to talk about some of the fun aspects within the Kingdom Hearts universe! And as you may have already guessed, I want to talk about the gummi blocks and gummi routes! In this topic, I want to focus it all on the gummi-related things. And we DON'T need to talk about only ONE topic here. You can choose to just chill out and talk about your favorite moments in the gummi routes, and talk about the weird multicolored lumps of gummis in KH1's gummi routes, or even ask for help or give tips on how to achieve the best scores in KH2's various gummi missions! The choice is yours! So, to start things off, without forcing any of you to participate in this exact thing I am bringing up, who wants to talk about the mysterious lumps of gummi blocks in KH1's gummi routes? Rock on!
  25. Seen people talk about the inclusion of Wreck it Ralph in the game, but only as a summon because getting the license to use the video game characters that appear in the movie would be too hard. My problem with this is that the video game characters that appear in the movie have no relevance to the plot at all they are just cameos, and can be taken out easily. The movie takes place mostly in sugar Rush. Game central Station could be included, but I don't feel like it's an area that would seem too odd not being full of people. The train station in twilight town is not packed, but it didn't feel too strange, and the emptiness of worlds is one of the things that really bothers me although this mostly only happens with the Disney worlds.