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  1. Sure! That sounds like a great location to start with - especially since you've got clear reference material 😀
  2. Because game development is extraordinarily difficult and time consuming, and it sounds like you're just starting out on your gamedev journey. Plus, as I said, making an MMORPG is one of the absolute hardest things you can do in gamedev. Many a fan project has died on the vine because they aimed for something that was impossibly large to complete. Starting out with small, attainable goals means you're more likely to stick with the project, achieve those goals, and feel encouraged to keep going 😊
  3. It's a really fun idea, and I highly encourage you to download Godot and try to recreate the Chain of Memories combat system! That's something I've actually never seen replicated in a game. What I *would* say, though, is think smaller - which is advice I give to anyone who asks me for game dev tips when starting out. Creating an MMO - even one with a small scale, aiming for a few dozen players at a time - is layering advanced networking over the top of the already gargantuan task of developing a game. I've seen very experienced game devs struggle with the MMO format, so it's not the best place to start 😅 My recommendation would be pick a world idea you really like (e.g. Bug's Life) , and just try to build that world and a combat system to start out. Then you can expand from there 😃 But please, definitely download Godot and try to create something - learning by doing is the best way to get to grips with game development in my experience! And I say that because I started out making overly ambitious fan games in the 00s, so your post reminded me of...well, me. All of those fan games I was working on never got finished, but they taught me a LOT of foundational skills that I use as a professional game developer now. So whatever the outcome, the project will be a lot of fun, and you'll gain some valuable experience and skills. I wish you all the best with it! 😊
  4. Wow!! Thank you so much for taking the time to share that with me OraFlores - I couldn't ask for a better response than that! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it, and it's really nice to hear that my passion for the series came through. More than anything, though, thank YOU for taking the time to read my essay! I know it's a massive commitment of time, so I'm really grateful 😊
  5. Thank you so much escobarrr! It means a lot to me that you enjoyed it, and I appreciate you letting me know 😃
  6. Hi Carol, thanks so much for your interest! The links are still working for me, but you might be having trouble because Gamasutra is now a new website called Game Developer. Here's a more direct link, in case that helps: https://www.gamedeveloper.com/design/kingdom-hearts-iii-a-conclusion-without-a-story---part-1 I used to be atrocious at writing essays, so I can definitely relate. But in my experience, it's really as simple as practice makes perfect 😃 It's all just about forming an argument, and conveying your points in as concise, clear, and (hopefully) engaging a way as possible. Hope the link works and that you enjoy it!
  7. That is INCREDIBLY cool - awesome work Sportsmaster! The way you've framed and designed the whole scene is phenomenal (like the way you created the KH2 logo on the screens, while simultaneously paralleling it against the two Keyblades!). I could totally see Tetsuya Nomura drawing something like this (shame he doesn't do more illustration nowadays). Make sure you share it around online and show everyone your hard work! ?
  8. Thank you very much for the kind words Callum! If you want Sophie to respond, the best thing to do is probably directly message her - I don't imagine she'll see your post otherwise
  9. Thanks Sophie - I really appreciate you taking the time to comment (and the kind words)! =D
  10. No worries at all sament019! Good luck with the bosses - I've only beaten six so far XD
  11. When loading your save file from the main menu (when you first boot the game up), press Square instead of X and that'll load you in the main game's world (free to explore/grind/etc.). I had a similar problem haha XD
  12. That's fantastic - thank you! Haha, it's always satisfying when you find someone who lines up with your own feelings, isn't it? That's absolutely fine - I'm just grateful you're reading it, so definitely no rush! =D My absolute pleasure Estoria - thank YOU so much for the wonderful comment! Honestly, the points you make are such a relief to hear, because that was one of my goals - being polite, respectful, and as holistic as I could in covering these topics. Yeah, I'd read that quote from Nomura when it first came out and just found it amusing, but when writing the essay it suddenly occurred to me again. I know when I'm writing a game, I generally can relate to both my heroes and villains. So re-reading that quote suddenly made KH3 make a lot of sense (for exactly the reason you pointed out). Thanks! I've always found the anti-Final Fantasy argument bizarre on those grounds (being such integral characters in the larger story and world), so I wanted to get in something about them haha. I also come from a time in the fanbase where, when a new KH was announced, the discussion was 'Which FF characters are going to be included this time?', and I kind've miss that. Thank you very much Estoria - I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to write such an in-depth and wonderful comment. It's seeing these kinds of responses that make the past 9 months of writing all worthwhile! =D
  13. Wow, thank you so much - that's honestly some of the highest praise I think I could ever receive (putting another person's feelings into words)! Yeah, I think that's really limited the structure of the series and the way we view these games. I'm sure there's probably a corporate viewpoint that sees everything like that (Disney characters, FF characters, etc.), in addition to the fan view, but from a story perspective it doesn't really make sense. I think needing to see "the big picture" is the perfect way to put it, 2 quid! Thanks again =D
  14. Thank you very much AwesomeKHfan! I love you pulling out that particular paragraph and I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who felt that way =D Oh, don't worry - Master Xehanort is probably one of the biggest topics I cover (he's in Part 4 which should be released shortly). There's a lot to unpack there, despite him getting so few cutscenes haha. Hope you enjoy and thanks again!
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