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  1. Final Final Battle piece for a while, so here it is for Kingdom Hearts Re;Coded!
  2. Here's another continuation of the series! This one is for the final battle in the ReMind DLC with Sora and Kairi!
  3. Thank you!! Thank you I really appreciate it! Thank you a ton, I tried my best!
  4. Continuing the Final Battle Series once again, I pick up where Kingdom Hearts Union X ended! Hope you all like it! Instagram: Chris.Arts5 Twitter: Arcanekeyblade5 Website/Shop: ChrisArts.net
  5. Yea I still have a few idea for other ones, but think ill take a break from them for a while. I'm glad you like them and that others seem to too, thanks for letting me share them! Thank you so much, I'm glad youve liked them so much! I'll hopefully be back with more! Yea I've only gotten through half the bosses in Remind and had to take a break, so I hope to beat him one day! lol And thank you! I do feel like TWEWY could easily be tied to here in some way, but who knows what Nomura is thinking!
  6. And here is the last Final Battle piece for a while, so I wanted to make one for the most recent final secret boss Sora vs Yozora! Thank you all for supporting the series it means alot and I look forward to making more in the future! I do make other art too that I post on Instagram and Twitter if you wanna keep up! Instagram: Chris.arts5 Twitter: Arcanekeyblade5
  7. Thank you very much, and Im glad you liked the speed paint! I'm gonna try to keep doing them! And hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder XD
  8. Here's the final of the side games for my final battle series! Though I do have one more secret one planned that I'll start on soon! Hope you all like it! Speed Paint: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7I8roTGVwGc&t=2s Twitter: Arcanekeyblade5
  9. Glad I could create that atmosphere! And Thank you, I always finds capes to look dynamic in art and they just look cool! XD Thank you so much! Glad to hear that, and glad you like it!
  10. The next of the side games is the prequel to KH1, Birth By Sleep! I hope you all like it! Instagram: chris.arts5 Twitter: Arcanekeyblade5
  11. Thank you so much, Im glad it worked out decently well! Well I'm glad that it worked out!! XD Thank you a lot!!
  12. Thank you!! And I would have but the amount you can post on here is so limited I decided not too I posted a few versions on my Twitter and Instagram if you wanted to see them! Instagram: chris.arts5 Twitter: @ArcaneKeyblade
  13. And the next in the series I have going is the final battle for Chain of Memories! This time with a twist! Hope you all like it!
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