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  1. The credits don't start rolling after you beat Xehanort. The game will tell you to go to the place in the keyblade graveyard where everyone was gathered and Sora told them he was going to save Kairi. You can have the credits after the Remind scenario is finished. Limit cut and the secret episode shouldn't be integrated into the main game and instead should be accessed the same way as it is already. Maybe Limit cut and the secret episode can be combined into one.
  2. Well it really depends on how frequently he changed. Did he want to go after children or adults? Would he leave when the body he was in when it got to old or would he let it age a while? Let's say he targeted 20 year olds and he finds a new vessel when it's 40. That's 20 years per vessel. If we're going by 300 years, we would go 300 divided by 20. That's 15 vessels.
  3. My personal recommended order is: Kingdom Hearts 1 Chain of Memories Kingdom Hearts 2 358/2 Days Re:Coded Birth by Sleep Dream Drop Distance 0.2 Union x Dark Road X Back Cover Kingdom Hearts 3 KH3: Remind Melody of Memory Of course that's just what I recommend. Other people have different preferences, but I really think that this is the way to go.
  4. While that would make more sense to do, I am fairly certain that's not what's going to happen and there's just one more.
  5. Woah! I love the mirror effect! I kinda wish you posted a flipped version alongside this version tho
  6. All that's left is CoM, BbS, and DDD. Those should be interesting because all three of those have multiple final bosses depending on which character you use. I'm curious on how you plan on incorporating all of them. You can probably skip coded/re:coded because it's so irrelevant and does not have a good final boss. 0.2 is a bunch of heartless so it's not too interesting. We don't know what the final boss is for Union x or Dark Road is, yet, so those are skippable. Re:Mind and M.o.M. are just the same as kh3's final boss, so I'd skip those as well. That's a really great drawing you made there, I love it as usual! Keep up the great work!
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