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  1. Just post the things you WANT to see from now on. Because of the darkness
  2. Everyone is Xehenort. We all turned into a very bad person. That's pretty sad. I should've just decided to die.
  3. The only new characters I want to be introduced are Verum Rex/Quadratum related characters and maybe some Dark Road upperclassmen.
  4. I don't know about Luxu. He seems he be against everyone else mentioned. We need to acknowledge the possibility that the seven crowns are people we haven't met before and silly ol' Nomura wants to introduce MORE characters. Or maybe the seven crowns are inanimate objects.
  5. Nothing about this poll says we need to restrict ourselves to kh.
  6. Well there's six. We just need one more. Maybe Minnie? The same sort of logic that applies to Mickey also applies to her.
  7. I don't see how Lauriam going to the kingdom of coughing makes him one of the seven crowns.
  8. You forgot the cyclops titan. Oh, well. No one like him anyways.
  9. I thought there were two explanations and I was confused, but it turns out they're both two parts of the same explanation, so thanks for clearing that up for me.
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