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  1. I think what he means is that as enjoyable as the disney worlds are, we need more mature stuff as well. I agree with that. We should have some sort of balance.
  2. I currently own all the kh novels. And I will until the kh3 novel comes out and then I'll have all but one.
  3. So how many worlds will be in every volume, do you think? And how many volumes do you think we'll end up having? And when do you think the final volume will come out?
  4. Well she did get help from Sora, who I assume was doing most of the work (I'm talking story, not gameplay).
  5. I can't use youtube on this computer, so the link isn't working. Can you tell me your channel name and I could check it out?
  6. That's amazing! Definitely let me know when you're done with that! Maybe after you're done with that, you can make "Look What You Made Me Do" with Riku?
  7. What are some songs that make you think of Kingdom Hearts despite the writer not thinking about (or knowing about) the series? My example is "Look What you Made me do" by Taylor Swift, which makes me think of Riku in kh1. "I don't like your kingdom keys, they once belonged to me" "Sorry, the old Riku can't come to the phone right now. Why? Because he's possessed"
  8. Maybe they wanted to focus on twewy instead of Final Fantasy.
  9. I love it! I especially love how it includes all parts of the battle, and as you look up, you see all the little parts of it in chronological order.
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