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  1. Hey kingdom Hearts is a sad series, sadness, pain, and hurting is a part of it. All good stories have to have some loss.
  2. How do I watch the cutscene when I press on notices it says error
  3. Hey can we all agree that the khux ending was amazing and that khux probably has the best story in the kingdom Hearts series?.
  4. I makes sense that the player becomes xahanort and we kinda already knew because of dark road when xahanort had dreams/visions of the player from khux.
  5. Ok so in the khux ending we find out that the "player" gets reincarnated as xahanort and his mom or maybe eruqus's mom gives him away to what appears to be a old man in a coat my theory is that it is a xahanort whether it is ansem, young xahanort or xemnas or it could be a new character but it just seems very weird that there have been 2 people with robes that as far as we know xahanort has really no memory of well maybe ansem in dr but idk. but yeah who could that man be could it be a "darkness" or maybe luxu?.
  6. Yeah I beat remind and I I unlocked the limit cut data battles and they are hard as the kingdom key.
  7. Ok so I'm buying khre:mind and I was wondering if there is anything that I need to know before I play it.
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