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  1. Wayward wind is one of my favorite keyblades and I found this fanart keyblade that looks really cool I love how it zigzags like a tail or a piece of string it looks awesome.
  2. "Hah hey yah your through, get back, its over!"
  3. Ether way all I know is that star cluster is a fire keyblade with an awesome name.
  4. So in kingdom Hearts 3 it was revealed that keyblades can be combined or "forged" and Merlin helped king Micky forge star seeker with kingdom key d. But I want to know how it was done could it be magic.
  5. in the credits for kh2.5 it showed the scene when sora is on Destiny islands and he finds the masters defender on the beach and it was in the kingdom shade so that was cool. The ps3 had a little bit of juice left in it.
  6. I find that playstations most "revolutionary playstation" console at the time didn't get a kingdom Hearts title I would at least thought maybe kh bbs or maybe re:com since they both came out when the ps3 was kinda into its life already but idk I did read that the HD games were actually pretty hard to port/bring even to the ps3 system maybe that has something to do with it but idk.
  7. I would like to see brain stay behind and use masters defender to change daybreak town into scala ed Calum, like when aqua turned the land of departure into castle oblivion.
  8. As we know the key saga takes place centuries before kh1 so let's say 300 years in the past and as we know Luxu's role was for him to go there the years passing down no name and finding a new host for himself. Xahanort used terra as his vessel and xahanort himself was probably about in his 80s by bbs and terra was most likely about 19 or 20 so my question is how many vessels has luxu used and how old were they since there was a 300 year gap between khx-kh1.
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