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  1. in the credits for kh2.5 it showed the scene when sora is on Destiny islands and he finds the masters defender on the beach and it was in the kingdom shade so that was cool. The ps3 had a little bit of juice left in it.
  2. I find that playstations most "revolutionary playstation" console at the time didn't get a kingdom Hearts title I would at least thought maybe kh bbs or maybe re:com since they both came out when the ps3 was kinda into its life already but idk I did read that the HD games were actually pretty hard to port/bring even to the ps3 system maybe that has something to do with it but idk.
  3. I would like to see brain stay behind and use masters defender to change daybreak town into scala ed Calum, like when aqua turned the land of departure into castle oblivion.
  4. As we know the key saga takes place centuries before kh1 so let's say 300 years in the past and as we know Luxu's role was for him to go there the years passing down no name and finding a new host for himself. Xahanort used terra as his vessel and xahanort himself was probably about in his 80s by bbs and terra was most likely about 19 or 20 so my question is how many vessels has luxu used and how old were they since there was a 300 year gap between khx-kh1.
  5. Ikr it would be awesome to explore a time period that we really don't know anything about. We really only know up to when xahanort came into the picture nothing after the x saga but before kh dark road.
  6. Ok so this is just my own opinion but I think it would be cool to have a game set like idk let's say 100/150 years post union cross (as we know the time of fairy tales is at least 3 or 4 centuries before kh1 and the main continuity of games we know as "the main timeline" so before bbs and even dark road and just like in bbs how it introduced a new trio it could give us another trio. And it could explore what the world was like post keyblade war but not during the time of "the main timeline" you could say, it would be with totally new protagonists and the villain could be luxu and it could tell us who he used as a vessel during his road through time passing on the no name keyblade. And yeah that had always been my "dream" you could say of my vision of a kingdom Hearts game.
  7. Ok so as we all know union cross will be ending soon in JP and US but how will it all go down will it give us a bunch of new revelations or just a few. For me personally I really hope that they go all out with this final update and I really am hoping that it gets what the other games got and even unchained did and that is a secret ending something that gives us a glimpse at what is to come. we will all soon find out.
  8. I think it would be really cool if Disney dug into there back category of legacy characters and put Oswald into the kingdom Hearts series. As you can see this art is really cool and it gives us a look at what a potential Oswald could look like. I would really like to see him in a future installment in the franchise.
  9. You won't be disappointed I can tell you that. (Kumandra if you know you know)
  10. Ok so I just got done watching raya and the last dragon and all I have to say is WOW just wow it was awesome I loved the characters and the world. The "drune represents the darkness in the world and at first I thought raya could be a princess of heart for the "new 7 lights" but as the plot unfolded we found out that she had rage in her heart which can translate to "darkness" but she could still be a great ally to sora and crew or just the 7 guardians of light in general. But yeah I Really Really want RATLD to be in kingdom Hearts 4 or just a future installment in the series what's your guys opinion.
  11. It reminds me of kingdom Hearts re:coded on DS due to the lack of a 2nd analog/d-pad since you have to use the face bottons for the command deck and probably the most different control style is that you use r+l for camera controls and personally I love it it may even be better than a regular analog stick but yeah kh bbs is a real treat.
  12. Ok so going into this version I was kinda on the edge about if I would like it or not but playing it and getting used to the controls its actually really fun plus it's cool to see all the differences from the final mix version of the game.
  13. Now the only kingdom Hearts game I need to play on the original system is DDD 3D on 3ds.
  14. It's funny how many times I buy the the same kingdom Hearts games across different platforms.
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