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  1. I just beat this game after procrastinating for like 3 years. and i loved it so I started playing Sora's story and I last left off at the Destiny islands repliku boss fight and after rearranging my cards and finding a new strategy I beat him. And the rest of the story was a cake walk. Now riku's story is a little different from Sora's as you know. 1. You can't add cards, it is a fixed deck. 2. You can only heal with king Mickey cards. 3. Riku had a dark mode that you can receive by breaking enough of the enemy's cards. So the gameplay is different between the two campaigns but it is super fun and enjoyable. I do prefer this to the ps2 version.
  2. It's not that we're "ungrateful" it's just that the said September, than they said soon, than they finally said winter. We all just want to see how this game unfolds that's all.
  3. That would be cool. Or a design that would also be cool would be a keyblade based on the green tablet that showed mirabells future. Also one based on the house.
  4. Yeah it does. The keyblade for this world would be crazy
  5. I feel that a world for encanto would be awesome it doesn't even have to have battles it could be like a 100 acre woods world were its just cutscenes and mini games. Plus I think mirabell and kairi world get along as well as the rest of the madrigals.
  6. When can we expect a release date? We know that it will be in "winter" but that could be December, January, February, or March. That is a long time frame and can we expect it before the big kingdom hearts 20th anniversary event (most likely in March)
  7. Imagine a Kairi+aqua game where they go through past worlds and new worlds and just train and maybe fight some Heartless or unversed. 1.sword in the Stone world 2. Raya last dragon 3. Idk
  8. Even a new collection kh3+dlc, melody of memory, and a new movie. Something like a kh3.5 hd
  9. Ok so I've been watching some kh videos as one does and what I've gathered gathered is that a lot of people think we will get a game revealed next year but released in 2023 but what I want to stress is that I really believe that we will get a kh released next year whether it be kh 3.14 uhd fm I remix (that was a joke) or a brand new game I would take both preferably a new game. And I do think it is time to find out what will happen to sora and riku in quaddratium and also with kairi training with aqua. As you can tell I REALLY want no........I Need a kh game next year kh has impacted my life and I need that kh goodness.
  10. All I really want is a new game. Not a rhythm game not a sub par mobile game (I love khux and dr but I what something big if you know what I mean) I what a classic console game it doesn't even have to be a numbered game aka kh4 all I want is a new game. As for the kh20th event can we assume that it will be on the JP date or the US date? (March or September)
  11. Next year will mark the 20th anniversary of the kingdom hearts series and I'm wondering what content we will be receiving will it be games, merchandise, or something new?. What so you guys think we will get?
  12. So just to clarify do I have to get the score that gives you an ability or can I just do the little score?.
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