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  1. Gosh this is tough pick, I grew up with the films from the Post-renaissance era and I enjoy each films story and take but If I had to choose, I would definitely choose Treasure Planet cause outside of The Emperor's New Groove and Lilo & Stitch, it's no doubt one of my top 3 favorite films from the era and just exploring Montressor and Crescentia along with exploring Treasure Planet in Unreal Engine 4 what more can you want with the world. Even the themes of the movie could resonate well for the next KH game before Kingdom Hearts IV.
  2. Thanks @WakelessDream. I'm excited to share my posts to most of you on the forums. Like I said in my post I may not agree with some opinions/posts by others on the forums which I tend to get impatient and aggressive real fast, I am willing to roll with the punches and respect each others posts on the forums and more importantly follow the rules.
  3. Hi everyone my name is DisneyXPixarfan95. I'm a huge fan of everything Disney and Pixar and I can't wait to share some thoughts on the Disney related content in the Kingdom Hearts series from past and moving forward. Even If I may not agree with some of your opinions/posts which I tend to get impatient, I am willing to roll with the punches and respect each others posts on the forums.
  4. Hi KingShadow welcome to the KH13 forums. I'm DisneyXPixarfan95.
  5. Hello everyone, 

    I'm excited to join the forums of KH13 and can't wait to share with you some of the exciting content on the site and forums especially in the Disney side of things.

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