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  1. Blue Sky Studios Co-founder Chris Wedge posted a letter of Blue Sky Studio's Closure yesterday (April 7) on all their social media pages. https://twitter.com/blueskystudios/status/1379822457729785863
  2. @Double OKPYeah since yesterday, all because of everything happening right now thanks to the pandemic which is why Disney shut them down. @WakelessDream, I only watch the first three Ice Age films, Robots, Horton Hears a Who, Rio, Epic, The Peanuts Movie, and Spies in Disguise. I haven't seen Ferdinand but glad it's on Disney+ so I'll watch it then and no comment on Ice Ages 4-5 and Rio 2. Like I said they might not made much of an impact as Disney, DreamWorks, Illumination and especially Pixar but their films still hold a special place within my heart and I'm really going to miss the studio very much. I'm more worried on what's going to happen to the 450 employees at Blue Sky following it's closure in April, even if Disney is planning to bring in the majority of them to have them work at other divisions within Disney (including hopefully within Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar) most of them don't want to relocate to the west coast due to the expensive cost and currently California is having so many cases right now thanks to the pandemic. Same @Vulpes XIII I really going to miss Blue Sky as a animation studio and for their films. I only watched the first three Ice Age films, Robots, Horton Hears a Who, Rio, Epic, The Peanuts Movie, and Spies in Disguise, as for my favorite film it's hard to say I appreciated their films but my favorites were of course Rio, Horton Hears a Who and especially The Peanuts Movie.
  3. Earlier today, The Walt Disney Company has shut down Blue Sky Studios the Greenwich Connecticut studio behind the Ice Age & Rio franchises, as well as other animated films including Robots, Horton Hears a Who, Epic, The Peanuts Movie, Ferdinand and Spies in Disguise. It's last day of operations would be in April resulting in 450 employees leaving the company. Blue Sky was originally set to release Nimona for January 2022 based on the graphic novel by Noelle Stevenson, unfortunately the film was soon scrapped leaving only 10 months of work left uncompleted. You can view the article right here on Deadline. But all I can say is I'm heartbroken and disappointed that Disney is shutting down Blue Sky Studios, cause while Blue Sky isn't as well known or popular as the animated films released by Disney, DreamWorks, Illumination, Sony Pictures Animation or achieve the Universal acclaim as Pixar, I grew up and appreciated their animated films and it was one of the animation Studios that Disney decided to keep following the Fox Acquisition back in March 2019. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other financial issues happening right now within the company, Disney decided to shut down Blue Sky leaving over 450 talented artists and technicians without a job. But what do you guys think of this news and where you a fan of any of the Blue Sky's films?
  4. Thank You, I had to share you some more fan art of the Pixar Themed Keyblades of Coco and Inside Out as well as the link for the other fan concept keyblades for Brave, Treasure Planet, Atlantis, Lilo & Stitch and Moana. Me too, that's my biggest hope for the next games is for more female Disney characters joining the fray for Sora's party instead of just leaving it with just one in a specific world he goes to. Honestly, my big hope which I'm cautiously skeptical about, is for any future Disney worlds based on their recent animated films like Raya, Wreck-It Ralph, Zootopia, Moana, and the return of Arendelle (following the plot of Frozen II) to not suffer the same treatment that Arendelle and even Kingdom of Corona endured from Kingdom Hearts III. I don't want to say too much of my problems with both worlds (mainly Kingdom of Corona) cause I'm saving them for another topic by the time Raya and the Last Dragon comes out next month, but the long story short for my main issues with Arendelle and Kingdom of Corona respectively were the minimal character interactions Sora and the gang had with the Frozen cast for the former world and the latter world for the 2nd and 3rd acts of the world's story feeling "forced", "linear" over the top and "preachy". At least San Fransokyo (Big Hero 6) was the ONLY new Disney world introduced to Kingdom Hearts III that didn't suffer any restrictions and guidelines like the other introduced Disney worlds in KH3 (Arendelle, Kingdom of Corona, Toy Box and Monstropolis).
  5. I'm honestly more interested on which Disney Worlds will be implemented for the next Kingdom Hearts game after Melody of Memory and where it's going to take place. So far these are the many different realms where many of the KH worlds are explored in the series: The Realm of Light (where the majority of the Disney worlds and original worlds like Destiny Islands and Radiant Garden reside) The Realm of Darkness (Where the Realm of Darkness and where worlds that were destroyed by the Heartless end up in) The Realms Between (Where Twilight Town, Traverse Town, Land of Departure/Castle Oblivion and The Mysterious Tower reside) The Realm of Sleep/Realm of Dreams (Where many of the Disney Worlds that didn't return to the Realm of Light following Ansem Seeker of Darkness' defeat from Sora in the first game appear and also the Final World) The Data Worlds/Datascapes (Consists of Data worlds from Jiminy Journal or the Book of Prophecies, The Tron worlds (Space Paranoids and the Grid) and Game Central Station from Union χ) The Other Side/"Unreality" (The City of Quadratum) Like I said, were not exactly sure what's going to be the main setting for world exploration for the next KH game it could be the "Unreality" or the Realm of Sleep from Dream Drop Distance once again. I do see the world of Wreck-It Ralph be one of the likely Disney worlds to show in the next game outside of its appearance in Union χ, now whether it will retell the events of the first film again, an original storyline or just jump to Ralph Breaks the Internet instead is up in the air. The Pixar worlds of Coco and Soul along with possibly Treasure Planet and Atlantis: The Lost Empire could also be possible Disney worlds in the next game joining alongside Wreck-It Ralph, it just comes down to how Nomura and his team decide on which Disney films they would choose as worlds for the next game, the environment the world can offer and how the world based on the film fits in the game in terms of story and themes cause they like to cherry pick certain Disney worlds.
  6. Thanks for letting me know about that @WakelessDream regarding spoilers on the Kingdom Hearts games and on films in general I greatly appreciate it. I agree the designer who made the Soul Keyblade really captured the themes and design found in the film. My favorite as you said it yourself is the Piano keys being the teeth of the keyblade, the hilt being the badges for the soul's characteristics and the Maple seed leaf that 22 in Joe's body discovered as the keychain. Just imagine the different Keyblades from the different Pixar worlds we may visit (e.g. Coco, Inside Out, Onward, etc.) in the next games, I imagine the Coco keyblade be based on Héctor's Guitar. Speaking of which a user made fan keyblades of Coco and Inside Out along with several others in the links down below: Coco's themed Keyblade. Inside Out themed Keyblade Fanart Keyblade Gallery 1 Fanart Keyblade Gallery 2 Finally regarding on Raya and the Last Dragon trailer, I agree while it's too early to know for sure how the film would work as a world until the film comes out next month, all I can is that as you said Sisu, the Land of Kumandra and Raya herself as a Party Member for Sora would make for a very awesome level for Kingdom Hearts. Speaking of Party members, I really hope we get more Female Party Members in Sora's party in the Disney worlds for the next games, because I’ve been noticing in the numbered KH titles we ONLY get one female Disney character in Sora’s party for the specific Disney world he visits, cause in the first Kingdom Hearts game it was Ariel, in Kingdom Hearts II we had Mulan and in Kingdom Hearts III it was Rapunzel (until her hair was cut) but for unknown reasons Go Go and Honey Lemon weren't included as party members for San Fransokyo. I do hope that Kingdom Hearts IV breaks the mold and brings in more female Disney characters in Sora's party such as Judy Hopps, Moana, Merida, Violet Parr, Helen Parr/Elasti Girl, Raya, Elsa, and Anna, instead of leaving it with just ONE female Disney character. But back on Raya as a party member I imagine her having a good dynamic with Sora and Co. and the sword (which also is an Urumi) can be an interesting weapon she uses in combat for short range and long range attacks, plus Imagine the teamup limit she would have with Sora. Regarding Sisu, I agree I can imagine her humorous and sassy attitude when she interacts with Sora, Donald and Goofy and be the next Disney character that will have fun interactions to the Trio after the Genie, Mushu and Olaf. The environment and lands of Kumandra as seen in the trailer would also be fun areas to explore, it just would all come down to how much of the world in terms of exploration would be explored, if it's different from the other Disney worlds (new and returning) in terms of environment and especially if Nomura and his team are interested on including the film as a world for the next numbered KH title (which I'm very confident it will be in KHIV for sure, no question). My biggest hope is that if the film becomes a world it doesn't suffer the same treatment as Arendelle and especially Kingdom of Corona from Kingdom Hearts III, but that would be a discussion on another topic.
  7. Oh okay, I just didn't know what you mean. But as I assure you, I will keep spoilers for anyone who hasn't seen the Disney and Pixar film(s) under the spoiler tag whenever a film is out in theaters for 1-2 months until it's safe to discuss it on the forums just like how we don't reveal spoilers for the KH games and any game in general on the forums.
  8. That's true @WakelessDream and I also do appreciate the stories for the Disney worlds from the first KH game along with Beast Castle's and Space Paranoids story in Kingdom Hearts II, where they are a combination of the film's plot but largely original and connected to the KH story. Regarding future Pixar worlds retelling the story, who can say, maybe we might see retellings of the movie's plot for some of them or most of them will be largely be original stories like with Toy Box and Monstropolis in KH3 at the end of the day it's up to Pixar and to a degree Nomura who decides on how they want the story of the Pixar worlds told . What I do know is that John Lasseter who was involved in the Toy Box story process no longer is CCO at Pixar after leaving the company for "missteps" and now Pete Docter (Monster's Inc, Up, Inside Out, Soul) is the new CCO so perhaps we might get more Original stories and a few retellings, just as long as the retellings aren't in the same level as Arendelle and especially Kingdom of Corona's story from KH3, but that's a discussion for another time. As for the Pixar villains you want to see I agree with the ones you choose, especially Hopper, in fact Hopper is one of my Top 5 favorite Pixar villains next to Syndrome, Ernesto De la Cruz, Randall and Lotso due to how intimidating he was to the ants and the bugs in the film, plus he showed no mercy, I mean he even killed two members of his colony for not wanting to return back to Ant Island. I think he's worthy to be boss material as long as Pixar doesn't become overprotective and clingy with Hopper and pull a "Randall" on him and not make him a boss. Of course, that's up to the story team at Pixar if they want to see these villains (chiefly those that died in the like Syndrome and Hopper) appear and as you said it yourself, Nomura and the team need to take in consideration which Pixar movies and also Disney movies (the Animated Features Canon and also Live-action) work best as worlds in the different KH game(s), cause the way Nomura and his team decide which Disney films they want as worlds is "subjective" and very wishy-washy cause literally it comes down to the following: Which Disney (Animated and Live-action) and Pixar films, Nomura and the team want to see added as worlds for the specific KH game The themes that the specific Disney and Pixar film (new and/or returning) have in common to the theme of the specific KH game (e.g. Friendship, Trust, Connections, Promises, etc.) - Which is debatable The Story the world can offer The gameplay value and the environment that the world can offer. Level Variety (e.g. a City based level, a Forest level, a Snow/Ice level, a Pirate level, a Desert level, a Tropic/Ocean level, a Jungle level, etc..) Disney giving Requests and suggestions on which Films they want to see added in the game as worlds to Nomura and the team (e.g. Big Hero 6 in KH3). Still, I'm just excited on what Pixar worlds we might see and given that the next potential game after Melody of Memory is likely going to be set in the "Unreality" I could envision Coco and Soul as possible candidates as worlds for the next KH game, while The Incredibles could be the Superhero level for Kingdom Hearts IV and be the replacement for San Fransokyo.
  9. Hakuna Matata, I'm always mindful of spoilers in fact when Soul came out I had to keep the spoilers from the film under the spoilers tags when talking to Wakeless Dream. But with films released to Theaters such as Raya and the Last Dragon spoilers will be kept for 1-2 months so folks who haven't seen the film won't get spoiled.
  10. Personally, I say Toy Box (Toy Story) and Arendelle (Frozen) are going to be the ONLY likely Disney worlds introduced to Kingdom Hearts III that would return for the next KH game (likely Kingdom Hearts IV).
  11. That's okay @WakelessDream I appreciate your understanding. I'll still keep the forum going whenever a new trailer for the latest Disney or Pixar film comes up will be discussed. Once the specific film comes out then this forum can be the best place to discuss our thoughts of the film and expectations on how it would fit as a world for a future Kingdom Hearts game. And it's the best place to discuss world ideas whenever the latest new Kingdom Hearts game is announced. Understood. The forum will still keep going whenever a new trailer for the latest Disney or Pixar film comes up will be discussed. Once the specific film comes out then this forum can be the best place to discuss our thoughts of the film and expectations on how it would fit as a world for a future Kingdom Hearts game.
  12. Hey folks (@WakelessDream, @ocean's rage, @SweetYetSalty, @Double OKP, etc.) I just updated the title for the thread and just posted the trailer for Raya and the Last Dragon that came out Yesterday. You don't have to comment about if that's okay but just want to keep the forum going for discussion on our thoughts on the latest Disney and Pixar films coming out and our discussions about that upcoming Disney or Pixar film and how it would work as a potential future Kingdom Hearts world.
  13. Tbh, San Fransokyo was literally the ONLY new Disney world introduced to Kingdom Hearts III that didn't had any restrictions compared to Arendelle, Kingdom of Corona, Monstropolis and Toy Box, going by how it was handled. Yeah @SweetYetSalty, I could tell Pixar was a bit overprotective and somewhat restrictive on Monstropolis when compared to Toy Box, which would explain why Randall wasn't fought as a boss let alone a mid-boss in the level, so that was my ONLY nitpick of the level, other than that I enjoyed Monstropolis.
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