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  1. Does anyone know when exactly CBT will start?
  2. Hi Albert! Just to let you know I had to remove your post in the recent JK Rowling thread (the Russian language one) since it was a quoting a spam post that we had to take down earlier. You didn't do anything wrong but just wanted to let you know what happened there!

    1. Albert


      I figured that could happen. Thanks for notifying!

  3. Drive forms or Formchanges? It's hard to choose between this two. I think I go with Formchanges, because they beat Drive forms by numbers and can be switched during battle
  4. I'm surprised that there is no option for Baldr. Am I only one who didn't expect him to be a villain? Apart from that most unexpected revelation was that we are not Xehanort. But, to be honest, I think that in DR was nothing "shocking". It was more like "oh, that how it is. Alright."
  5. Please no. Third delay is too much. I hope they release it this month
  6. Sora Roxas Aqua It's hard to pick someone from the last one, but I probably go with Donald
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