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  1. Well, not always. There are things in KH3 that I don't find logical explanation (for example, Ansem the Wise in BBS says that he lost his memory, and in KH3 he remembers everything, plot hole), but I just think that this is far from critical and I can find a lot more positive features
  2. Well, I think that the concept of an ideal plot differs from person to person. So I don't think the plot can be seriously improved. In addition, Kingdom hearts 3 has a lot of storylines leading to the next games. And, well, in KH3 the plot is not so bad as to "remade" it. In this series, there were worse parts in terms of the story
  3. I don't understand a half of what you wrote, probably because my English is really bad, but I get general idea and it seems odd to me. There are many reasons why I think Ven can't be MoM, but it's difficult for me to write them. I think that MoM probably will be a totally new character, because his personality doesn't match with any other characters of the franchise
  4. Well, I can't say for sure. Yeah, I like this story and it's characters. This games bring so much new to the series. But, on the other hand, I can't deny that some of new characters don't get much attention, that story isn't whole yet after 7 years of development, that all fans should wait few months only to see one or two important cutscenes. And in my opinion UX has worst gameplay among all of KH games. So, I don't know...
  5. Same here ?. There's many interesting characters and it could be too much text if I put all of them. Yeah, probably. But Terra, Aqua and Ventus himself don't know about it yet
  6. That's a good question. Let's see... 1. Yozora. He appeared only in one cutscene, but left so many questions so I really want to learn more about him. 2. Ventus. With recent updates of UX this character was shown in a different way than in previous games and I can't wait for the moment when his past will be revealed in the main story. 3. Master of masters. There was time when I was waiting for him to appear in KH3. Since he didn't, all I can do is wait for next games. He's an interesting character and I wonder what he try to achieve.
  7. Skillet's songs like "Comatose" or "Not gonna die". Why? I don't know!
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