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  1. Where did you get that picture? UPD: Ok, I found it
  2. 100% they're going to delay it to November or even on later date
  3. That's because Nomura more likes villains.
  4. First time creating a topic here and well, I hope that I did it right. I would like to talk about the simbolic meaning of Foretellers and the master of masters plan. We know that the names of Foretellers are translated from Latin as the seven deadly sins and that their masks represent the animals that are associated with these sins. Before the end of UX, I assumed that names and masks reveal who Foretellers really are. I've always considered them as negative characters. And this seemed to be confirmed by the epilogue of KH3, when Erakus takes out their chess pieces. But the UX ending made me look at the whole situation from a different angle. From there, we learned about the Master of Masters ' plan. And it made me think. The goal of the Master is to imprison the darkness inside himself and his apprentices so that the darkness can be destroyed. And in order to achieve this, he gave each of the Foretellers a "role". In fact, the Master of Masters played a big show in order to attract the darkness. Everything pointed to this from the very beginning. The prominent names of Foretellers, the fact that they wear masks like theater actors, and the fact that they are given "roles" that are somehow connected with their names. They themselves are not the personification of sins, they just play the role, but the darkness that will consume them is most likely the true seven sins.
  5. Well, he said that the series "will take a little break". It doesn't mean that we won't get anything.
  6. if someone is interested, then in the gallery you can find this art https://www.kh13.com/gallery/image/37768-main-characters/?browse=1&lightbox=1
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