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  1. Yeah. Something like that. I hope Mickey was there as a party member for Riku.
  2. For those who watched the Kingdom Hearts III Final Battle Trailer, you've seen a glimpse of a playable Riku fighting off a swarm of Heartless. But will there be more of the Riku gameplay?
  3. I don't know for sure... but I'm thinking if we finished Sora's story in Kingdom Hearts III, we could obviously play Riku's story if it really fits in the game.
  4. So now that Riku's officially confirmed as a playable character, will he be just playable in the Realm of Darkness or in other worlds like Destiny Islands and Keyblade Graveyard? Or also in Disney worlds like Arendelle, Corona & etc.
  5. I love having a playable Riku. So we start off as Sora first and then play as Riku in the realm of darkness? Though I think of Kingdom Hearts III more Birth by Sleep style.
  6. In Kingdom Hearts III, Riku has a new Keyblade called "Braveheart". So my question is... how did he get that kind of Keyblade? And whatever happened to his "Way to the Dawn" Keyblade?
  7. Yeah. I wonder what's Mickey's new Keyblade called? Does it have a name?
  8. Does anyone notice about King Mickey's Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts III? It looks almost like the Kingdom Key D and the Star Seeker have been fused together. Is it really his new Keyblade?
  9. I'm glad. For me, I 'd like to have thumbs up. Riku looks like a little different whe it comes to hairstyle.
  10. For those who watched the new KH3 trailer, what does everyone think of Riku and King Mickey's new outfits? Any thoughts? Thumbs up or thumbs down?
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