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  1. Would anyone want to do a rp based off the granddaddy of all DC crossovers?
  2. I wonder if Barnacle Boy is going to use archive voices or get a new voice.
  3. I’ve been waiting, and still no update.
  4. With the Disney Fox merger about to be complete, and with Alita Battle Angel in theaters. Should Alita be in the Kingdom Hearts series with Iron City as a world with Alita as a party member or Alita be a summon, and the reason why this should be in the future Kingdom Hearts game?
  5. "Cosmos, Chaos they sound so familiar." Luna said as she began to have more visions of a goddess, and a warrior from a sanctuary, and a demonlike god destroying the goddess, and her with the other warriors disappearing that she drop on her knees clutching her head in pain wanting to scream her lungs out. "Why am I seeing these visions of this? Who am I!?" Luna said wanting to scream really bad. "Make the pain stop!!" Luna said as it gets worse.
  6. "This palace I feel like I seen it before from afar, but I wasn't the only one." She said trying to remember where she saw this palace.
  7. 've been playing Smash non stop plus I made a rp interest involving World of Light.
  8. Would anyone be interested in a rp based off the Adventure Mode in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and there will be spoilers. The only characters that could be playable has to be from Nintendo, Konami, Sega, Capcom, Namco, Square Enix, Ubisoft, and indie games that appeared on a Nintendo system. Along with Kirby, and my character only 4 characters will survive Galeem's attack so it would be first come first serve.
  9. Alyssa was a bit hesitate of grabbing his hand, but she grabbed it hoping nothing bad happens to him or herself.
  10. ~Luna Cordelia Castle~ Luna with Vivi & Marie enter the castle as she look around she felt like she saw this castle from afar before. A flash appear in her head seeing 10 warriors, and what looks like her in a grassy field.
  11. Alyssa look up with tears as she nodded remembering that she never got a chance to eat after what happen at the Capital.
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