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  1. If Xbox is any indication, not yet
  2. yeah, it's a buddy cop show starring John and Hal
  3. It's coming in August Trailer will probably happen a few months before release My guess is April or May
  4. It's called DCU now Shows, movies and animated stuff are all part of it And also games, which I think is a stupid idea but whatever
  5. I prefer playing on control than mouse and keyboard for FF14
  6. Do they carry over to the full game
  7. Hope for a swift recovery for James, terrible news about the other two I think character wise is going to be much harder, especially in portraying it. But it will depend on how they write Luffy in live action because there is no way you can take Oda's Luffy into live action and make it look good. Luffy is a ridicilously huge idiot who's headstrong with a very cheery attitude That's not something you can portray in live action without being cringe Look at Ed in Cowboy Bebop That was just a disaster
  8. I corrected myself right after
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