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  1. I wouldn't mind that, I just want the mage class to have the most op spells
  2. I hope it's a Donald exclusive thing, he would be even less relevant if Sora gets everything he has
  3. I rarely listen to full albums, it's most likely why I can barely remember artist names as I just listen to one of their songs and move on
  4. Come on, I get Jackman is great as Wolverine but he's had the role for like 2 decades and had a perfect ending It's about time a new guy was cast
  5. We are also talking about a character who super heals from deadly wounds in a few hours or a day. Looking older for fighting crime doesn't work when everything that happens to him is gone right after. Anyways . If anyone wants to continue this convo I can do it in
  6. I hated the original face since I played it the first day it came out Dudes face constantly looks constipated and somehow looks like a mid 30s person despite being 23 I am so happy they changed it, while in remaster it looks odd at times it's miles (heh) better in the Miles game in just the two minutes he's there His was the only face I just could not get behind, everyone else was good to amazing and there's Peter who looks like he needs to use the toilet so badly everytime
  7. In Norway they took away the restrictions a few months back I see very little still wear it
  8. Seems like they are doing the DLC story too, neat
  9. There was some casting news for that recently Orlando Bloom and David Harbor got cast for it
  10. Oh that's firetrucking nice How did you add the blue lights?
  11. I doubt it, Square pretty much showed with ff7r dlc and sequel that they are focusing on new gen
  12. But Hero here is so ingrained into the plot and characters it just feels so off
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