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  1. Ah so this is the point of no return Thanks for the heads up!
  2. Oh man, chapter 12 just gave me a bunch of side stuff This game won't let me end the game Chapter 12
  3. I am surprised nothing happened to Ryujinx
  4. It's been 4 days since the game came out, you don't get sales that early Wait a week more and you get some answer on it And even if it does bad it doesn't mean much, part 3 will come out either way
  5. The only reason why I get it is because all the side quests rely on Cloud and his "relationship" with each character But the solution is simple and it's just to....switch back to cloud when it happens You are damn right, running around with him is so damn adorable
  6. I really wish we could change who to play as outside of Cloud because running around as Cait Sith is so firetrucking adorable That's the reaction I saw a lot of reviewers have too
  7. The proto relic quest in Cosmo canyon is my favorite so far
  8. If Glenn actually had a kid, he would have mentioned that at some point by now in Ever Crisis to Sephiroth I don't think it's real
  9. Remake also maxes out 50 and you reach 30-something on your first round
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