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  1. He did stop that from happening in FF7. I think it was Kitase who wanted to kill majority of the cast but Nomura made it so only Aerith dies.
  2. Last game he directed was The Last Remnant Never played it, don't know anything about it
  3. Of course people are gonna believe Yoshida is the director when he's the face of marketing and not Takai
  4. if they continue making games in that universe, sure why not
  5. I would say the problem is they don't know how to run them Halo Infinite development was just a mess from directors and big shots coming and going constantly Then they also just let the studios be way too independent Sometimes that work, in case of Hi-fi Rush But then you also get Redfall And that was a much bigger game
  6. They are still focusing on single player games, most of their studios are focusing on it despite the doom and gloom on the internet about live service games
  7. And while the whole live service thing isn't my favorite thing, they just need one game to be succesful and they are golden
  8. I don't know, Sony is also building it up The Last of Us show was crazy huge
  9. Unless Microsoft has the balls to still go through with it, but that would mean they aren't allowed to sell any Microsoft products in the UK
  10. Unless a miracle happens and they somehow change their mind in the last second, it's not going through
  11. The ABK deal is pretty much in shambles thanks to the CMA denying iti
  12. If it happens I think it will just be a similar deal as with Bungie As in they still make games for other consoles Except the big ones stay on Sony, like FF
  13. Should absoslutely stop doing it
  14. Yeah, this isn't the first time Blade_Dog has posted these bigoted youtubers
  15. Also I doubt that Days Gone one is true The studio didn't want to make it
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