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  1. If Glenn actually had a kid, he would have mentioned that at some point by now in Ever Crisis to Sephiroth I don't think it's real
  2. Remake also maxes out 50 and you reach 30-something on your first round
  3. It's like with rebirth If this is like Remake then you get more exp in hard mode So it's not really an issue
  4. I mean it's just scaling with the story
  5. I am 9 chapters in, nothing like that yet
  6. I honestly wouldn't worry about levelling up The game gives you plenty either way
  7. You mean AP Up materia? You get one in chapter 3, it's a hard one to miss even if you don't explore that much
  8. I genuinely think these devs just wanted to show their feet fetish I have honestly runed Mai out completely I have honestly tuned Mai out completely She's background noise now I do like her interactions with Chadley though, they are always fun
  9. I gotta ask, what's with these devs and not covering the feet of anyone in bed Their blankets are completely useless Like it's not even long blankets and the characters feet are sticking no No, all the damn blankets are so short for some reason I don't know why this is annoying me so much
  10. Oh you were only on the first one Hah good luck on the rest
  11. For that one Not sure i want to try the hard mode one
  12. You are crazy, Aerith is hella busted Chrono Aegis is so useful and then Radiant Ward changing her whole basic combo And I haven't even gotten all her stuff yet
  13. Took me until the third moog house to figure that one out
  14. I am two minutes into Gold Saucer and this shit is already amazing
  15. Are you not ahead of me I am there right now
  16. Well I don't mind either way, I have found this one to be a ton of fun
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