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  1. I am still streaming if anyone wants to see
  2. Whatever the names next: Cloud x Barret
  3. You can choose who to wake up and you get different shipping Ohhhh Yeah There's tons of that too
  4. or in the sewers later on when both are passed out
  5. Like do all the sidequests with them when you are alone with them and you have a special moment
  6. Otti#8624

    General Chat

    Never seen that before
  7. Rouche was so damn much fun to fight in Hard mode Goddamn GODDAMN Now I gotta fight the bastard first
  8. Otti#8624

    General Chat

    Definitely not two hours
  9. aaalright, chapter 3 done on hard mode Man, I died so many times in this one
  10. Otti#8624

    General Chat

    so doesn't mean much
  11. Otti#8624

    General Chat

    But it's still fanmade
  12. Hard modes annoying me when your character is alone
  13. Otti#8624

    General Chat

    Or which manga artist is it
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