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  1. I mean, it's a 60 page script
  2. It's a whole script No one would waste that much time on making a fake script Especially with details like that That's just a waste of time, especially when barely anyone knew of it being leaked
  3. I think it's pretty legit
  4. At least for the first episode
  5. The first episode script leaked a while ago, and what they were doing was pretty good
  6. Season 2 can then have the whole Alabasta saga. So Whiskey Peak, Drum Kingdom, Little Garden and Alabasta
  7. That way you get all of the first 5 members and then enter Grand Line in season 2
  8. Doing all of East Blue in the first season is easier
  9. Yeah, still a lot of stuff to get through
  10. Nah, I think it's all of East Blue
  11. And hopefully in a good way
  12. It's gonna do what the manga did, but in it's own way
  13. I mean, it's an adaption
  14. Also, first season is 10 episodes long
  15. And they start shooting next month, sometime in August
  16. As far as I know, all the scripts are done
  17. We might find out next week who's cast in the show The One Piece anniversary is then and they usually have some news regarding the live action show then
  18. It's already bad enough in One Piece
  19. On an unrelated note @Estoria#4001 @Mupstun there's a rumor that Emily Rudd is playing Nami in the live action One Piece There's even a recent pic of her with bright orange colored hair And the show starts filming in a month
  20. It's a western anime but I thought it was a fun watch
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