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  1. Both One-Winged Angel and Fenrir are great when it comes to design-wise However, when it comes to animation --> I would definitely pick One-Winged Angel When it comes to combat --> I would go with Fenrir Loved the simplicity of Metal Chocobo, especially the fact that it was one of the rare long keyblades in KH1, but I wouldn't see myself picking it over the other two.
  2. I think that all of the original worlds that appeared in KH3 deserve to be playable and expanded. this includes: - Twilight Town expanded to the station and to what’s beyond it (the building behind the station), it’s a hub world and should be huger than Radiant Garden from KH2. - Radiant Garden completely freely playable within the castle to the outside within the city itself - Destiny Islands completely freely playable and the town should be visitable - Realm of Darkness should be playable freely as Master Riku with new locations other than the Dark Margin - Mysterious Tower should return and become freely playable from the outside until the top of the tower - Land of Departure should be completely freely playable from within the castle to the outside with new locations to be added - Keyblade Graveyard should be expanded with bringing the Badlands in which Lingering Will’s encounter took place in KH2 and expanding the maze because it looked huge from the top but only a small portion was playable - Scala ad Caelum should be freely explorable without enemy pressure with expanding the locations. To to be honest KH3 included many original worlds but they weren’t playable which was very disappointing. I think that all of these worlds deserved more especially on the last title of the saga
  3. And what does that has to do with the Unversed? The Unversed have always existed in the realm of light and inbetween due to Vanitas, they don’t have any connection to Nightmares. The reason why Spirits existed in KH3 is due to the bond Sora has with them and due to the heart binder which summons them temporarily due to their connection. Nightmares didn’t bond with any Seeker and were simple representation of darkness in the realm of sleep, similar to how heartless represent the darkness outside of the realm of sleep, now, since we didn’t drop to the realm of sleep and stayed in the other realms the whole time, Hsartless and Nightmares can’t dual exist at the same time since they both represent the same thing on their own realms.
  4. I like Face my Fears for two reasons, the first being that the song is catchy and energetic, secondly, is the fact that it feels more related to the plot rather than being far from the actual storyline like Don't Think Twice. So my choice would be Face my Fears, and who knows? Perhaps after watching the full opening and hearing the full song, I would also prefer it from My Sanctuary and Simple and Clean!
  5. Perhaps it's a new Keyblade from the Realm of Darkness, since Master Riku was using Way to Dawn, which is a keyblade of the Realm of Light, perhaps after his Way to Dawn was broken on their journey, he was able to form or find a keyblade from the Realm of Darkness.
  6. Even though they have some common things, I don't find them all heading to the same path as trio. Namine is a loner that is mostly within the side of the goodies while both Riku Replica and Vanitas are norted, how would such trio end up becoming together?
  7. Characters like: Marluxia, Larxene and Demyx, goes under the category of people that Young Xehanort had mentioned of being not trustful or useless, and I don't really find any logical reason for them to be recruited as Seekers. And I hope those characters don't last until Scala ad Caelum as members because they felt forceful: - Data Riku - Master Aqua - Riku Replica I think those are the only reasonable Seekers and perhaps the only WORTHY members so far: 1- Master Xehanort, 2- Ansem Seeker of Darkness 3- Xemnas 4- Terranort 5-Young Xehanort 6- Isa 7- Braig 8- Even 9- Luxord 10- Vanitas and any other Seeker felt rushed or forceful in a way or another just to fill up the gaps. I hope by the end of the game, the Seekers would end up being logical.
  8. Reminds me of the Large Armors that were introduced in 358/2 Days, perhaps they are Heartless that we would see in an unannounced world. Hoping it's for Agrabah's or Treasure Planet's, or perhaps Atlantis's.
  9. Donald and Goofy? Lol, they ain't taking anything from me, I am probably going to take their potions when they first join me as party members...
  10. To be honest, playing as Master Riku was predictable because of his importance to the storyline. However, I still feel that we should play as many other characters like Master Aqua, Ventus, King Mickey, Roxas and Kairi, each one of them got their own styles of gameplay and would be enjoyable to play as. Perhaps they could divide them into different roles, for example playing as Kairi only in tutorials, Master Aqua and Roxas by the final phase of the game and freely afterwards, while Ventus and King Mickey to appear secretly in boss fights similar to Riku and King Mickey in KHII. With that we would get some fair distribution of different Trios and characters and enjoy the experience fully rather than focusing on Sora and Riku the whole time.
  11. It’s such an interesting thingn for someone to make a video about those underrated trio, personally I would find it interesting to have these gangs as the protectors of Twilight Town but I truly believe that when Roxas and Xion returns in Kingdom Hearts III, they will be enough to protect Twilight Town while living there, perhaps Lea would visit them more often from Radiant Garden and so, having Hayner, Pence and Olette to all have Keyblades wouldn’t make them extra important or special. Perhaps one of them, Hayner, could have a keyblade and learn more from Roxas and become the single protector of Twilight Town when Roxas and Xion aren’t around, but who knows? Perhaps such theory would end up being right and we would have Twilight Town flourish as the first world in the realm inbetween to include so many protectors and seekers of light and perhaps Master Yen Sid would open his Mysterious Tower for more new apprentices from Twilight Town after the events of the Keyblade War in KHIII to prevent dilemmas such as Xehanort’s to be repeated again. From what we have noticed, it was much late that Master Yen Sid realized that the universe needed more Keyblade wielders more than ever, it was from there he decided to test Sora and Master Riku, decide to save Master Aqua and Ventus, and also gather more worthy wielders such as Kairi and Lea. It would only be logical for him to decide to open an academy and perhaps Twilight Town would become the new beacon of hope that reminiscent Daybreak Town as the world that teaches many Keyblade wielders thanks to its connection to Mysterious Tower.
  12. It's such a cute figurine of Christmas Sora, if only we had Donald, Goofy and Jack on their Christmas Town costumes too to complete this collection. Would also hope for Master Aqua, Ventus and Terra to get their Funko Pops too!
  13. It's called "famousness" and "commercializing" XD I guess KHIII has become one of the biggest projects of the company and using the most famous Disney movies makes this game to be the most famous title of them all, forcing the company to raise more commercials from the team just to ensure that the game is worth developing and many customers would be attracted to it even newcomers. Not to mention that we are getting closer to the game making the commercials to be a huge support and almost an essential factor before the release of the game.
  14. "Oath" was meant to be an ending song and ending songs are usually slow-paced, which makes it a fitting choice for the ending. So I wouldn't call it as a boring song yet especially since we haven't heard the full English version (that usually have some changes on the lyrics) and we haven't even scene the cutscene in which this songs plays at. So who knows? Maybe this song would end up touching our hearts more than any of the previous songs if the cutscene were to be the most emotional of them all.
  15. I like many of what you have mentioned, but how would you explain the fact that Ventus and Brain were part of the Dandelions that were training under Master Ava before the Keyblade War events? Ventus clearly mentioned that even when he was a regular wielder, he didn't have any friends but that itself proves that he was part of what happened before they were taken to the virtual reality. Another thing, if we were to walk with this theory, what would be the position of Strelitzia in all of this? Was she basically another test that was added by Ansem the Wise within the virtual reality? And since it was a virtual and Ansem the Wise wanted to include Lauriam, then why did he has to kill Strelitzia in order to take her position of being a union leader along with the other four? It just seems odd and unfitting. One last thing, Maleficent within the secret ending of Unchained Chi mentioned the name "Sora", so why would the events of Union Cross end up being before BBS? Because Sora was basically an islander by that time and Maleficent wouldn't have had any troubles from him until KHI, and from the scene of Maleficent and "Darkness", it was obvious that she returned to the events of KHII after being stuck in the virtual reality and not BBS, how would the pieces fit into their places?
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