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  1. Riku Watashi

    Drawing of my Norted OC!

    Omg! I love it!! I wish I could draw as well as that!!!!
  2. Riku Watashi

    Organisation 13

    Who is everyone's favourite organisation 13 member? Mine is possibly Axel!! I hate Saïx with a passion though! XD
  3. Riku Watashi

    Jewel Quests?

    If you do lots of Union Cross battles online, u can unlock lots of jewels on the Union cross boards! Also doing 20,40 and then 80 union cross battles u get rewarded with jewels as a reward! i hope this helps!
  4. Riku Watashi


    What is everyone's opinion on Aquanort? I was so shocked when I found out that Aqua had fallen to darkness!! I sure hope she turns to light again later in the game!!!
  5. Riku Watashi


    What is everyone's opinion on Utada Hikaru's new song Face My Fears? I absolutely love it! I've been listening to it non-stop on my MP3 player!! I very much appreciate the fact that Skrillex collaborated with Hikaru to create the song! Especially since Skrillex is one of my favourite artists! So which Kh3 song does everyone here prefer? Face My Fears or Don't Think Twice?
  6. Exposing young children to TWEWY is a baad idea... *face in hands* but not for the reason you probably think...

  7. Yay!!! I found u!! Hello again!! :D

    I really hate this new update!

    1. Roxas that's a stick

      Roxas that's a stick

      What is ur new Friend code on ur 3DS?

    2. Riku Watashi

      Riku Watashi

      I dont have one anymore but i could give you my email adress?


    3. Roxas that's a stick

      Roxas that's a stick

      Aww it's a shame u don't have a friend code anymore!! I put ma email address on the message u send me earlier!!! :D

  8. Riku Watashi

    Kingdom Destiny

    So,uh, hey! Who wants to sign up for some good old Kingdom Hearts RP? If you do, please leave a response. Looking for 3 people, possibly more, but I'm not good at keeping track of a lot of people. Please come up with a character and specifics such as appearance, general personality, and age. If I think its inappropriate, the player will be banned and reported, so please avoid sexual references and things of that sort. So, like, three to five people is good. Lemme know. Story:Some friends hear of other worlds and magic and stuff like that and are preparing to go see for themselves. Preparations are being made. Like our own version of KH. Hopefully it'll be as fun. Sign ups end Oct18 or when I get enough people before then. Thx!
  9. Wait the game's a 1st person shooter now?! I won't be allowed to play it if it bears any semblance to a 1st person shooter... ok actually as long as its not ALL a shooter I can. Will finding hidden Mickeys be like finding stickers in BBS?
  10. That would be AWESOME!!!
  11. Riku Watashi


    Dude, it was so totally Replica. I would know. Wanna know why?
  12. Riku Watashi

    Riku's Death in KH3

    I think Riku will die but I will cry if he does, and I've only ever cried when in pain. I'm gonna be crushed...
  13. Riku Watashi

    What could Kairi's big moment be in KH3?

    Kairi doesn't really do much of anything... she'll probably do something 'really important' as her ONE redeeming quality... The REAL hero is Riku!
  14. Riku Watashi


    Hi. I'm Riku Watashi! I'm new! I love Kingdom Hearts!