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  1. It says it's valid with double items. If that's okay then I'm totally ready. If not then I may need a few minutes to change some items.
  2. Hello! Sorry for unresponsiveness. I wanted to ask if double items on Pokemon is allowed. For example, having a team and two Pokemon both have Leftovers.
  3. Angel if you could reply to the thread with your showdown username, or even just tell felix, whichever is easier that would be great, thanks bro!

  4. I think so but I'll get back to you on that for certain later in the day.
  5. If it's during the weekend I can also participate. Hope that's okay.
  6. Hmmm...Mine would be: S - Kingdom Hearts 2 A - Kingdom Hearts 1, Birth By Sleep B - Kingdom Hearts 0.2, 358/2 Days, Dream Drop Distance C - Re:Coded, Union X D - Chain of Memories
  7. Ideally and symbolically I think it would be cool of the release date was on July 13th. You know...7th month. 7 Lights. 13th day. 13 Darknesses. It makes sense...But yeah, realistically I have to agree with November.
  8. SuperButterBuns ALL THE WAY WHAAM! Everglow is good too but everyone else just no.
  9. Animator, Game Designer, or Programmer! Either of those would be great with me. I'd like writer but not for this series. The story is too messy to get into writing additions and future scenes.
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