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  1. The best boss fight is Marshmallow, but Peter Pan is my favorite. I just wish it was a full boss fight.
  2. My favorite aspect of the Kingdom Hearts series is the boss fights. Boss fights are my favorite parts of every videogame, and the boss fights of the Kingdom Hearts series are some of the best in my opinion. However, since that isn't an option, I would say that the story is my favorite aspect. I love storytelling, and despite how crazy the story has become, I love it anyway. The music is pretty much tied with the story because Yoko Shimomura is just too good at being a composer, but the story just barely wins for me.
  3. Great video as always! I loved what you had to say about Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. Despite him being one of least interesting characters in the Kingdom Hearts series, he is still my favorite villain (probably mostly for nostalgic reasons). While I wasn't necessarily a fan of how all of the villains got emotional sendoffs in Kingdom Hearts III (except for Young Xehanort), I did love that last line that Ansem got, and I think you explained really well why that moment was so great.
  4. I was considering choosing Ventus' Keyblade Glider, but in the end, I decided that I didn't like the idea of keeping my balance in space, so I chose Terra's instead.
  5. Does that mean we will finally find out the rules to this chess game?
  6. I love finally having official names for these! I also love that they are including some of the music from the cutscenes!
  7. It's almost a tie between Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Treasure Planet for me. I do think that both of them would make fun worlds to explore. All of the unique architecture in Atlantis would make it one of the most beautiful Kingdom Hearts worlds, while Treasure Planet's world could be unique since the portal on Treasure Planet could allow you to visit the different locations from the movie. In the end, I think Treasure Planet just barely pulls ahead for me since I like that movie just a bit more.
  8. I think I will always like Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse the best, but Wayne Allwine is a close second.
  9. Super Mario 3D All-Stars, the worst kept secret in all of gaming, has finally been announced. With how much people have been hoping that this collection was real, you would think that everyone would be happy with this announcement. However, some of the decisions that Nintendo made with this collection has left some people disappointed. First of all, there are people that are disappointed that Super Mario 64 is not playable in widescreen, that Super Mario Galaxy 2 is not included in the collection, and that it is being sold for the price that it is since the games are just ports. I can certainly understand why people are disappointed over these things. However, I personally am not, and I don't have much to say about it. There are also people who are disappointed that Super Mario 64 is not an HD remake. While I do understand people's disappointment, I think that they were getting their hopes too high. Yes, current game collections have been HD remakes and have been sold for less. Yes, when Nintendo first made Super Mario All-Stars, the graphics were updated. However, when you look at Nintendo's current trend of remaking just one game and selling it for full price, it wouldn't make any sense for them to remake a game and include two other games with it without it being super expensive. Because of this, I remember when the rumors first started floating around and I heard people saying that one or more of the games could be HD remakes, I thought it sounded too good to be true and began to doubt that the rumors were true. However, as soon as someone said that the games would be just ports, I thought that this made the rumors suddenly seem plausible. Now, I'm not saying that because this lines up with how they currently handle the rerelease of old games that this justifies their decision, I'm just saying that expecting them to do otherwise was setting yourself up for disappointment. Finally, there are people who are disappointed that the collection is a limited release. This one I do agree is a bit odd. I could understand if just the physical version was a limited release, but the digital version too? That just doesn't seem to make much sense to me unless Nintendo is planning on something else after they stop selling the collection, such as releasing each of the games individually on the Nintendo eShop like some people are guessing. However, until Nintendo announces something, we just don't know if they plan to do anything else with the games. I'm not disappointed by their decision to make the collection a limited release though, since I was planning on buying it as soon as possible anyway. I just don't think that making the digital version a limited release is a good decision. Overall, while I do understand why people are disappointed by these decisions, they didn't really bother me, and I am still personally looking forward to the release of this collection. I also think that people have every right to voice their disappointments with this collection, I just hope that they do so respectfully. But these are just my thoughts. What are yours?
  10. This post contains spoilers for the latest update to Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross].
  11. I have this problem too. I can confirm that this works. I didn't know this, so thank you!
  12. I think Rinzler would have to be my favorite. I loved his role in Tron Legacy and loved his redemption at the end of the movie.
  13. I never played the original GBA version, but from what I've seen of it, it definitely seems like it works better as a GBA game than a PS2 game. However, since I never played the GBA version, I can only judge the PS2 version. The story is great, and even the Disney worlds, like you said, do attempt to connect to the bigger themes of the game. I'm not a fan of the world designs, since they were just the same rooms over and over again with different skins depending on which world you were in. I think I'm in the same camp as you in regards to the card system: I don't mind it; I just prefer the gameplay of the other games. One thing I can thank the PS2 remake for though is Lord of the Castle, aka one of the best boss themes in the entire series. Overall, I think Chain of Memories is a fine game, just not one of the best. I do have a question for you though. You seem to mostly focus on Sora's story in this video. What do you think of Riku's story and Riku's gameplay, since his gameplay is a bit different from Sora's?
  14. You have become one of my favorite Kingdom Hearts YouTubers. I think all of your Kingdom Hearts videos are great, and these are no exception.
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