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  1. It was a difficult choice between Octopath Traveler II and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, but in the end, I went with Octopath Traveler II. While I am excited to see where Final Fantasy VII Rebirth takes the story, especially since we are now treading in new waters with that game, I was not expecting to see a sequel to Octopath Traveler, which has become one of my favorite games due to its nostalgic art style and music that have both been updated for modern times, as well as its fun gameplay. Not only does the sequel have more of those things, but it also seems to address one of the major criticisms with the original game: that all eight of the main characters' stories were separate and didn't overlap with each other. It's for those reasons that Octopath Traveler II is my most anticipated Square-Enix game of 2023.
  2. You bring up a good point that I didn't consider. After reading in the recent Q&A with Nomura that Young Xehanort should have had his even younger appearance in Dream Drop Distance when we see the flashback of the brown robed figure approaching him, but they just weren't able to make another model for him, I assumed that Young Xehanort must have begun his mission to gather his other selves from throughout time in his even younger form. However, it completely slipped my mind that what this actually implies is that Young Xehanort did not start his time traveling mission until several years after the brown robed figure helped him leave Destiny Islands. That just leaves the question: when did he begin that mission? It had to have been sometime before his World Tour, since he tells the Master of Masters that he feels like he is destined to do this, hinting that its been etched into his heart by that point. However, when would he have gotten the mission and the ability to time travel from the brown robed figure? Could it have been right at the beginning of his World Tour? After all, he could have revisited Destiny Islands during his World Tour, so maybe that was one of the first worlds he visited, if not his first world. That's my best guess at least. Also, while it is possible that the blue robed figure could have mistaken Xehanort for the Child of Destiny when he really wasn't, there is one bit that gets me. We find out from old man Xehanort that the blue robed figure told him that he would be a dark vessel. What could that mean if Xehanort isn't the Child of Destiny? It could tie in to your theory that the Master of Masters wanted Xehanort to be the final vessel for the final true darkness, but if Xehanort isn't the Child of Destiny, does that mean that the actually Child of Destiny (most likely Sora) is fated for that? Finally, I'm not sure that the Master of Masters intended to make Xehanort a vessel for the final true darkness. From everything that Luxu has said about the foretold scapegoat, I think that Xehanort was just simply a prophesied Keyblade wielder who was devoted to the darkness and brought about another Keyblade War, which is what the Master of Masters and Luxu have been waiting for. But, as I previously said, I do think it's possible that the Child of Destiny is supposed to be the final dark vessel. You had some good thoughts and it got me thinking. Thanks!
  3. While the robed person actually being the Player was a cool reveal, I feel like it wasn't as shocking as Bragi being Luxu. I guess it was because, since the Player being reborn was a pretty recent revelation, finding out that they were reborn as the Player from Missing Link instead of as Xehanort didn't seem like a shocking twist, more like a clarification of who they were reborn as. Meanwhile, I wasn't expecting to see Luxu at all, so finding out that he was Bragi, especially after being led to believe that Bragi had been killed by Baldr, was quite the shocking reveal (even though I guess, in hindsight, I should have seen it coming since "Bragi" is just "Braig" with one letter moved around).
  4. Dark Road has come to an end, and with it, we got new revelations into what led Xehanort down his dark path to become a seeker of darkness. However, not everything was revealed and some questions remain. This was even brought up in a recent Q&A for Dark Road: Therefore, knowing what we do know, I will attempt to put together a timeline of Xehanort's life together, starting with when he was born and ending with Birth by Sleep since I feel that after that the events of his life become pretty straightforward. During that time, I will point out when I believe Xehanort became the seeker of darkness.
  5. After just barely beating Master Xehanort's data, I gave Yozora's fight a try, was killed in just a few seconds, and thought to myself, "Yeah, I don't have to beat him."
  6. I have a feeling that it will be on current gen only, but I really hope that it is cross gen. A man can dream, right?
  7. It's hard to say for sure. We know via answers that were given at the 20th anniversary event that what we have was only released to avoid it being leaked and that more information will be released way after E3. That could mean that it will still be quite a few years before the game is released. However, this first trailer looks like they are much further along than when they first announced Kingdom Hearts III. In addition, it sounds like they have a lot of stuff planned out already (at least for the early game). So, I think it is possible for KH4 to be released in 2024, possibly early 2025.
  8. KH1 is my favorite of the numbered titles. In my opinion, KH2 is the most fun to play, but KH1 has the best story and world design. Plus, I think KH1 uses its Disney and Final Fantasy characters the best. I think KH3 looks the best and has the best moments, and I think the Re:Mind DLC might be the best thing that has ever come out of the Kingdom Hearts series. However, as a whole, I like KH1 and KH2 a little bit more than KH3.
  9. As much as I love Leonard Nimoy's performance, I like Christopher Lloyd's performance the best.
  10. Yozora says something really interesting to Sora before fighting him in the Secret Episode of Re:Mind. He says, "But this isn't what I really look like. How'd you recognize me as Yozora?" A line like that leads me to believe that what Yozora really looks like is going to be a big reveal in the future, which means that he must actually be someone who we already know. So, who will this person be? If I had to take a guess, I would say that this person is Brain. While they don't look exactly the same, I do think that there are some similarities between Brain and Yozora's designs. So, I don't think it's a huge stretch to say that Brain's appearance was tweaked a bit when he took on the identity of Yozora.
  11. While this technically isn't canon, the Birth by Sleep novel said that Vanitas used to be a faceless being with red eyes until Ventus and Sora formed a connection, which is what made Vanitas' face look like Sora's. So, it may be possible that the other Darknesses would not have faces either, unless the person they came from formed a connection with someone too. Either that, or their faces would look like whoever they came from. As for what they will be wearing, I would guess that their outfits would look similar to Vanitas' since he was wearing his outfit from the moment Xehanort extracted him from Ventus.
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