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  1. I'm a big fan of BbS too. I think it is right up there with the numbered titles. However, I do like the numbered titles a bit more. It is really close though. That just goes to show how good all of these games are.
  2. I agree with just about everything you said in this video. I do think that Kingdom Hearts II is the best game in the series overall, but that doesn't mean that it is my favorite. Kingdom Hearts II does have a strong story, a perfect ending that makes me smile every time I watch it, and the best combat in the entire series, which makes it the most fun out of all of the games in the series to play. However, I think that Kingdom Hearts 1 has better world designs and a better story. It uses the Disney and Square-Enix characters perfectly (after Kingdom Hearts 1, the Disney and Square-Enix characters started to become less important to the overall story as the Kingdom Hearts series started to become its own thing, which isn't a bad thing, I just liked how well they were integrated into the story in the first game), and it makes the Heartless actually feel like a threat (something that I don't think any of the games that followed managed to do except for a few moments, such as the Battle of Hollow Bastion in Kingdom Hearts II and the multiple battles against the swarms of Heartless, Nobodies, and Unversed at the Keyblade Graveyard in Kingdom Hearts III). In the end, I love all of the games in the Kingdom Hearts series, but Kingdom Hearts 1 is my favorite for being exactly what Square-Enix wanted it to be: a cross between Disney and Final Fantasy.
  3. No matter what you think of the rest of the game, I definitely think you can agree that it has amazing visual design.
  4. I didn't mean that it was unexpected that Roxas returned at all. I knew that he was going to return, as I'm sure most people, if not everyone, did. The unexpected part was when he would return. And even if we knew that he would return in that scene, the characters didn't, so it was unexpected for them at least. I'm not saying that it makes the most sense out of everything that could have happened, but I think that it does make some sense.
  5. That could definitely work. However, I personally still think that the way Nomura wrote it makes sense. Because of the story that Nomura was telling with Riku Replica, I think that the story would have had to be rewritten in order to give Riku Replica the same closure that he got in the game. Riku Replica sacrificed himself to provide a vessel for Namine, keeping his promise to protect Namine, and at the same time, defeated his past evil self. True, the Replica was just left there until the Keyblade War was over, but where would they have put it? I suppose Nomura could have added a brief scene of them putting the Replica under an archway or something like that, but then we wouldn't be able to take selfies with the empty Replica laying facedown on the ground, which was a highlight to many. As for Roxas, Nomura wrote the story so that Roxas' return was unexpected, and if the Replica at the Keyblade Graveyard was used for Roxas, I think that it would lose some of it's unexpectedness. Also, I don't think that Ansem the Wise and Ienzo sent Roxas to the Keyblade Graveyard. I think Roxas automatically went there once his heart returned to him since he shows up the moment after his heart leaves Roxas. And, as Roxas said, a connection was the only thing he was missing in order to become whole again, and that connection also led him back to his friends. Basicaly, I do see your point. However, I can also see why Nomura did it the way that he did, and I think that it still makes sense the way that he wrote it.
  6. Not long after I finished Kingdom Hearts III, I made a post on this site called "Rewriting the Story of Kingdom Hearts III [SPOILERS]". I am not the only person who made content like this, and even if people didn't post their own versions of the story, many of them did talk about how they would change certain parts of the story. I was originally planning on releasing a "Final Mix" of my original post after I played the Re:Mind DLC, but I decided not to do that anymore for two reasons. First, looking back on the story of the game, there isn't much I didn't like about the story except for Sora fading away at the end of the game. The cliffhanger ending combined with the foreshadowing for the next saga really made it seem like this wasn't a finale but just another game in a larger story. I have since made peace with the fact that Sora faded away, especially after seeing that it was foreshadowed since the beginning of the game when Xigbar appeared before Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Hercules in Olympus. So, while I am still not a fan of the large amount of foreshadowing for the next saga, there wasn't really any major story beats that I would change outside of when they happen in the game. Second, I don't think many people fully understand how difficult it is to write a story. Rewriting a story using the power of hindsight is much easier than writing a story from scratch. When you rewrite a story using hindsight, you use a story that has already been written and alter the parts that didn't work while keeping the story as close to the original as possible. You are able to do this because you know what parts of the story worked and what parts didn't based on how the audience responded to the story. However, when you write a story from scratch, you don't have the benefit of knowing what parts of the story worked and what parts didn't. You have to guess what the audience will like while also telling the story you want to tell, and you have to find the right balance between the two. In conclusion, writing a story is hard, and acting as if you could do it better isn't giving Nomura the credit he deserves. In fact, Nomura himself revealed to us how hard it was to write the Keyblade War scenes in Kingdom Hearts III. Writing a story isn't as easy as asking yourself, "What would please people the most?" and writing that. You definitely should keep in mind what will please your audience the most, but knowing what that is isn't as easy as it sounds, especially since you will never know for sure how your audience will react until you release your story. This isn't to say you should never be critical of someone's story and give suggestions for improvement. People will never learn if all you do is praise them. And there probably are people out there who could write better stories. However, acting as though writing a story that would make your audience happy is easy is not realizing just how difficult writing a story that pleases your audience can be.
  7. This was very good! Vector to the Heavens is one of my favorite pieces from the Kingdom Hearts series, and it will always stand out to me as probably the moment that me feel the most emotional. I will never forget just how impactful the final boss fight against Xion was for me, and it was mostly thanks to Vector to the Heavens. The previous three stages of the Xion boss fight only used the generic boss themes found throughout the rest of the game. This was honestly a bit disappointing for me since a final boss fight should have more than just generic boss music in my opinion. However, the moment I saw Xion in her giant form and Vector to the Heavens started playing, I immediately was floored with how impactful it was. I could tell from the music alone that this was it. One of us was going to die. And it didn't help that Xion kept yelling, "Stop holding back!" It was as if she knew I didn't want to kill her. It was such a well done moment and will go down in history as one of my favorite moments in all of videogames. Vector to the Heavens is an example of why I love boss themes so much. They can be anything from dark and serious to happy and silly and everything inbetween. When done right, they do such a great job of capturing the emotions you are supposed to feel, and Vector to the Heavens is one of my go to examples when I discuss this topic. However, as much as I love Vector to the Heavens, Kingdom Hearts III introduced a boss theme that I love even more, which I am sure you will talk about in one of the upcoming parts of your series, and I can't wait to watch it! Keep up the great work!
  8. Even though each of these enemy types have a different backstory, all four of them are basically just there for us to plow through them as we make our way through the various worlds. Because of that, I judge these enemy types on their designs and on how fun it is to fight them. With that in mind, this is how I rank them: Heartless Unversed Nobodies Nightmares
  9. I don't think that Luxu will appear to be the main villain only for the Master of Masters to show and become the true main villain. We already know that the Master of Masters is the true main villain. Everything that has happened so far has all been a part of the Master of Masters' grand design (and we thought that Master Xehanort was a master planner). I think the bigger question for the Master of Masters is when he will return and what his master plan is. At the end of Secret Report 13, Luxu wrote, "I will soon be reunited with my old companions, and in that moment my long vigil will reach its end. He will return..." Does this mean that the Master of Masters will return shortly after the Lost Masters return? Will we go a game or two until the Master of Masters returns? I'm not sure, but if I were to make a guess, since we saw the Master of Masters in the same world as Sora and Riku in the secret ending, maybe Sora getting saved will allow for the Master of Masters to return. It did seem like Luxu knew what Sora's fate would be when he said to him in Olympus, "And at the end, you'll finally realize what destiny has in store for you. In fact, your reward might be right around the corner." Maybe, knowing that Sora would sacrifice himself, Luxu knew that Sora's friends would go to rescue him and not only give Sora a way back, but give the Master of Masters a way back as well. As for what the Master of Masters' grand plan is, I have no idea. How do you top starting another Keyblade War in order to forge the ultimate weapon that gives you control over Kingdom Hearts? I don't know, but maybe his plan involves actually going to Kingdom Hearts. Will Kingdom Hearts finally be an explorable world? I guess we will get all of our answers eventually. As for how Luxu will fit in to all of this, I think that he will be the secondary antagonist (which seems to be what he has been for a while now, since Birth by Sleep). He is the one who seems to know more about the Master of Masters' plan than anyone else. Luxu may be the main antagonist of a game or two, especially if the Master of Masters hasn't returned yet. However, the way I see it, the main villain of the next saga will definitely be the Master of Masters, and Luxu will be his second-in-command. But these are all just my thoughts. Only Nomura knows what is really in store for us.
  10. Rafiki: "Everybody is a somebody, even a nobody." Me: "Ah, I see Rafiki has played Kingdom Hearts."
  11. You bring up a good point with Pandora: World of Avatar. That is definitely a land that could have easily been a flop, but it was a huge success, despite the fact that it seems like no one really talks about Avatar anymore. So, either people are still huge fans of Avatar and just aren't talking about it, or people went to the land despite how they felt about the movie. I have a feeling it's the latter, and if it is, I'm sure Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will do better in Walt Disney World than it is currently doing in Disneyland. Also, I don't think that Galaxy's Edge is doing as badly as people are making it out to be doing. Yes, there are not huge crowds at Galaxy's Edge right now, but that goes for all of Disneyland, not just Galaxy's Edge. To me, this means that there is something more going on than people just not liking Galaxy's Edge. As you said, I think a big factor is how they handled the crowd control. Plus, despite the fact that it looks as though no one cares, they have sold out of a lot of merchandise. If no one cared about Galaxy's Edge, I think all of the merchandise would still be on the shelves. Just to be clear, I'm not saying that Galaxy's Edge is a success. It is obviously not doing what Disney was expecting, and Disney is making it known that they are not happy with the results. However, since all of Disneyland is poorly attended right now, I think that it has more to do with how expensive tickets are, how the locals were being kept out to make room for tourists, and how Galaxy's Edge isn't even finished yet, which is probably keeping tourists away.
  12. I definitely think that Disney could build an entire Star Wars theme park. I think that could actually be a really big success for them if they did it right, and it could lead to not only bigger and better lands in other theme parks but also bigger and better theme parks, like how the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios caused Disney to start making better themed lands. I personally haven't been to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge yet either, but from what I have seen, it looks like I would really enjoy it. I can understand the issues others have with it though. I wouldn't go so far as to call it a failure like others have, at least not yet. I will wait to see what attendance looks like once all of the pass holders are let in to the Disneyland version (some were not being let in because of the anticipated tourists), once the other ride opens at the Disneyland version, and once the version in Hollywood Studios opens (since Walt Disney World attracts more tourists than Disneyland does). However, even if it does end up being a failure, that could end up becoming a good thing in the longrun because it will cause Disney to find out where they went wrong and fix it so that it doesn't happen again.
  13. Since there is not a lot of Kingdom Hearts news to discuss right now, I decided to post something else that I have been thinking about a lot recently. Star Wars Land is now open in Disneyland, but it does not seem to be doing as well as Disney expected it to do. I think that there are many different reasons contributing to why that is, but one of them is probably the fact that Star Wars Land mostly focuses on the sequel trilogy and doesn't include many popular characters and locations that guests would want to see in a Star Wars Land. I understand that Disney wanted to make Star Wars Land as immersive as possible, and having characters from the previous movies appearing in the same land as characters from the current movies could ruin that immersion. However, I think that you can divide the land into sections that focus on each of the trilogies and still make it feel immersive. So, here is my idea of how they could have done just that. The main hub of Star Wars Land would be a section of Mos Eisley. This would serve as the main shopping district for Star Wars Land, and it would also be the area where you could build your own droid. Among these shops would be the milk stand where blue and green milk is sold, but instead of them only being frozen beverages that don't contain dairy, I think there should be dairy options as well. You would also be able to visit the cantina, where you would be able to get alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverages. The Smuggler's Run ride would no longer be a ride included in Star Wars Land, but you would still be able to board the Millennium Falcon in order to meet Han Solo and Chewbacca. There would be two rides in this area. One would be Star Tours, which would be moved there from its current location (since Mos Eisley is a space port, Star Tours would fit right in as a ride in this area), and the other would be a Podracing ride (you would enter this ride by going under an archway leading out of Mos Eisley and into the area of Tatooine where Podraces were held in The Phantom Menace). There would also be Stormtroopers patrolling Mos Eisley like there were in A New Hope. If you go straight ahead and under an archway, you would enter the forest moon of Endor. This area would mostly be for meet and greets. You would be able to head to an Ewok village where Ewoks could be seen in the structures above you. Here you would be able to meet Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia as well as R2-D2 and C-3PO. You would also be able to head to an Imperial outpost where you would be able to meet Darth Vader. This area would also be the location of the third and final ride in Star Wars Land, in which you find yourself trapped on either an Imperial Star Destroyer or the Death Star and have to escape. This ride would be like the Rise of the Resistance ride that is still being constructed, but it would be themed to the original trilogy instead of the sequel trilogy. Off to the left from Mos Eisley and under another archway would be a section of Naboo. The Jedi would be visiting this area in order to find more Younglings to train. This area would be the location of the Jedi Training Academy show, which would be moved there from its current location. It would also be where you can meet Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda. You would also be able to build your own lightsaber here, but instead of just building a realistic prop lightsaber, you could choose between that or building a toy lightsaber for a cheaper price. Finally, off to the right from Mos Eisley and under another archway would be a section of Takodana, just outside of Maz Kanata’s castle. Here, you would find that the First Order have started to set up a temporary base where you would be able to meet Kylo Ren. In response to the First Order's arrival, you would find that the Resistance have started to set up a temporary base too where you would be able to meet Rey and BB-8. Inside Maz Kanata's castle would be the main location to get food. So, that is my idea for how Star Wars Land could include characters and locations from each trilogy and still feel immersive. What do you guys think? How would you make Star Wars Land? Do you like Star Wars Land the way it currently is?
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