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  1. What up everyone, who here is hyped for the data battles coming back?
  2. The mysterious figure the info is describing has to be the Master of Masters, because back in Kingdom hearts back cover, he was literally picking flowers while he was talking to Ira.
  3. Theres one part I'm still a little iffy on, and that's the whole 3vs3 silhouette keyblade graveyard fights, what did you think about it? By the way, if their gonna release a trailer at Jump Festa, what do you think we might see in it?
  4. It's on Reddit, go to kingdomheartsspoilers, check for anything new, then click on the post with a bunch of faces on them, and there'll be a link that will take you to the leak.
  5. I think I found another leak that looks a little bit more credible, take with a huge grain of salt though. キングダム ハーツIII DLC『Re Mind』Information - u_Matsuoka-Rie
  6. What about the parts of Xion fighting Vexen and Demyx? And the whole Replica Orginization 13 fights?
  7. So there's this channel on YouTube called QuasarDGames, and he recently did a video on a potential leak for KH3 remind with said info coming off of 4chan. As for the info itself, it sounds very possible and could happen in my opinion. The info was posted before the tgs trailer was released, but still take it with a huge grain of salt. Check out the video if you want, it'll explain the info a lot better than I will.
  8. I could see them doing it with her having her own boss fights with Vexen and Demyx.
  9. Do you guys think that Xion will be playable outside of the Keyblade Graveyard?
  10. The guy who talked about the leak said it got taken down on 4chan.
  11. Do you think the stuff you've seen is credible and could happen?
  12. Type in QuasarDGames. You'll see the video I'm talking about.
  13. Okay so I saw this video and the 4chan leak and I know not to believe everything I see but you have to admit it looks pretty solid. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=%23&ved=2ahUKEwiBp7S1pvzkAhVNqp4KHQVhDloQwqsBMAN6BAgMEAs&usg=AOvVaw0VTJzWxrN8ZFOD4xbU2nov
  14. So we saw tidbits of the new Data Battles with the Vanitas and Xigbar fights with each showing off new attacks and gimmicks. This of course basically confirms that Data Battles will be returning with each member of the new Organization 13 having their own one on one battles with Sora. That being said, what do you guys think that each fights will have? I'm really curious how their gonna do the Xion boss fight, because technically she was a Seeker of Darkness and a playable boss in the Keyblade Graveyard. Also really interested to see how they do Master Xehanorts boss fight, are they just gonna make us redo his final boss fight at the end of the game, or do a completely revamped boss fight for him? Anyway what do you guys think?
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