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  1. Well, considering how big a guy Pete is, he needs all the zippers he can get! So it makes sense! But hey, at least it's a hip fashion statement! XD
  2. Roger Rabbit would be a great choice! And we'd get to have Christopher Lloyd reprising his role as the villain, and he'd be a great boss!
  3. It's so strange thinking of any of the other heroes potentially turning heel as a villain! So for the sake of argument, let's say that Sora ends up having such an arc. It would be interesting to see just what happens. He's seen what lies beyond the veil, and he's seen what limbo looks like, and he's literally spliced himself through time to save the ones he loves. All of that takes a toll, and considering the struggle that he had to endure with Xehanort all these years, it's impressive how he hasn't broken. But for Sora to become a villain, there'd have to be a really good reason. It would have to be something that totally surprises us but still makes sense, and it makes him look like a sort of Thanos to whoever is facing him down. Motivations that require drastic actions but are understandable. With a character as vitally important to the series as Sora, treading this ground should be done with utmost care! I'd be totally down for it, though!
  4. Whaaaaat? That's just crazy! Thanks for showing us this, Wakeless! At this point, I'm expecting KH related snacks in the near future! XD
  5. Thanks for informing us about this, Aquaberry! I've been keeping a very close eye on the recent developments regarding these rumors, and the fact that they are now starting to come from more believable sources gives me hope that this indeed will become a reality! A Kingdom Hearts series would be fantastic, and developed by Square Enix with Unreal Engine 4, no less! I hope that Tetsuya Nomura supervises the development of this series, and it would be awesome if Seth Kearsely was brought onboard, since he had wanted to tap into a project like this a few times now! I just hope this series stays truthful and faithful to what makes the games so great!
  6. In lieu of islander life, I'd go with the Katsu Fish.
  7. Considering that scene from Re:Mind, I'm sure that same scene shall unfold at some point in Dark Road's story. It's all a matter of when it'll happen, ya know?
  8. A friend of mine surprised me with this news today! While I'm taking it with the biggest grain of salt, it would be monumentally hype if this turned out to be true! But I would definitely want Kingdom Hearts to be done justice as a show, just how David Filoni is faithful to Star Wars with his excellent work with the animated series and The Mandalorian!
  9. What an amazing find! The Snuggly Duckling! I did wonder why that was the one area we didn't get to see in the game! Sure wish we could've been able to explore it!
  10. Awesome, man! Also, I'm glad to see that you're safe and sound within all the craziness that's been happening to the world lately!
  11. This is an amazing design! Wow! 😍
  12. Agreed, I find it irritating. What was once a fun challenge has turned into a cumbersome chore. I haven’t even bothered to clear the most recent Proud Mode quests.
  13. I hope everyone in Japan is okay and safe! 😮
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