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  2. Thanks for sharing this with us, Aquaberry! Honestly, this is a smart move on Nomura's part, as it'll ensure that no one leaks the epilogue and secret ending to the game, since he said those are the biggest spoilers in the game! And since I'll take my sweet time playing the game, it'll take me a while to get to the epilogue and secret ending anyway!
  3. The Transcendent Key

    Detective Pikachu Movie!

    I still say that the film will probably be a hit! It certainly looks like it'll be fun!
  4. The Transcendent Key

    Favorite Bonus Kingdom Hearts 3 Keyblade?

    Really? :o I honestly think that the Keyblade lineup for Kingdom Hearts III is among the best I've seen in the series, and the one that has the best Keyblades is KHII at the moment, but that can easily change with KHIII, ya know? But hey, that's what opinions are for. Different people, different tastes. But yes, I'll have to go with Starlight as well! It'll be awesome seeing a Keyblade from X make it into Kingdom Hearts III to the point that we can use it!
  5. Hey there everyone, I hope you've all been doing okay! So then, as my intro video stated, this is the new year, and with the new year there's lots of excitement in the air! And so I, the Friendly Neighborhood Webhead, wanted to start off by reviewing a film I watched recently, the latest film in the Transformers franchise: Bumblebee! Hope you enjoy! So, for those of you who watched the movie, did you like it? Let me know what you think!
  6. The Transcendent Key

    Face My Fears (Short) Cover (English & Japanese Extended)

    Whoa, what an amazing cover! And not only did you deliver on the English vocals, you also went full on Japanese! Excellent work, and I love how this version is instrumental! The hype for Kingdom Hearts III continues! :')
  7. Thank you for sharing this information with us, gepugg! It is pretty strange that apparently Cloud and Squall won't be in Kingdom Hearts III, but I'll take this with a grain of salt. My guess is that these voice actors are under contract not to say anything, lest they spoil details from the game. So my belief is that we will see them, and it'll probably be a surprise. But anyways, we'll see soon enough!
  8. The Transcendent Key

    Kingdom Hearts III pre-order bonus Keyblade abilities revealed

    Thank you for sharing this with us, Aquaberry! Well I think that it's pretty awesome that these special skins for the Star Seeker keyblade yield these bonus perks with spells! It makes them more than just skins!
  9. Thank you for sharing this with us, Aquaberry! This is verily interesting! It just makes the question of what will happen all the more apparent! I wonder who they are talking about specifically here? Because they could be mentioning anyone on the side of the Guardians! Just who is it that they could be referring to...? Holy crud, this is probably the clue that has been right in our faces all this time! Think about it! The only reason why no one "dies" in Kingdom Hearts is because their souls do not perish! But what if now, in Kingdom Hearts III, souls are obliterated as well? That would lead to permanent death! D: The stakes just got higher!
  10. Thanks for informing us about this, Aquaberry! Gahh, this is so exciting! I'm going to be looking forward to these announcements! Let the hype come full circle!
  11. The Transcendent Key

    Riku/Xehanort Parallels

    Exactly! I want Xehanort's machinations to have been of his own volition and not because some other force was driving him to do it, ya know? Over the course of the series, we've always believed Xehanort has done what he's done for the pursuit of knowledge and to seek the balance of light and darkness, ya know?
  12. 23 days left and counting! The gathering is nigh!

    1. Novayon


      The fact we can count down in days now is crazy. For so long it was a distant 'x' years away

    2. The Transcendent Key

      The Transcendent Key

      I know!!!! The hype continues to heighten! :'D

  13. Thanks for sharing this with us, Leamax! Dang, it's crazy how Nomura was so adamant about adding Toy Story into Kingdom Hearts III! And it's even crazier that he wouldn't have gone through with the game if Pixar had denied him the use of Toy Story! Savage indeed! Man, I'm positively sure that Kingdom Hearts III is gonna live up to the hype and then some! It'll leave behind a legacy that will never be forgotten, and just how KHII is still talked about to this day, I know that Kingdom Hearts III will reach that same nirvana!
  14. The Transcendent Key

    2019 Update!

    Hey there everyone, I hope all of you have been doing okay, and that you've all had a magnificent new year so far! So then, here I, The Friendly Neighborhood Webhead, give you my best wishes! And this is also the first video I upload in a while. X3 Looking forward to enjoying the new year with you all! God bless!
  15. The Transcendent Key


    Sorry that it took me this long to reply, I've been busy with life! And Happy New Year, by the way! Good lord, what an insane point this story has taken! Tensions are running high, and it seems as though Clark is going to set things right after all! I wonder what'll happen to Superboy and Steel, though? Great chapter!