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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Honestly, I'm down for whatever story additions Nomura will add to the game, as it'll add more depth to an already epic conclusion to the Xehanort Saga! That, and a bunch of secret bosses! And hopefully a Mirage Arena-esque mode where one can play online. This last one doesn't have to be a mandatory thing, but it'd be awesome if I could fight against other fellow Keyblade Wielders or team up with them to fight off hordes of enemies!
  2. It's anyone's guess what could possibly end up being the side game before KHIV, but whatever it is, I'm excited and looking forward to it!
  3. I honestly think that the tone for Kingdom Hearts III was perfect. It was dark when it needed to be, but it also had its fair share of amusing and funny moments, ya know? I do hope that for the next saga, the series will take on a slightly darker tone. I don't mean showing blood or curse words, because that isn't necessary, but kind of like in anime, how certain arcs turn dark and whatnot. But for what the series is, the story flows wonderfully, and I thought KHIII was fantastic!
  4. Holy crud, that's pretty deep! And it would be an interesting concept to explore! :o
  5. I think it would be pretty dang awesome if Aqua was the lead in the next KH game. But we'd have to see what her role would be in the grand scheme of things! I do feel like we'll get a slew of new characters from KHIV onward, and I think that the characters from the Xehanort Saga, aside from the Destiny Islands Trio, will end up being supportive characters.
  6. Thanks for sharing this with us, Leamax! It's so exciting to have Shiro Amano return for Kingdom Hearts, and this gives me hope that he might possibly adapt BBS, RE:Coded and DDD as well!
  7. Wow, this does seem like it would be a great way to have Riku and Kairi have a side journey parallel to Sora's! And even if it weren't in Kingdom Hearts III, I could see adventures like these happening post KHIII! It would be awesome to have more character development for Kairi!
  8. As always, the lovely Ms. Shimomura never fails to amaze with her awesomeness and her love for composing! Thanks for sharing this with us, Leamax! It's pretty amazing how her legacy has left an imprint throughout the whole world! Her work not just in Kingdom Hearts, but in other franchises she's worked on, are a testament to her skill! Love for Shimomura is high!
  9. Awww, what an adorable Mickey plushie!!!! Thanks for showing this to us, Yoshirai! I definitely want to get it whenever I get the chance!
  10. This is incredibly awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us, Leamax! This game very well deserves all the sales it's had! Not only is this the best Kingdom Hearts game I've ever played, it's the perfect conclusion to the Xehanort Saga, and an exciting taste of what's to come for the future! I'm very much looking forward to what comes next! I wonder what the total sales numbers for the game will end up being? :o
  11. Thanks for informing us about this, Raxaimus! Gahhh, I'm so ready for Critical Mode! I've been craving the challenge ever since I finished the game, and hopefully, this'll ratchet up the battles considerably, especially all the final ones!
  12. Beyond the darkness, there is always a light. We must reach towards that light, while looking back at the darkness, so we can see just how far we can make it. 

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