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  1. I'm sure that'll become a thing in future games. Day/night cycles would be awesome!
  2. This was a great movie, and I can't wait to see a sequel!
  3. I'd say Ventus, especially because of the fact he has Keyblade Armor!
  4. Actually, if I'm not mistaken, I had read about a supposed deal that would take effect later in the year in which all MCU Spidey films would be made available to watch on Disney+, and that they might even put the Raimi trilogy and the Webb duology on there! But I could be wrong! Still, it'd be great to have them all on there!
  5. Recess! It could be the new 100 Acre Wood as far as mini-game worlds go! A nice, wholesome break from all the action!
  6. So in other words, as Ansem, Seeker Of Darkness pointed out in Dream Drop Distance: "A dream of a dream. A twofold nightmare." XD In all seriousness though, this is really intriguing! But I really hope it isn't a dream! But then again, the whole "Is any of this for real, or not?" quote would heavily apply to all this.
  7. That makes a lot of sense and I assume is the reason why we haven't gotten anything when it comes to Dark Road. If anything, Nomura might actually release the final chapters of it on the anniversary so we have something to keep us distracted while we wait for April 10th!
  8. Yesss, everything about this secret ending, from the presentation to the execution and the overall mystery had me intrigued, and to this day remains one of the best secret endings of the franchise! You know, it's funny, because I remember vividly watching this play out years upon years ago! It might have been when KHII had released, or maybe a year or two later...but anyway, the point is I remember watching this secret ending play out while a song from Utada Hikaru was playing in the background! The only lyric I remember from the song was something along the lines of "my soldier" but whenever I look it up online, no such song exists! So perhaps this was a fan that had put a song by someone who sounded like Utada and put the song over the trailer's audio? I dunno. XD But anyways, yes, I agree, soon we shall get a game like this with the way graphics keep modernizing! This is true! And while I do love the dialogue heavy ones, there's just something about these ones that guide you along with just the music and whatever's being portrayed on screen without the need for spoken words! And that's cool! I hope you are able to make your short film story come to fruition! Like...is any of this for real, or not? XD
  9. I'm still elated over the fact that No Way Home exists! I've watched it four times in the cinema already! Such an unforgettable experience!
  10. I'd be down for a Hades film! It'd be interesting to see things from his perspective, but not have him be a redeemable villain, just coldhearted. Not every villain needs a redemption do-over.
  11. Hey, everyone, how's it going!? Happy New Year! It's been more than a hot minute since I was last on here, so I decided to log in to see how things have been! Of course, keeping updated with the Kingdom Hearts news, though things have been quiet as of late! But with the Anniversary steadily approaching, we're sure to be in for a flood of news soon! Anyways, I was listening to some tracks from the series, and then Fate Of The Unknown came up, which is one of my favorite compositions of the franchise! (Seriously, Yoko did something special with this one!) And with that, I felt nostalgic and pulled up the secret ending for Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejYttnAXfEY&ab_channel=TheRoxasXIIIK It's crazy that this is from so long ago yet it still holds up so amazingly well! Remember when we all thought that this was Kingdom Hearts III? When we were all confused as to why Roxas was with two other strangers? So many thoughts and questions rolled in my mind back in the day, and honestly, this still gives me goosebumps every time I watch it! I love how dark it is and that this was basically the endgame for Birth By Sleep years before it released! Birth By Sleep is one of my favorite entries in the franchise, so every time I look at this secret ending, I smile at all the foreshadowing and just the awesome buildup and mystery this brought us during our wait for Kingdom Hearts III! Ah, memories! What did you all think when you saw this secret ending for the very first time?
  12. I just hope we get the rest of the story soon, because I'm dying to see what other revelations we'll be witness to, and possible hints to the next saga!
  13. Ahhh, I feel like I'm playing II Final Mix again for the first time just by seeing this drawing! Excellent work with the illustration, colors and overall tone! Goosebumps!
  14. Thanks for informing us about this, Orpheus! I find this to be very intriguing! Could it be perhaps that Nomura is at it again and perhaps there's some deeper significance? We'll find out on April! So hyped!
  15. What can anyone tell me about the Yakuza series?
  16. Is the Rick Roll meme still relevant? XD
  17. I haven't checked my game yet to see how the updated menu looks!
  18. Now I'm playing Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers for the Wii and started Majora's Mask for the 3DS a while ago!
  19. I'm excited for the game's return in September! I can't wait to see how Dark Road's story will unfold!
  20. Absolutely mind-blown! Nomura has done it again! And now I just have to brace myself for Dark Road's ending!
  21. Having villainous light users is something that I've been looking forward to in the series for a long time, but it's something I'd love to see fleshed out in the games as opposed to the series. If there were a series, though, it could be used to introduce said villainous group so that we get more familiar with them as they appear through the games!
  22. I'm excited to see what Nomura will do with the series, story, gameplay and world design wise! I hope we get more original worlds in the future and balance them with the Disney worlds!
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