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  1. Anyone excited to get into FFVII Remake? Can't believe it's so close!

  2. It would be amazing if this was Luxord! Not only would it confirm that he's from Yozora's world, it could also lead to very interesting developments in the future! They do have the same voice actor, I believe, so that can't be mere coincidence!
  3. An amazing addition to an already amazing game, with memorable boss fights and memorable moments with the characters! And with an exciting glimpse of what's to come!
  4. I haven't even tried Critical Mode for the DLC yet. I'm still trying to get Yozora, lol. XD
  5. For me, it was definitely Ultima Weapon, Oathkeeper and Wheel Of Fate! The forms you get from these are lifesavers!
  6. Well hey, Lea is the man who defies all, so it's perfect for him to make a gesture like this! X3
  7. Has anyone beaten Yozora yet? I had to take a break because of all the times I was losing! Lol. XD
  8. For me, it'd have to be Ira! His stoic nature and his stout resolve always stuck out to me, and I love his design and his Keyblade! I'm very interested to see what direction Nomura will take him in the next saga!
  9. Duuude, that's insane! That's perhaps a hint??? And ha, a remake of this trailer with Crash in it would be great! He'd just jump in and obliterate everyone with TNT and Nitro crates! XD
  10. I'm very intrigued to see what'll be coming next, and I did remember reading that Nomura mentioned that before KHIV, there's one more bridge game he wanted to make that would bridge the gap from III to IV. So maybe this interlude game could tackle these different threads presented in Re:Mind?
  11. So, anyone made any Episode IX memes? I know that the Palpatine lightning attack at the end was heavily memed. XD
  12. Ooh, a Star Wars thread! Fun! Okay, so my rankings go like this! Revenge Of The Sith: This will forever be my favorite film in the franchise! I grew up watching the original trilogy and the first two installments of the Prequels, so Revenge Of The Sith was the first Star Wars film I actually got to see in theaters, and I remember going to see it with my dad! It was a blast to watch, and as I grew, the film only became dearer to me. And not only that, when you consider that this was supposed to be the final film in the saga, the spectacle and the finality of it really popped! The downfall of the Jedi, Palpatine showing his true colors, Anakin being seduced to the Dark Side, the galaxy plunging into despair...God, this film is just phenomenal! And that duel between Obi-Wan and Anakin...lord, that was emotional! We all knew how it would end, but seeing how they'd grown so close in the prequels, it killed me anyways! XD The Last Jedi: Despite what people say and think of this entry, I absolutely loved it! It really took bold decisions with its storytelling and took the characters to interesting places! Luke's arc in the film was one of my favorite aspects, as we got to see a different, jaded side of him, one that had become wary and disillusioned with how everything had transpired and how the Jedi had allowed themselves to be blind to all that was happening back then. And of course, Kylo and Rey fighting against Snoke's Praetorian Guards was visually satisfying and one of my favorite action sequences in Star Wars history, second only to the magnificent final duel of The Phantom Menace! The Phantom Menace: Setting the groundwork for how everything began, this film did a magnificent job doing so! People don't seem to like it as much, but I'm a patient guy, so I appreciate the slower pace and the world building, and even the politics! If you wanna understand Palpatine, what better way than seeing how he was able to worm his way into the political side of things? That ensured his victory from the onset! And this film has one of my favorite characters of all time, Qui-Gon Jinn! I'm still so sad he only stuck around for one film, but getting to hear Liam Neeson voicing him again in The Clone Wars was beautiful! And of course, Darth Maul was a major highlight, and universally agreed upon is Duel Of The Fates and the battle that accompanied it! Attack Of The Clones: Basically a prologue to The Clone Wars, and I loved it! And it was curious seeing Obi-Wan with longer hair as opposed to his more classic look in Episode III! Getting to see how the Clone army was created, and getting to see Yoda double down and kick Sith ass was splendid! And let's not forget the magnificent Christopher Lee as Count Dooky! Legendary! The Empire Strikes Back: The most shocking of the Original Trilogy, as it had insane revelations and good character development! The plot twist that would define plot twists in cinema forever! And Luke's training in Dagobah was curious to see! And getting to see Yoda in exile compared to his prime in the Prequels was also something interesting to see! Great entry overall! Return Of The Jedi: The balance comes full circle and the cycle completes. Vader's redemption because of his son's love for him is one of the shining pillars of this film. The most memorable thematic in the film! A solid conclusion to the Original Trilogy! A New Hope: Definitely love this film, but compared to everything that comes afterwards, this one's the weaker one of the franchise in my opinion. Like I said, I love it, but it's not my favorite. The Rise Of Skywalker: Loved this film as well, and thought it was a solid conclusion to the Skywalker Saga! I only have a few gripes, but they aren't enough to diminish my enjoyment of this film! And I loved Palpatine returning as the villain! I watched this film with one of my very best friends/soul brothers, for we had grown up with Star Wars and had started watching the new trilogy when it first started, so we finished the saga together! Good times! The Force Awakens: I loved this film, and the hype around it was phenomenal! A celebration of what was and what could be, and Disney's first foray into the Star Wars Universe! Brought the franchise back to the big screen with a bang! So yeah, that's my rankings!
  13. That's awesome, man! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I watched it on the premiere weekend with my niece, and it's definitely a film that hit home with us, because it reminded us of the bond that we share together. She's just like Ian and I'm just like Barley, so truly, we could relate! It was a very emotional film and one of Pixar's best! It's now my number one favorite Pixar film, and I thought nothing could top Toy Story 3!
  14. There's one new addition to the roster I'd like Sakurai to consider...and that'd be Crash Bandicoot! Been playing N. Sane Trilogy on the Switch...and seeing Crash and his moves really makes me think he'd be a perfect fit for Smash!
  15. Soo, currently, I'm playing through a few games! Those being the DMC HD Collection for PS4. Almost done with DMC1! Then I'm almost done with the first Crash Bandicoot in the N. Sane Trilogy collection of games that I got for the Switch! I also play Smash a lot, especially online...it's so addicting and fun! And I finished Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order! So after I'm done with DMC and Crash, I'm thinking of getting Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition for the Switch when it comes out next month, and later in the year I plan on getting DBZ: Kakarot and FFVII Remake, along with The Last Of Us Part II! Ooh, and I wanna get Ghost Of Tsushima! So many good games coming out this year! Aaaand I'm still also playing Fire Emblem Echoes, lol.
  16. I'm getting the feeling that a good bulk of what Versus was will transition over to Kingdom Hearts' coming saga, hence Yozora bearing such a striking resemblance to Noctis and the world of Verum Rex bearing such similarities to the world of Versus XIII. So honestly, I think we're in for some interesting developments during the coming decade as far as the story!
  17. There will always be people who bash on the things we love, and when it comes to Kingdom Hearts, it can indeed be infuriating! But fret not, for as long as you love KH with all your heart, it doesn't matter what others think! Besides, there's more fans than haters.
  18. While it does use cards, I'm sure the battle system will be more in tune to that of Union X, as Dark Road will be in Union X, so I don't think it'll deviate too much. Even if it does, I happened to love CoM's combat, so I'm game for that!
  19. Well, we already got Scrooge and the triplets...a little bit of adventuring with the rest of the McDuck clan would be fantastic, in my opinion!
  20. I love all the themes in the series, Don't Think Twice being high up there in terms of thematic symbolism, but I still choose Sanctuary as my number one favorite! It was such a unique theme, and the tone of it really set the stage for what Kingdom Hearts II would be, and I love how the lyrics were heavily symbolic on the whole human/Nobody relation!
  21. Birth By Sleep for sure! It basically set the foundation for everything that would happen afterwards in the series! (Of course, excluding all of X, since that didn't exist at the time yet.) The introduction of Old Man Xehanort, the bond of the Wayfinder Trio, the puzzle pieces being shifted into place for great revelations down the road...gahhh, I love this game so much! It's got a very Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith feel to it, which is ironic, since Nomura is a big Star Wars fan!
  22. All the heroines in this series are amazing, but Aqua stands out as my favorite. She's part of one of my favorite Trios in the series, and her struggles and character development are so good! And not only is she beautiful, she's dreadfully adept at handling herself with the Keyblade and with magic! So naturally, when we got to see her Darkened Form...oooh, sexy! But seriously though, she's a bleeding heart for the ones she loves, and I'm so happy she got a happy ending with Terra and Ventus!
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