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  1. Huh, that's actually a good point you make, though! Ancient and Lost can refer to different groups of masters. Most interesting indeed!
  2. It's so difficult to choose just one favorite, but if there's any one composition that is insanely memorable for me, it's Forza Del Male! As for favorite song, definitely Sanctuary! Though Don't Think Twice is also insanely good!
  3. Well, I only got the notifications from my best friend since I was at work. But honestly, Sephiroth's reveal was the most talked about announcement.
  4. It's always great whenever you find a KH fan at random. Always the best feeling!
  5. I can't choose just one! Everything, from the story to the characters to the setting and music and gameplay...it's all amazing! Truly an unforgettable thing to experience!
  6. Well, Yen Sid might have known about the Ancient Masters like Xehanort and Eraqus did!
  7. Keep up the great work! Whoa, that Noct sketch is amazing!
  8. All of them! They'd fit so well into the Kingdom Hearts universe, and we still have three new Princesses Of Heart unaccounted for, so Kida perhaps, is one of the new princesses? But yes, out of all of them, Treasure Planet is the first one I'd love to see appear in the next saga!
  9. I got the PS4 version, since I have pretty much every other game for the PS4 as well. XD
  10. I honestly don't think the story will be as long as Union X's.
  11. I'm confident that Kairi will get even more development in the new saga!
  12. He and Jon Favreu should just handle the future of Star Wars. They know the lore inside and out!
  13. Amazing! And you'll be happy to know the sequel is indeed real!
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