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  1. Watching the trailers for this game is really getting me hyped for it! And I think that there's going to be a lot of new material included to expand upon the original, and I'm honestly all for it!
  2. I saw this earlier today on Instagram! I'm loving the design on this evolution of Farfetch'd!
  3. It would be pretty awesome if we could get the chance to control Xehanort! It would literally be another side to another story! And I'm hoping that since the Master Of Masters is in the trailers, that it hopefully means he'll have more than one scene in the DLC!
  4. Since the game also came out for XBox One, the DLC should follow suit as well.
  5. I believe this could be possible. Because consider what Joshua was explaining to Sora and Riku in DDD, about parallel worlds and how they could seem similar, but were altogether different! This could be what Nomura refers to when it comes to the world line. Because perhaps we are already on a different world line in UX, in the alternate timeline where the memory of the Keyblade War was erased from the minds of the Dandelions! And I know that one of the Secret Reports in KHIII has Luxu talking about these "world lines" so I'm assuming they are either alternate or parallel dimensions altogether, be it through the Realm Of Sleep or the Datascape!
  6. I need this in my life, like now! But seriously though, I wish Bring Arts of the villains would be made already! Anyways, thanks for showing us this, Wakeless!
  7. Thank you for showing us this, Aquaberry! Ah, and so it begins! I imagine that this is just a few of the many things that will be discovered in the game's files! I'm excited to see what else comes out of this!
  8. And I honestly loved the build up that the game did for the next saga. Closing things off with Xehanort while paving the way towards the future with Luxu and the Foretellers!
  9. Probably, since violence like that would probably be a good enough reason to ban someone from anywhere, basically.
  10. *Emerges from a dusty coffin and looks at the general populace and waves hello, then submerges myself back into the coffin.*

    1. Iamkingdomhearts1000
    2. The Transcendent Key

      The Transcendent Key

      Ha, I hadn't thought about it like that, lol. XD

  11. Thank you for informing us about this awesomeness, Aquaberry! Oh boy, this trailer got me so flipping hyped for Re:Mind! And mind you, I was already excited to begin with, but seeing all this extra footage and all the playable characters...gahh! And I love that the Keyblade War will be expanded upon, as it was the best part of the whole game! And those Limit attacks, good lord!!!! Winter can't come soon enough! I hope this adds at least 15 to 20 hours to the base game, so we have enough content to chew on as we await the beginning of the next saga!
  12. Oh wow, that's awesome! I'm glad to hear that two more shows will be added, that'll give fans even more opportunities to attend this transcendent concert! Thanks for informing us of this, KHWaterBlock!
  13. Very intriguing and mysterious, as is the norm from the almighty Nomura-sensei! Thanks for informing us about this, xionskeyblade! I'm dying to know just what it is that Nomura has in store for us! He did say there'd be at least one more game before Kingdom Hearts IV, so I wonder if it'll be a Union X game for the PS4? As for the story of Union X in general, big things are about to happen, and I'm psyched to see what it is!
  14. Thanks for sharing this with us, OrpheusJoshua! This is great! An award well deserved, as Kingdom Hearts III was an amazing game and an awesome addition to the series! I enjoyed every bit of the game and eagerly look forward to see what's next for the series!
  15. Sweet logo! I like that you used the Birth By Sleep font for The Other Story!
  16. Oh wow, the game is that hard? Oh boy, then I know I'm in for a challenge once I get the game!
  17. Indeed so, my friend! And now that it was announced recently that more DLC fighters shall come, the door is still open for Sora!
  18. Hmm, most interesting! Well, I hadn't thought of it that way! Still though, I just have a soft spot for the more world threatening and more serious groups in the series, Galactic and Plasma being my favorites!
  19. Anyone here watching Dr. Stone? It's a really awesome anime and I'm loving it so far! :D

  20. I'm very curious about this, and I'm sure the box will be a big point of interest in the next saga, ya know?
  21. That's something that legit has me curious. What could have been the reason?
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