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  1. This is just a thought I had. I have seen many people unhappy with the twists/retcons of Dream Drop Distance about Xemnas, Ansem and Xehanort, so I was thinking, would it help if Xemnas and Ansem were planning to betray Xehanort, or would it have been seen as just another annoying retcon? I know the Xehanort saga is over, but I'm just curious. I feel like it would have at least make sense for them to want to betray Xehanort, since they are portrayed as their own beings similar to Roxas and Sora, and they are part Xehanort, who is a massive backstabber (just ask Eraqus, Terra and Ansem the wise), and part Terra, who utterly despises Xehanort, probably more so than any other Guardian(I think Ansem, seeker of darkness is part Terra mostly because he looks a lot younger than Xehanort, and I know he only took that form because he took Riku's body, but Riku looked a lot younger than that Ansem looks, but I could be wrong). Alse, the secret report from Xemnas in 358/2 days did state that Xemnas was planning to absorb the artificial Kingdom Hearts for himself instead of using it to help Xehanorts plan to use it as a means to get the original Kingdom Hearts. It doesn't have to be that they were planning to betray Xehanort since they were born, because than why would Ansem go back in time to get Young Xehanort, but just as they grew into their own beings separate from Xehanor over time, they didn't desire any longer to follow Xehanorts plans, but just their own. Does anyone who dislike the retcon of DDD think it would at least partly salvage the whole thing, or would it just make things worse?
  2. This is something I have been thinking of recently. I have seen some people who want to see Roxas and Xemnas clash with one another and I have also seen some people wanting a 358/2 days remake, which caused me to think of something. If a 358/2 days remake should ever come out, do you think they should give you the option to have dual wielding Roxas beating Xemnas to a bloody pulp? I'm not saying that Roxas should succeed at his goal in the end if they would allow it, there are still 6 other members who can back Xemnas up, along with an army of Nobodies, which Sora, Donald and Goofy could only get through because Axel sacrificed himself. Just let Xemnas get beaten up by Roxas.
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