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  1. He uses that on what I believe to be day 299 when he entered and left the throne room in the ds version to talk with Xemnas. Also, Xion can use them, as shown near the end of the game, and she draws her power from Roxas. How would it help? And why would he still listen to that when he already left the organization?
  2. I don't think this is a good argument to be honest, because he would have had to have used the corriders, since that is his method of transportation between worlds, so he has got to have used it many times to leave and enter the castle many times through out the time he was with the organization
  3. There is something I've got to question: why didn't Roxas use the corridors of darkness to go directly to the castle when he tried to storm it at the end of 358/2 days? I don't think there was any real reason for him to not use it. I've seen some people argue that the organization would be able to see him than or track him, but I don't think there was anything shown in the story that they would be able to even do that, and Roxas would then instead be going through their front door, over a open, long bridge. And there is nothing really stopping him from using the corridor. Namine, who isn't even a member, did go straight to the castle with one without any real problem whatsoever to save Kairi at the end of 2, so they don't seem to have any real protection against it, and in the ds version, we were clearly shown that Roxas could us the corridors himself, like when he went to Xemnas to talk about Xion on day 299. And he probably wouldn't be able to even go from Twilight Town to the World that Never Was without one anyway, since he doesn't seem to have any other method of transport through worlds. Also, the organization don't seem to even have there bridge out all the time, as shown when Sora and co. arrived during 2 and when Riku arrived during 3d, so Roxas would most likely just storm to the castle from the city, only to arrive to a cliff with no bridge whatsoever, and he would probably just use the corridor anyway to go to the castle anyway. They probably wouldn't even have it out 99% of the time, since they can use the corridors anyway, so a bridge would be unnecessary. Thinking about that, why does the organization even have a bridge when they can just teleport to the castle? And why didn't Namine just get Kairi out of the castle ASAP? Is any real reason for any of this beyond that the plot requires it? Can anyone come up with a reason that doesn't require headcannons? Are there any actual evidence?
  4. Warning: I'm going to spoil something from Ducktales 2017. Specifically, the episode 'What Ever Happened to Donald Duck?!'. If you haven't watched that yet, you might want to skip this post unless you aren't planning to watch that series. If I remember correctly, there were once rumors of a Kingdom Hearts animated series, which doesn't seem to be true unfortunately. That got me thinking about something. Many people seem to have problems with the series (while I still like it, I will admit that I think it has problems). So that got me thinking, if there would be an animated series, how do you think it should differ from the source material? I myself have a few ideas that I would like to share. First of all, I think having one true main protagonist for the entire series might not have been such a good idea. This series is all about how the Power of Friendship triumphs all, but I don't thinks it is as effective if only one person can make the difference. I kind of got annoyed that Sora is treated as the only one who can save everyone. It makes the other characters feel less important to me, which undermines the message for me personally. Give other characters the time to shine and let them save the day instead of making Sora who can do it. Secondly, I think there should be more Final Fantasy in it. This whole series was supposed to be a Disney and Final Fantasy crossover, but over the course of the series, the Final Fantasy side became less prominent, which made this series feel less like a Disney and Final Fantasy crossover, and more like a Disney game series with Square Enix characters in it. Thirdly, I think there should be evil light users and good darkness users in the series. This is one aspect that I think the series handled rather poorly. It kept saying that light and darkness are 2 sides of the same coin, but 90% of the darkness users and those aligned with it are evil. And that is not counting the heartless and unversed, monsters that destroyed lives made from darkness. I know that Riku was supposed to prove that darkness could be good, but 1, most of the darkness users are evil, so he seems more like the exception, and 2, he went evil in the first game and he had to overcome it. If the only way that this corrupting force that turn people into monsters that help lay waste to worlds is to overcome its corrupting influences, than I don't feel like it makes darkness good. Show us people using darkness because rage at someone who did something morally wrong or hurt a loved one of theirs. Something similiar has been done in another video game called Asura's Wrath, were the main character is literally powered by rage at those who hurt his daughter and innocent people. Another good example is in the Ducktales 2017 episode 'What Ever Happened to Donald Duck?!', where it was revealed that Donald channels his rage into protective instincts for his nephews who he raises like a son. Or show light users commiting horrible attrocities but justifying themselves because they serve the light.
  5. This is something that I have been asking for awhile. In Kingdom Hearts I, Birth By Sleep and III, they have been talking about protecting the world order, so this makes me question, why would Scrooge and the Moogles be allowed to set up business in other worlds like shops? If I remember correctly, it has been mentioned in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep that Scrooge traveled with Mickey, which means that the guys who are supposed to protect that world order that Donald just won't shut up about now outright helped someone set up business in other worlds. While Scrooge has been introduced in 2, when they seem to have forgotten about it, the moogles were in 1 and Donald doesn't seem to care that his uncle is violating this so called order. Is there some sort of corruption that Scrooge and the moogles exploit with bribery?
  6. This is just a question that I had for a while. So at the end of 3, it turned out that Xigbar was Luxu the whole time and that he achieved some of his objectives, which somehow allowed him to bring back the foretellers. This caused me to question how much he has been manipulating events and people. While the events that happened somehow allowed him to achieve his goals, we never see him manipulating the seekers and he just joined them for his own agenda (maybe I forgot it). And I don't see him manipulating the guardians that much, except his part in making Terra use the darkness, which seemed to be more Xehanort's plan (maybe luxu did more, but I don't recall that). So I would like to ask, did he really manipulate anything himself, or did he just go along with xehanort's plan until it no longer benefitted him? He does work for a guy who can see the future, so I can see him being unconcerned about how the plan unfolds and just thinking that it will work out for him no matter what he does.
  7. This is just a thought I had. I have seen many people unhappy with the twists/retcons of Dream Drop Distance about Xemnas, Ansem and Xehanort, so I was thinking, would it help if Xemnas and Ansem were planning to betray Xehanort, or would it have been seen as just another annoying retcon? I know the Xehanort saga is over, but I'm just curious. I feel like it would have at least make sense for them to want to betray Xehanort, since they are portrayed as their own beings similar to Roxas and Sora, and they are part Xehanort, who is a massive backstabber (just ask Eraqus, Terra and Ansem the wise), and part Terra, who utterly despises Xehanort, probably more so than any other Guardian(I think Ansem, seeker of darkness is part Terra mostly because he looks a lot younger than Xehanort, and I know he only took that form because he took Riku's body, but Riku looked a lot younger than that Ansem looks, but I could be wrong). Alse, the secret report from Xemnas in 358/2 days did state that Xemnas was planning to absorb the artificial Kingdom Hearts for himself instead of using it to help Xehanorts plan to use it as a means to get the original Kingdom Hearts. It doesn't have to be that they were planning to betray Xehanort since they were born, because than why would Ansem go back in time to get Young Xehanort, but just as they grew into their own beings separate from Xehanor over time, they didn't desire any longer to follow Xehanorts plans, but just their own. Does anyone who dislike the retcon of DDD think it would at least partly salvage the whole thing, or would it just make things worse?
  8. This is something I have been thinking of recently. I have seen some people who want to see Roxas and Xemnas clash with one another and I have also seen some people wanting a 358/2 days remake, which caused me to think of something. If a 358/2 days remake should ever come out, do you think they should give you the option to have dual wielding Roxas beating Xemnas to a bloody pulp? I'm not saying that Roxas should succeed at his goal in the end if they would allow it, there are still 6 other members who can back Xemnas up, along with an army of Nobodies, which Sora, Donald and Goofy could only get through because Axel sacrificed himself. Just let Xemnas get beaten up by Roxas.
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