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  1. Yeah it does, the significance here though, is that Jack is specifically in the realm of light when he fights them. And he also fights them as bosses, not like the regular other enemies. The dark realm would be the FF realms origin created, and the realm Jack left would be Sora’s realm. This is the story of when the ancient masters left the world
  2. Did anyone else notice that every boss we fight is a boss in kingdom hearts??
  3. Did anyone notice the missing corner piece in the KH III logo is back for the first time since the promos????? I’m freaking out???? C4702387-378E-488D-A2FE-91F47AA6BD47.webp
  4. Looking for people fluent in the mobile games to help me flesh out this theory. It’s grand, but I know the prequel has specific ties to a lot of what’s mentioned here. Anyone you up for the task? all who help get prime access to song motif requests (I make my own medleys for my videos) along with username/real name/channel shout-outs in-video played during your request. https://youtu.be/YX-C8hEex7k
  5. How do y’all feel about my Kingdom Hearts meets Final Fantasy theory? https://youtu.be/YX-C8hEex7k
  6. Thank you! I really hope you enjoyed the read. I’ll be going into more detail on my YouTube channel. I just posted my first video today for the FF anniversary please check it out! https://youtu.be/rdQiOvCYjBQ
  7. Sup everyone. I’m a newbie KH theorizer and I wanna kinda document my theories in a forum. Any tips?
  8. Axeltheaxe


  9. Hey everyone. I’ve never been in a KH forum before. Do you know why my topic has a warning sign about it? I have this huge special theory with data to back it up. But I need help lol
  10. My overarching theory is this. Tidus disappears in FFX, after killing jecht/sin. We know in FFX that whoever defeats sin becomes sin. Yuna was SUPPOSED TO. But Tidus changed Fate. I think Tidus is the one dreaming the realm that sora is currently existing in. Here’s why. Final fantasy X, X2, 13, and 7 are all along the same timeline. The Jenova project of FF7 was to make a hybrid of a human and raw energy. They found out that was the life of the planet. The light. Kingdom hearts bad guys have consistently tried to create a being, capable of copying the keyblade. Every time failed, and even Xion couldn’t wield its true power without shattering. What if Yozora is that project completed somehow? In KH3 remind he scans the keyblade. And he knows how to use it, very well. He could be the replica project come to fruition somehow. Could the dandelions have been sent to quadratum for yozora to copy? It would make sense as to why he’s so keen with a keyblade If Tidus is the dream, and all of KH is in this, quadratum could be another dream, and they could be touching via sora being in the realm of sleep currently. If Tidus is actually the dream, this is what’s also true. The overwhelming karma imbalance in Verum Rex, the inability to vanquish the heartless, even time travel, as Tidus traveled 1000 years into the future. It would all be cannon. Along with every FF character in KH to date. In application of this theory to FF and KH, EVERYTHING remains cannon. And it doesn’t influence the story at all. Everywhere you apply the theory that Yozora is the ultimate Replica program completed, you realize this. Xehanort, MoM, Tidus, and the Shinra corp would all have the same motive. To create a being strong enough to capture the keyblade’s light. They would still always need sora to go through how his events have unfolded, and yozora would have motive for wanting to stop sora too Noctis, would still be the FALSE KING. Because although he can copy every weapon in his world, YOZORA would be the true king, able to copy any weapon in any dimension. The arena in verum rex is offshore of a city. The buildings around it are the same shape, size and look like storage containers. Like In FF 7. Maybe, verum rex is attached to the data world somehow, and MoM made a replica of the system from FF7, but because it’s a videogame, it would allow for unlimited use of energy. But it also allows for what? BUGS. The mechs are eerily bug shaped. in this arena too, I think the gold mech we fight, is actually yozora. He might think “beating sora” to gain the power is all a game because KH might be a game in his world. But it could be Sora’s reality that’s in jeopardy. We’ve seen this format in Re:Coded. What if baby Xehanort was copied? Xehanort decoded is heart, and Nox. A nox is a goddess of the night. But in GREEK. Not Latin. Quadratum would have an entirely different “Origin” as we all know. Heart of the night could mean that yozora is the alternate timeline of XEHANORT in the data realm. It would account for his identity problem, along with every player being in his heart from KHUX. It would explain his ability to use the keyblade instantly after copying it. it explains his motive to stop sora. That could be why we also plan through TWO versions of the ending If baby Xehanort was also copied, and that’s who resides inside yozora’s body, it accounts for his red and blue eye. He would never have needed to choose between light and darkness because they don’t exist there. But I think he will become the ultimate villain. A Gilgamesh. Which would explain VERSUS 13’s idea I just don’t think remind was either or. I think it was Both and It seems like this is basically what phase 2 is comprising of. Shaping out Sora’s scenario. But I think Riku is going to be in trouble and that’s what Sora’s oath will change to. Saving Riku somehow, even though Riku went to save sora. I think yozora and sora met, because yozora was dreaming in his world. Maybe— Yozora sets his sights to save nameless star, which I have a sneaking suspicion has connective ties with kairi, so they all race to kairi but all for different motives. Sora’s oath to return could still be to kairi, but a new oath in is heart could be forming. One larger than them all. I think yozora is going to choose the darkness and become what sephiroth is to cloud. What Seymour was to Tidus, etc. the parallels are wild. Even Final Fantasy X has 7 characters of light in the party. please subscribe to my YouTube channel as I will be fleshing this theory out starting next week. https://youtube.com/c/jonvega10131
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