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Kingdom Hearts III manga Chapter 22 "Toy Box Part 3" now available in English from Yen Press


Chapter 22 for the Kingdom Hearts III manga inow available in English from Yen Press. Toy Box Part 3 can be bought as a digital download from Amazon, Barnes & NobleBook Walker, ComiXology, Google Play, iBooksand Kobo. The issue's price varies from $1.99 for the United States to $2.99 in Canada.


Chapter 22 was released in Japanese on Gangan Online back on January 13th Chapter 22 is planned to release on Gangan Online on February 10th.

You can also check out the articles for the previous chapters by clicking on the links below!

In addition, Volume 2 of the manga is now available for Japan. The English version is schedule to release on March 22nd.

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I hope square stops doing shit like this one day tho man I really do

Like there is nothing more illogical and downright goofy than allowing a very small amount of people to see something, but then turning around and being like oh yeah but feel free to talk about as much as you want btw

Like you already know they're gonna do the exact same thing with the event until they upload whatever it is they're gonna upload about it too

Not that I would wanna watch some scuffed ass vids from peoples phones, but I just wish they'd stream it I guess

Honestly I could be wrong in saying this but I feel like Disney has really experienced nothing but good change since it swapped over some higher ups in recent years, so maybe it would just be a good thing if the same happened to square

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Without a doubt, same as nintendo honestly, probably to an even worse degree with them, even if they have their weird nso practice going on rn

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