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First chapter of Kingdom Hearts III manga now available on Gangan Online


Last week, Gangan Online had announced that the first chapter, a prologue would be available to read in their archive. After being delayed, it's now available to read for free.

You can read Chapter 0 of Kingdom Hearts III here.



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My favorite media of Kingdom Hearts has returned at long last. Seeing all the characters lined up like they were in the opening in Amano's wonderful artwork...I have goosebumps. I can't wait to see it all. Especially his take on the Wayfinder trio.

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Ah, I missed that art style. Really hope to see if Amano is going to at least address the other titles that he skipped out on in some sort of summary...even if it's just a montage of images, characters, and worlds that basically boils down to "so yeah all these other things happened with Sora and other people, and here we are, yaaaaay..."

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Look at this D E T A I L

No wonder Amano-san took so long(tho not really all factors considered), I keep noticing more and more detail!  

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