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  1. Man, I was just at Disneyland Anaheim in November and I could only find the Black Coat Mickey ∏_∏
  2. No Re:coded! ∏_∏ My vote's for III for sure, but… folks, pretty soon Kingdom Hearts III will have existed for a year! And Valve is making a new Half Life game! What is the world coming to?
  3. Sshhhhh… (As a fan project I've been working on recreating Re:coded in Unreal Engine 4, focusing on the System Sector segments and the stat matrix, etc. and featuring a semi-original scenario. Despite that I find Re:coded to me by favorite as well, I've honestly never interfaced with the avatar system since I have no friends ∏_∏ but that's interesting that you bring it up. I'll have to look in to that.)
  4. *reads the news about the upcoming KHIII manga series debut*
    Crap, I'd better get to finishing cleaning the scans for the final three chapters of KHII!

    dashes away

    1. 2 quid is good

      2 quid is good

      You're doing scanlations??????!! :0

    2. corfidbizna


      Yup! You can already check out the KHIII Prologue in the Manga gallery ^_^

    3. 2 quid is good

      2 quid is good

      That's pretty awesome, thanks a lot for your effort bro!

  5. In addition, the Master of Masters shares Noctis' voice actor in both English and Japanese. If true, it's an additional example of a Final Fantasy character having a Kingdom Hearts-ish instance (Reno / Axel). If Noctis is a more polished version of the Final Fantasy XIII-Versus protagonist, then Yozora is something similar. Plus, there's that interview from 2013 where Nomura said the following: "Do you know the name Sora mean the “sky”, in japanese and Noctis, his family name is Caelum which mean sky as well so basically, Noctis mean “night sky”, so they are kind of complete opposites to each other. There is a reason why I named these characters as opposites." Plus, there's that KH easter egg in FFXV where Prompto mentions a video game featuring magical key that can unlock any door. And in the Toy Story world, Sora (or rather Yozora) is from a video game. Basically, too many coincidences for me. But mostly its the voice actor thing.
  6. I keep trying to watch the Final Trailer obsessively and every time right before I get to that bit towards the end I'm like, "c'mon brain, Sora's scream wasn't *that* bad," but then I get to that part and hear that heart-wrenching, lung-exhausting wail…

    1. Dustin Lübbers

      Dustin Lübbers

      Plot twist nomura was tricking us and he really just hurt his foot

      Jokes aside i assume that we feel so hard for it because of all the things we imagine what this scream mean ( please dont be dead kairi)

  7. Elfdemon_'s statement is accurate in terms of why it happened, but if you're also curious of how: There are three components to a person: heart, mind / will, and body. You need any two to exist, since the two would be able to kinda compensate for the third. When Xehanort split Ventus into Ventus & Vanitas, Ven kept the body and the light half of the heart, and Vanitas kept the will and the dark half of the heart. Since 1.5 < 2, neither of them were able to adequately hold on to existence and were fading away. Enter Sora, who connected his heart to Ven's and consequently Vanitas' also. Ventus, who was missing a 'will,' got a template for a will from Sora, which is why he acts like Sora. If you consider Ven a four-year-old in a teenager's body (since that's effectively what he is), some of his behavior makes more sense. Vanitas, who was missing a 'body' (according to the novel he looked like a Neoshadow with red eyes until this point), got a template for a body from Sora, which is why he looks like Sora. However, his body is still made of Darkness like how a Heartless' is. An implication of this is that Vanitas' personality is likely closer to the original Ventus' than the current Ven (albeit perhaps a little more darkness-centric).
  8. When I first saw these screenshots I was expecting them to be fake, but the more I nitpicked the more evidence I found to lend to them being real. The first thing I'd like to mention is that I use Unreal Engine 4 as part of my profession / schooling on a regular basis, and I can say especially after these new screenshots that if someone faked this they put it a lot of effort and really, *really* did their homework. Firstly, the HUD: UE4's idea of source control is a bit old-fashioned in that it can't have two people working on the same asset without getting really confused since UE4 uses binary assets instead of something like XML. What you tend to do instead is have a work-in-progress version of an asset that has all the functionality you need that the developers interact with while the people / person in charge of the asset in question works on the actual version. This would explain the old-style HUD and in particular the "temporary" kanji next to Donald and Goofy's icons. Secondly, Mike and Sully: The most recent Monsters, Inc. game I could find assets for online do in fact contain 3D assets for Mike and Sully that could be traced or adapted to UE4. However, the models I found contain inaccuracies relative to the movie that the models featured in these screenshots do not contain those inaccuracies. Thirdly, the particle effects: KHIII's particles have a fairly distinct look to them, and while one could theoretically recreate them by guessing and checking, the Fire particle system has both near-identical if not actually identical post-processing effects, particle distribution, and correct interactions with the floor. Fourthly, Sora and co.'s animations: There are various tools one can use to extract previous Kingdom Hearts game's animation. While none of the leaked Monsters, Inc. world contains actual footage, it's difficult to tell for sure. However, these animations would likely not work if put directly in UE4 and would have to either be nearly completely re-worked, retargeted to a new rig, or rotoscoped—all three methods are time-consuming and annoying. Plus, in the screenshot with Mike and Sully staring at Sora in a dim-lit room (that has 45 fps for some reason) Sora is in the middle of the animation where he is dismissing his Keyblade, going from combat stance to normal standing. This particular behavior has only been seen in KH2.8 by Aqua, whose combat and idle stances are different and don't have this frame in the middle, meaning Aqua's animation set hasn't been copy-pasted here. This frame showing up in a screenshot is not the kind of thing you'd do on purpose, it's the kind of thing that would happen incidentally. Fifthly (I've never had to count this high in this system, is this right?), the newly leaked environments: Sure, the lobby itself is fairly simple and could be recreated with relative ease. However, it is eerily accurate, and the surplus of new environments from the more recent leak mean the amount of effort a faker or group of fakers would have had to go through to make that many environments look that good while matching KHIII's art style AND being accurate to Monsters, Inc. (where applicable) would be enormous. Sixthly, Sora and co.'s clothing: People have recently started to gain access to KH2.8's models and have consequently been able to have access to UE4 KH models. However, last I checked, Sora, Donald, and Goofy had not been found and if they had they would not include Sora's KHIII jacket / gloves as seen in these screenshots. Either these were painstakingly recreated down to the normal map or they're legit. Lastly, the developer notations on the screenshots: Likely what these screenshots are is one or more developers showing others different aspects of the levels, environment, shaders, sections where frame rate drops, triangle count issues, use of the command line to gather data, etc., hence the notations. I've put my copy of UE4 into Japanese localization temporarily to look up some of these stats to make sure they appear the same as in these screenshots and the ones I could recreate do in fact use that wording. Right down to the "lighting needs to be rebuilt" message being in English for some reason. Furthermore, the triangle count, shader complexity viewer, texture cache size, memory usage, etc. are all within reasonable bounds for a AAA game. While this doesn't necessarily lend to legitimacy, this does lend to the annotations and on-screen stats themselves are likely not faked. …Long story short, if these screenshots are indeed fake, whoever made them is skilled enough to have been working on KHIII for over three years.
  9. /\ This is indeed the case. Another interesting thing to note in the related discrepancy in the English-Japanese dialogue in that once Ganon is defeated, Zelda says that "Ganon is gone for now" but the same line in Japanese is a more vague "the threat of Ganon has passed." The confusion in these lines could just be a case of human error in translation, but another commonly interpreted implication is that Ganon's insistence to self-revive created Dark Beast Ganon and that defeating him in that form will put and end to him since he went all-out.
  10. I don't post on forums much, so I'll admit I'm not quite experienced with this kind of thing. However! I wanted to try and shed some light on recent updates to Kingdom Hearts Union χ in terms of how a game developer thinks. I do this because I've heard many complaints about the game (a good chunk of which are entirely justified) and I wanted to try and point out how the developers are trying to make things function. Easier Attainability of Jewels: One of the earliest complaints I'd heard about the game was that in the Japanese version it was easier to earn jewels. For definition's sake (and for those who don't play the game), jewels are a freemium currency in that they provide a means for players to spend money on their otherwise free-to-play game. The in-game functionality of jewels is primarily to obtain attacks, but they can also be used to revive you in a pinch or fill up your Special Attack Gauge. In a recent update, daily login bonuses were increased from awarding 50-50-100-100-200 jewels to 100-100-200-200-300 (from 500 to 900 every five days) and quests that provide up to 300 jewels per day were added. This increase was an attempt to provide one of two things. First was to provide a catch-up mechanic for players who are new to the game or haven't played in a while. No one likes feeling left behind for extended periods of time, and people usually enjoy getting stronger very quickly. The second thing was to make sure players were more motivated to spend their jewels on things. If something is rare, people are less inclined to spend it. The dev team doesn't want people sitting on large stashes of jewels, since that means people aren't being encouraged to spend them. If jewels are more plentiful, people are more willing to spend. From a more pessimistic view, the more players get used to spending money, the more likely they'll want to purchase more. From an optimistic view, more jewels means more ability to purchase strong medals when they come out, but I'll get into that in a sec. The Shop's [EX] Banners (+ Premium Avatar Boards): In a good economy, people regularly spend money. KH Uχ has a fake economy where money can spontaneously erupt, but it's still ideal for these half-existent video game economies to have players who spend. Initially, shop incentives were fairly slim, getting a medal guaranteed within 10 pulls and they would have no special attack slots filled out (henceforth "pips"). Over the time this game has existed, the developers have lowered the number of pulls required or given other incentives like having pips filled out or decreasing the cost with every pull. You could always obtain those super-awesome medals in other pulls, but in most cases the deal that promotes it is the best way to obtain them. With the recent jewel supplement updates, the shop has emphasized the phenomenon of [EX] medals, which are only obtainable through a deal that promotes them. This may seem like a step backwards, though in actuality it isn't. Part of the problem with the setup of this game is that it always feels like it wants you to buy everything as soon as it comes available. In the friend medal list, the game will happily show you that Illust. Kairi [EX] medal that's got three abilities and a Special Attack Multiplier of 200%, making many players feel like "gee, I sure wish I could have afforded that medal, thanks for rubbing that in my face." The important thing to consider is that you don't have to buy anything. The store page is the equivalent of the front of a brick-and-mortar store, only instead of being able to walk past it without a second glance it takes up your whole attention. The developers give you multiple chances to obtain otherwise unique things, often in cases like the premium avatar boards providing them at a discount the second time 'round. The [EX] deals are to give more incentive to buy from a promotional deal instead of using something like the daily deal (which provides 3 any-rarity medals at 50% discount). The important thing to keep in mind is to not feel pressured into trying to obtain a specific medal if you don't feel you can afford it. I know it hurts if you're a completionist and you want at least one of everything, but it's important to be patient. Sure, you just spend all your jewels on that Illust. Kairi [EX] and now they've got that awesome-looking Dual Wield Roxas [EX] in the store, but you don't have to buy it now. When the promotional deal ends in a few days, that Roxas medal will be inaccessible. But Roxas won't go away forever. He'll come back……… ¬_¬ Anyway, at a glance, it does look like the developers just want the player's money. In part, they do. The video game industry is actually quite cutthroat, particularly in the case AAA developers. Some companies (who shall not be named) will literally reduce or cut pay of their artists / programmers if the game they worked on doesn't score more than 80 on Metacritic. Mobile games are considered successful if they have a high download count and make a lot of money, and the most consistent way to do that is to be free to play to provide the download count with freemium currency to provide the income. Of all the games I've seen with a freemium system, KH Uχ has one of the least in-your-face approaches and gives a relatively large number of opportunities for players to earn jewels outside of paying money. In theory, console video games are supposed to cost [a dollar] for every hour the player spends enjoying the game (plus or minus, depending on how open-ended the game is). While free-to-play games such as this one often work on a different metric, the primary part of the game costs players literally nothing. It's important to keep in mind that game developers are human beings. They have a job, they're trying to do their job so they can afford food, and they don't always have control over all the decisions made. All they can do is try to fulfill the requirements put to them while also making a fun game at the same time. KH Uχ's dev team is actually remarkably on top of fixing bugs and even does a lot of back-end fixes to make the game easier on the devices themselves.
  11. No Keyblade change, Donald & Goofy whenever possible, no summons, and no accessories are my normal runs… ¬_¬
  12. If Hiro's power is that three-axis rotational-head 3D printer he's got, then I'm down for that.
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