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  1. Well my thought is that he was a Lion in Pride Rock, makes One. Then he was half Shark in Atlantica, i count that as number 2. Now it gets tricky. So we could argue, that Sora is somehow a Bat in Halloween Town, because he turns into a Vampire. Then he could count as what ever he resembles in Monster Inc., a Cat maybe? So we could count that as 4 in total?
  2. I was all the time playing KH 1. i never heard of a KH2 only knew CoM and 1. i just saw it in a Store then and got it this way and it was awesome. ^^
  3. about 8 years, i'm not sure. But i saw it already at my cousin who played the battle again ansem, without knowing that this is kingdom hearts. and about 1-2 yearts later i got it in a shop, just because it looked cool and i remembered the scene after i saw the character.^^ but to be honest i finished kh1 the first time last month and i already finished all other KH games. But i knew the end from somewhere, but i don't know from where.
  4. ociRX

    Birth By Sleep

    This looks so awesome. ^^ would be my wallpaper if it would be in a 16:9 solution.
  5. In my opinion it's not that important to the story. It wasn't a very bad game but i missed the story connection. The gameplay was actually very good but i don't like this different gameplay in the different worlds Like the boss from Traverse Town. So the gameplay is good but the barely story makes it worse than it is. Only the end is important in my opinion.
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