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  1. Finally picked up 2.5, been at the mirage arena all day.

  2. It's a mashup of "When you Wish Upon A Star" Dearly Beloved and Hikari all on two guitars. It's pretty sick.
  3. No timed sort of battle or mission. I hate timed stuff. No atlantica either, unless it'll be like KH1 Atlantica. KH2 Atlantica was rediculous. Also, hopefully not a lot more cheap cutscenes, I want all of them to be like those cinematic ones from the beginning and end of the games. I'm fine with the regular cutscenes and all, but the cinematic ones are awesome.
  4. Ramen- *Warning shot* Pizza, I mean Pizza.... :wacko:
  5. Just discovered the magic of Emulators. I've been playing KH2 on my laptop all day. xD

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    2. Cucco


      not too many laptops can handle it.

    3. Rayo_Rojo


      Yeah, my laptop is geared for gaming.

    4. Cucco


      Would you mind sharing your specs?

  6. So I just started watching Attack on Titan last week, and I finished the season pretty quick. I freaking love that show now, and I don't know what Im gonna do while Im waiting for season two... From what Ive heard, there's no word on season 2 yet, but I bet season two will come some time after the last manga is released. I havent read the Manga, but I really hope they find some other human settlements and be like, "WHAT?" What about you guys? heard anything on season 2, anything in particular you want to see?
  7. I totally ship you guys, which is the internet way of saying I hope everything works out.
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