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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. Also the bits where he is wearing the KH2 outfit are from Olympus Colosseum, which is probably a very early world, if not the first one.
  2. Extreme Skate Adventure and Ape Escape OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDD they were so good! I actually really enjoyed a lot of ps1 licensed games like Toy Story 2 and Aladdin etc.
  3. Abyss had an amazing one, but Symphonia's was great too
  4. Beaten Xillia and Abyss. Still playing through Symphonia and Dawn of the New World ^.^
  5. Re:COM was the hardest too random for me imo. Undefeated and Unchanging armor weren't bad on beginner mode
  6. Thanks everyone! Finally managed to beat them!!
  7. Hey guys I am trying to fnish up the data battles but there are just a few I can't seem to beat, any tips would be appreciated, thanks! I need help with Vexen, Luxord Zexion,Xaldin and Xemnas.
  8. Hello everyone! I just have a a question about unlovking tbe playable secret ending added to BBS FM. So I'm in the middle of my Aqua play through and I already beat Terra and Ven. After beating Terra and Ven I went back and got all of the stickers for the secret ending. Will the ending unlock or would I have to rebeat the final boss with each characater? Thanks!
  9. Hello everyone! I was just wondering in order to unlock the playable secret ending in BBS FM am I able to play the characters at different difficulties? For example would I be able to play Ventus and Terra on proud while I play Aqua on critical? Thanks!
  10. Actually I think it might be next year because KH has been having a game every year for a while next year and there's not one planned for 2015 so far. Very unlikely but you never know
  11. Sadly I kinda agree with you but this is more for BBS where it feels a lot more floaty. Also curious what Maleficent dialogue was censored?
  12. Hi guys, I'm just wondering what are you doing with your old copies if 1.5, I don't really know if I should sell it or not
  13. Wow great review! Completely forgot there was going to be a series on Boom, gotta go watch it now.
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