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  1. A quick digital drawing/painting of Sora's Kingdom Hearts 4 design, done in the style of the series official concept art.

    © Soboz

  2. Recreation of some old KH1 promotional art I did earlier this month as celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Kingdom Hearts.

    © Soboz

  3. Soboz

    Sora - Manga Version

    Digital watercolor painting of Sora from his appearance in the Kingdom Hearts manga.
  4. Digital painting of Sora from the ending of Kingdom Hearts 3.
  5. Exactly, plus people are forgetting that some pretty big games were only around that size, like The Witcher 3 for example, which was only 35 GB when it launched on PS4 (here's a link to article showing it, in case anyone is interested: http://www.mweb.co.za/games/view/tabid/4210/Article/17974/The-Witcher-3-Wild-Hunt-file-size-is-not-a-monster.aspx
  6. Soboz

    All Grown Up - KH3.jpg

  7. Hey everyone. So, after all the excitement of seeing those new trailers and that wondrous box art by Nomura himself, I decided to give another go at creating a concept of the Kingdom Hearts III title screen. I did do one awhile back that basically tried to replicate the style of title screen seen in KH 0.2, however after some more artwork came out fro TGS I decided to see if I could make one with illustrated art and well here are the results: https://youtu.be/oRlSQdidplA
  8. Wallpaper I created in Gimp using the official box art for Kingdom Hearts III.
  9. I was over on the KHinsider forums and someone actually found another image someone uploaded (although it's pretty bad quality, it still gives a new look at the area). https://ibb.co/mQXVsK
  10. Soboz

    Kairi - Kingdom Hearts III

    Pencil portrait I drew of Kairi from the E3 Kingdom Hearts III trailer.

    © Soboz

  11. So I was going through Reddit this morning and as I was reading I found out that the Japanese version of the trailer has a slight bit of new footage, specifically a shot of Marluxia with yellow/green eyes that wasn't in the english version. Anyways, here's the image: https://imgur.com/ifAckjP Also, here's the footage if you want to view the new scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFKlDX4vzz8
  12. I just looked at the file and I found this typed in small lettering under the chart, "The plans, forecasts, strategies and ideas described in this material are descriptions of forecasts of future results. These descriptions rely on information available as of the date of production of this material and are based on assumptions and judgment made by the Company’s management. Readers are advised not to rely solely on these forecasts. Readers should also not assume that these forecasts are accurate or valid information, even after the date of public release. There are many factors that may cause actual results to vary considerably from the forecasts, and in some cases actual results may be inferior to forecasts.The information on the future forecasts described in this material is current as of May 11, 2018. The company is not obliged to update or correct forecasts concerning the Company’s future results, including forecasts or outlook, if new information becomes available and/or events occur after May 11, 2018" Reading this certainly gives a new perspective on this news.
  13. Hey everyone, So with all the hype from the KH3 premiere event going on I really wanted to hear what the English voice acting would sound like and upon finding and downloading the accidental leak by Gamespot, I downloaded them before they were taken down. Anyways, after watching the scenes I was really pleased with what I saw and really couldn't wait for the full game, however I wished that I could've seen the scenes with HD footage. So, I decided to link up the audio from of screen footage and the HD footage from the trailers to basically create the cutscenes in HD, so here they are: https://youtu.be/CQ4BDxjnuDY Again these use official audio from the demo and just replace the visuals with higher quality ones.
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