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  1. Master of Masters = MoM = . Nomura is mom, he gave birth to the whole series! You may be on to something. Jokes aside though, Nomura does add a lot of stuff from his own life into the game. Like sea salt ice cream and Nomura’s dress sense is very kingdom hearts -esque (the shorts, chains and zippers). And personally Aqua kinda reminds me of Utada Hikaru. Also I read somewhere that Yen Sid is modelled after Walt Disney.
  2. Thanks for the awesome library. I got a bit carried away with the KH1.5 sfx and created something real quick. Edit: forgot to add link https://soundcloud.com/xblademusic/y-o-u-w-i-n
  3. To me it's more to do with the time signature of the song. We're all used to hearing pop/ballad songs in 4/4 rhythm. I believe 'Don't Think Twice" is in 6/8 or 3/4.
  4. Hey, Thanks for listening! My aim was to make a concept of what the KH3 opening may sound like. I may have kinda failed with this one. but I do believe and HOPE we'll get an official upbeat version/remix for the KH3 opening.
  5. Welcome, Wolfsbane. You'll never leave KH13, once you've entered the realm.
  6. Song is called “Timeless Tomorrow” by Lia. Mot available anywhere...
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