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  1. And here I thought this wouldn't happen any time soon.
  2. Has someone gotten any good screenshots or references of the KH3 Sora model?
  3. I've wondered about the technicalities of certain things in the games as of late, but couldn't think of an answer. Mainly stuff related to nobodies and whatnot. IDK if this is a place to ask. if Terranort was split into Ansem and Xemnas, and if a person is recompleted once their heartless and nobody are destroyed, then why did they recomplete into Old Xehanort instead of Terranort? How come the fusion was undone and Terra's heart was nowhere to be seen upon Xehanort's revival? If Nobodies can grow their own hearts, what happens if they're killed after that is done? Do they return to their original self or end up creating another heartless/nobody in turn? How did Ansem SoD get his adult body through possessing Riku in KH1?
  4. I'm betting the unreal engine cutscenes are pre-rendered and not actually in-game, which is why that's fair game. Still sucks tho.
  5. If there are no plans to port the rest, why even bother optimizing Melody of Memory for the console at all? That's just getting people's hopes up for nothing. Sure, 0.2 and KH3 do seem to be somewhat too much for the Switch to handle, but the other games would surely run just fine.
  6. Hey all. So I stopped visiting this site regularly a couple of months ago, and I'm honestly not sure what to do at this point. I could try to get back into things again, or I could leave. Don't know what to do about whatever friendships I made here, if they haven't forgotten about me already.
  7. Strange, to say the least. I guess it does make sense to capitalize on the series' renewed popularity, but this seems very out of left field.
  8. Why include a demo for a game that's already out? Unless this is a demo for the DLC instead of the main game.
  9. Thor 4 and Doctor Strange 2 are exciting to me. Can't wait to see where else these characters go
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