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  1. Awesome Sauce

    Nintendo Dream Team! (Roleplay Thread)

    The angel brightened at the two raised hands. "Great! Here's the plan: Link and Tiki, you go pick up the others and throw them up in the air as hard as you can- You can use your magic too, Lute- and then I'll use the shields of my Orbitars to push them to the other side. Like this for example." Setting the rest of his bunched up stones down and grabbing one from the pile, Pit threw the rock upwards and summoned his Guardian Orbitars, replacing his bow at the moment. When the stone began to fall down, he willed an Orbitar to move up, and in one motion he pulled up its shield and flicked it with enough force to push the stone and launch it towards the other platform. The stone landed with no problems on the other platform. "What do you guys think?" He asked, putting his closed hands on his waist.
  2. Awesome Sauce

    Nintendo Dream Team! (Roleplay Thread)

    A thin platform.. This made things more complicated. What to do, what to do.. "We could all try to cross it one at a time while keeping our balance.. but that could take a really long time. Maybe we could.. nah. I dunno really.. Unless..." "Hey, is anyone here strong enough to carry people? I got an idea, but I need to know if there's at least one person that can throw good first." Pit asked, glancing over at the group.
  3. Awesome Sauce

    Kingdom Hearts III can now be preloaded onto Xbox One

    Spoilers, here we go..
  4. The same stance as Sora/Roxas/Xion?
  5. Awesome Sauce

    Nintendo Dream Team! (Roleplay Thread)

    Well that complicated things slightly, but at least now him and the others had an even better idea as to what was going on. He could use the stones as markers for where to step and where not to, serving as a wayfinder for the others in a way. And oh hey, Link has already stepped in a.. steppable spot on the bridge, which meant that it was very much OK to begin crossing it. He too hopped over to where Link stood, and then threw a stone forward again to determine the next spot the group could step on.
  6. Square better have a good explanation for how these two have survived for so long..
  7. Awesome Sauce

    Nintendo Dream Team! (Roleplay Thread)

    "Yeah it is. Just, ah, don't do anything that might make it disappear," Pit replied to Leaf's inquiry. That most likely included no flying from him or Tiki, no magic from Lute, no special abilities that Link and Zelda might have and (to his inmediate dismay) most likely no special tricks from the Mario Bros. Did bringing Pókemon out count as cheating? Most likely yes, but he hoped that part was exempt. Regarding Lute's suggestion, Pit looked around and proceeded to gather as many small stones as he could, returning to the edge of the bridge and to Link's side holding many a stone in his arms.
  8. Awesome Sauce

    Nintendo Dream Team! (Roleplay Thread)

    Pit gasped after seeing the stone remain suspended in the air, however Tiki's crash caused him to lose balance and fall on his butt, losing sight of the stone. He quickly regained his bearings and looked to the chasm again, but was unable to spot the stone. No matter, he already had this figured out. "Guys! I think I know how to cross this bridge!" The angel excitedly shouted back to his companions, "It didn't actually collapse, the flame just made it invisible! If we walk across it like a normal bridge without using any powers, we should be able to get to the other side."
  9. Awesome Sauce

    Nintendo Dream Team! (Roleplay Thread)

    Taking his gaze off of Tiki for a moment, Pit walked up to the edge of the broken bridge, also picking up a stone along the way. He had a good idea as to what happened to the bridge, it was only a matter of testing if it's true. Perhaps the flame didn't actually destroy the bridge, and was merely using an old trick to fool the party. "Please be fake, please be fake, please be fake," The angel chanted to himself as he threw the stone away, out to the chasm ahead.
  10. Awesome Sauce

    Nintendo Dream Team! (Roleplay Thread)

    Gripping Link's hand and pulling himself up, Pit thanked the hylian before following the others deeper into the cave. Everything proceeded smoothly, until the first obstacle appeared. The gap of the collapsed bridge was far too long for his instant Power of Flight to be of use, and whether or not his wings were ready for the standard form was a mystery. What to do what to do.. From the corner of his eye, Pit saw a bright light shining briefly, and the angel rapidly turned around only to see a large dragon standing in front of the others and the little girl was nowhere in sight. And this dragon.. could also speak..? The voice was familiar.. and Tiki was nowhere to be seen... Oh! "What the- Tiki?!" Pit exclaimed, staring with wide eyes and great shock at the girl-turned dragon.
  11. Awesome Sauce

    Nintendo Dream Team! (Roleplay Thread)

    On the contrary, the force of the minecart's screeching halt launched the angel's body forward, gliding in midair and passing by the others until he forcefully crashed against a stone wall. Pit slid down slowly and, once peeled off the wall, fell to the ground unconscious. He remained that way for the entirety of Smoledergiest's introduction, but as soon as it ended and the wall raised upwards, he began to recover consciousness. "Uhh... what happened..." Pit muttered, slowly opening his eyes and sluggishly standing up.
  12. Awesome Sauce

    KH13 v4 - Discussion, bugs & features

    What happened to statuses?
  13. Awesome Sauce

    Nintendo Dream Team! (Roleplay Thread)

    Pit glanced around, a feeling of anticipation swelling up in him. It's been sometime since he truly ventured out into a new area, and the potential goodies that lay inside the cave along with more opportunities to hone his skills were prospects that excited him. Still, he had to maintain focus: There still was some investigating to do regarding the mysterious culprit, and he did have a race to win. The angel looked forward and nodded to himself with determination. Whatever the obstacles that lay ahead, he would be ready for anything and claim victory! ..Except for the mine cart suddenly blasting off with new and unheard of rocket boosters. The sheer force of the boost was enough to almost blow Pit off the cart, but he managed to hold on to it, his fingers gripping the cart's railing tightly while the rest of him remained suspended in mid-air by the speed at which the cart was travelling. "This- is really- overcompensating..!" He grunted out as he continued to hold on for dear life.