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  1. what if marvel or now disney map their movies out because they were inspired by Tetsuya Nomura If i remember things correctly before he made KH1, Nomura have map how the dark seeker arc would play out. Do you think Marvel/Disney got inspired by Tetsuya Noura mapped the dark seeker arc?
  2. I don't know if this topic was already discussed but what if Master of Masters disappear to Sora's time period to watch their keyblade war.
  3. so Nomura said that there are so many characters, so the story is dark and he is not planning it to end it all at once. so the question is how dark will the story be? I think sephiroth will kill aerith in front of cloud, sora and friends.
  4. I could be completely wrong but what if the reason why KH3 is taking so long is because square is making a Kingdom Hearts 3 VR game? they already did it for FFXV twice already. i wouldn't be surprise if what i said comes true.
  5. If sora to be the representative of light then if someone from the dark try to use the x-blade then sora will be there to stop them and the same with riku and someone from the light that try to use the x-blade
  6. what if new keybladers seeks sora and friends to help them stop an evil that use the darkness from star wars and marvel worlds
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