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  1. Caribbean is god awful. Its only good during postgame other than that its all gimmicky nonsense
  2. After KH3 i wont be holding my hopes high for FF7R. Games that take this long to develop and release usually dont end up meeting expectations anyways. When it comes i'll be excited to play it however until then i dont really care
  3. Solid 7. Vanilla KH3 is on par with vanilla KH2. Lack of postgame content (bosses) alone drops it down from a 9 to a 7 for me
  4. Anyone else feel like the postgame in KH3 is lacking? All we have is Dark Inferno who i can easily beat in 2 minutes at Level 99 w/ Ultima Weapon. Back in KH2FM we had Sephiroth and Lingering Will which i struggled with even at LVL99 with Ultima and maxed gear. There was also Olympus cups which were fun too. The battlegates in KH3 are super easy even on proud as you can just spam -ga magic and wipe everything on screen. I really hope we get more bosses postgame in future DLC updates; if we don't then i can say for sure that KH3 has the worst postgame in the entire series. Even the handheld games had more postgame content than KH3 does...
  5. I wouldn't call it a masterpiece; KH2FM still has that title. Its for sure up there in quality but i'd still say KH2 was better
  6. San Fransokyo since it reminds me of Versus XIII especially at night lol
  7. I disagree. The only thing that i dislike are the lack of final fantasy characters since Leon, Cloud, Yuffie, and Tifa were so integral to the story. Other than that the game was good. Also not having 99 saves sucks (i'll keep saying it)
  8. To practice for bosses. LVL1 proud is trash right now with absolute chip damage and you need to learn patterns to master fights. You cannot do this with only 9 slots.
  9. Even 0.2 had 99 save slots. It needs to be patched in
  10. Don't understand why we only get 9 save slots. I understand the game is large in terms of file size but if you've got a terabyte drive in your system space isn't a concern. I hope we get 99 save slots patched in the future.
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