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  1. If you guys haven't heard of this series i highly encourage you to try it out. Its one of the best JRPG's that have ever been made IMO. The first 2 games are already on PS3 and Steam and now we are finally getting the english version of CS3 this fall
  2. There's no way they're not in the game. They were both an integral part of KH1 and KH2's stories. The actors are probably keeping quiet because they're under NDA
  3. sagman12PC


    DLC boss battles is the most likely thing to happen if they even decide to add anything post launch
  4. Im getting it from amazon for that dawn till dusk keyblade. I've had it preordered on there since the day it was listed lol
  5. sagman12PC

    All worlds leaked

    This is why my expectations have been low to begin with. Learned my lesson with FFXV. Im sure the game will be great/fun but its not as hype as everyone was expecting. Hopefully this doesn't translate to FF7R; fans have been waiting for that game longer than KH3 and i'd hate for it to be lackluster
  6. Will most likely play on standard first due to 0.2's lackluster floaty combat system. What i've seen from the trailers doesn't look too promising either in terms of improvements. I'll hold off on critical until i play through the game once
  7. sagman12PC

    All this talk from Nomura about what comes after KH3

    He'll most likely shift gear to fully focusing on FF7R and its corresponding episodic releases. KH won't even be on his mind until the FF7R trilogy is completed
  8. sagman12PC

    Question about Deluxe Edition

    Not really worth spending the extra cash IMO. Just go with the standard edition
  9. sagman12PC

    The Month Is Here, Everyone!

    Don't get me wrong i am excited too just as i was for FFXV however i am cautiously optimistic. I was looking forward to FFXV for most of my life and when it finally came it wasn't the version of the game i was expecting (Versus XIII). Regardless, i am glad KH3 exists and after its out hopefully we will hear more about FF7R
  10. sagman12PC

    Video Games That Deserve HD Remakes

    MGS1 for sure. Someone did a remake of the intro in Unreal engine 4 and it looked amazing. Too bad it'll never happen and even if it does it wont be good because Kojima is gone
  11. sagman12PC

    GOTY: God of War vs Spider-Man

    Had more fun with GoW. Its just a masterpiece
  12. It will probably be fully ready Summer 2018 but won't release until Holiday 2018
  13. sagman12PC

    Young Xehanort's returns in KH3!

    Along with Ansem and Xemnas i had a feeling that Young Xehanort would return in KH3. He was only fought once in DDD by Riku and during the secret fight in BBS so it makes sense that they'd bring him back since hes central to the story. Hopefully his boss battle in KH3 isn't as bad as it was in BBS and DDD in terms of mechanics
  14. They were showing off the transformations for trailer purposes. It wouldn't make sense to get the keyblade for the world before clearing it unless they decide to change up the formula with KH3