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  1. PillowHead


    I still remember this.
  2. PillowHead

    riku and sora are the same

    we've gone 2deep
  3. PillowHead


    holy shit are you kidding me this is amazing
  4. PillowHead

    WWE's Xavier Woods plays 2.8

    Its a new day, yes it is.
  5. PillowHead

    Various Days Keyblades in would be screenshots

    Makes me want a full Days remake even more!
  6. PillowHead

    KHUx Ephemera and the Divine Rose

    Looks great!
  7. PillowHead

    FF character for Olympus Coliseum in KHIII.

    I don't know how likely it will be, but I would personally like to see Noctis.
  8. PillowHead

    Is Unchained X worth playing?

    Paying is absolutely not necessary, but it does help. I personally haven't put anything into the game, and I still have a decent time with it.
  9. PillowHead

    KH13's Keyblade war

    To the victors go the Lux! Master Dave is the only true Master!
  10. It's like why do we even post on this site anymore.
  11. PillowHead

    [Spoilers] 3D models of KHUx Keyblades

    And yet again, more awesome work. You never fail to impress!
  12. PillowHead

    Who really is Ventus?

    *cough* Xion *cough*
  13. PillowHead

    Rolling for Perception

    I rolled an 8, what do I see?
  14. Lady Luck keyblade Medals with Defense Boost I or II Medals with healing properties (preferably Minnie with curaga) Decently strong speed medals (made better by Lady Luck) Jewels to revive yourself if necessary (it will be) A little bit of patience Decent luck/rng Fortunately Ava gives a fair amount of "special" orbs upon attacking her, which means you'll be able to use special attacks a bit more often than usual. Which means even more cures when you need them. And of course dishing out good damage is essential as well. That's how it worked out for me; it may not be the most efficient though of course. Good luck and have fun!