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  1. Hey there! How goes your new singing ventures?

  2. All swords were modelled by me The Model of Ichigo came from someone named 'Renzo-Senpai' The model of the Bankai (sword on the left) has glitchy chains in that I programmed the other end of the chain to hang off the handle end of the sword as well as the blade...but for some reason the physics didn't work and so the chain now only hangs off the blade only. Here are the reference images:
  3. ARE YOU KIDDING, He's hot af Is he on KH13? One of the qualities of the Bishonen, long spindly fingers.
  4. Not sure if a Spoiler Curfew is in effect but I'll drop it here anyway. The art isn't mine, I found it on google and thought I might share it
  5. The wally battle theme and the theme that plays when you fight Zinnia (sounds like dark impetus)
  6. But theres a Comma though Maybe I just don't understand how Euros work. its said 450,00 rather than 450.00 But you can be ambitious jkjk
  7. Its not 450.00 Euros (four hundred and fifty) Its 450,00 Euros (forty five thousand) I had to check the price twice lol
  8. Marluxia: "Remember your dinner Sora? I ate all of it!" Sora: O.o Marluxia: "Card Break!" Sora: O.o Marluxia: "I've come up with a new recipeh" Sora: O.o Marluxia: "I've come up with a new recipeh" Sora: O.o Marluxia: "My Keyblade was longer than yours" Sora: O.o Marluxia: "You are the weakest link.....goodbye" Sora: O.o Marluxia: "I voted for Trump" Sora: O.o Marluxia: "Nomura said dodge roll will not return for KH3" Sora: O.o Marluxia: "hi" Sora: O.o Marluxia: "YOU ARE A TOY, YOU ARE A CHILD'S PLAYTHINGGGGGG" Sora: O.o
  9. Once again Nomura is dropping a dump in the plot of KH. Strelitzia as a character, was thoroughly rushed with little character development leaving us without much of an impression. I wish they developed her more so we could actually feel 'attached' to the character.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. catmaster0116


      How come the profeminists aren't jumping on Strelitzia's case?

    3. MythrilMagician


      Prolly cause they don't know

      They tend to do that with the really popular franchises, unlike this one

    4. catmaster0116


      SHHHHHH Lets keep quiet about this! This is a secret that stays between you, me and all the KH fans in the entire world ;P

  10. This forum is just too small.....*foreshadowing*

  11. Oh yeah I forgot about the secondary requirements Nah I don't know many 4 gauge medals which deal 1 extremely powerful hit enough to KO heartless level 200+. The only other thing that I can think of that might work (and is quite extreme and probably unnecessary) is to keep levelling up your keyblade until it reaches a point where single hits can deal heaps of damage due to the multiplier on the Keyblade Sorry I wasn't of much help. But I agree that the restrictions and conditions placed on proud mode missions are ridiculous. Probably one of the many reasons why i quit KHUx.
  12. I don't really play KHUx much anymore but judging the conditions of the goals; I think you need a medal (preferably Speed) that deals one really powerful hit. For 1 hit kills: If you only have 1 enemy and that enemy is a single target then Marluxia A fully guilted and maxed might work Otherwise if you have multiple enemies that you need to kill in a single hit, then perhaps Axel EX might be what you're looking for. For 2 hit kills: Use 0.2 Kairi first to boost your attack 6 tiers (first hit) and then use your most powerful single hit area of effect medal to finish your enemy off (second hit). Hope this helped in some way.
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