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  1. VisitJoan

    Would you read a novel from Saïxs' point of view?

    Let’s see... I hate Saix, so no. It does sound interesting though.
  2. VisitJoan

    Avoid the Moderators!

  3. VisitJoan

    What is your Game of the Year for 2018?

    I pretty much have to say Let’s Go because it’s the only one I’ve played.
  4. VisitJoan

    Fav moments from the manga?

    Demyx’s recon report. “There were lots of things. And heartless.”
  5. VisitJoan

    What Happened to the Kingdom Hearts Twitter?

    The heartless took over. Time to bail.
  6. Unfortunately, I won’t be playing it right away. How long it will take me to watch it on YouTube? Depends on how addicted to it I get.