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  1. Thankfully all the characters I like are in Golden Deer, so the choice is easy for me.
  2. Really can't wait for the Switch Pro that's just a TV.
  3. Mario Maker 2 is a blast so far. Story mode is so cute!
  4. Select the correct answer to get.................. nothing, I guess.
  5. All the fights were so damn cool.
  6. Pixxz

    Starlight Max

    Made in Blender Cycles
  7. Pixxz

    Master Keeper

    Made in Blender Cycles
  8. It's hard to believe it's already been 17 years. Then again, I've only been on the Earth 17 years.
  9. I'mma be grinding out Sekiro.
  10. How many poor souls started with Back Cover after being told to go through chronologically?
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