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  1. There's a lot of cutscenes and a lot of repetition at the beginning of the dlc.
  2. Beautiful drawing! I love the scale of it and the spectacle. Feels important, epic, and a bit hopeless.
  3. What WakelessDream said plus there are also blue variations, but they're still just portals then.
  4. Really wonder what Sora's original theme was meant to be. Though I feel Link to All is also a quit fitting theme for Sora. Maybe that was the original?
  5. Loving that Kairi render! So cool to see her KH3 design remade in PS2 graphics. Wonder what other Unreal Engine models or worlds might be remade for MoM. Edit: Still no Kairi gameplay though. 🤔
  6. The Cave of Wonders in KH2 is one of KH's biggest tragedies. Every single time I replay KH2 I'm shocked by how small and boring the place is. It's also always smaller than I remember it. I do like the Jafar boss though. It's easy and simple but I like the spectacle of it all. A huge Genie Jafar floating above all of Agrabah who'll occasionally trap you inside a purple storm of chaos. I'll never forget that fight. A big improvement to his Genie fight from KH1. But the rest of the world? Eh. City is fine but I'd wish there were more areas. The Lava and Blizzard Lords are fun, but the second visit in the desert is a drag.
  7. Least popular worlds: - Atlantica. A lot of people disliked it in KH1 due to its mechanics and most people hated it in KH2 due to it being a musical. - I've also seen a lot of hate towards Deep Jungle due to its platforming and the amount of backtracking it has. I personally love the world. - Seen some hate towards Monstro as well. Again people don't seem to be fond of the platforming and the repetitive rooms. - I personally hate Disney Town due to its music and art direction. Popular worlds: Really uncertain of which worlds people seem to favor the most. I'm quite certain Halloween Town is high up on a lot of people's list. And people used to love Agrabah I believe. Now most people are quite tired of it. As for me, my favorite Disney worlds are: Deep Jungle, Neverland (BbS), Kingdom of Corona, Olympus Coliseum (KH1, KH2) and 100 Acre Woods (KH1, Re:CoM, KH2).
  8. Part of Your World is really beautiful! Swim This Way is fine. The other two are cringe to listen too.
  9. Ah sorry. That's what I get for skimming through the text 😳
  10. I don't think he flips through the entire book but here's some of the pages. (Not scans though, just a video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2B8pc864pE
  11. Thanks! Yeah Master Xehanort's voice is quite hard to do. My natural voice is very far away from Nimoy's natural voice, which makes sense with him being old and I'm only 24. My voice isn't raspy at all so I have to force myself to sound gravely. And once I do that my voice becomes quite confined and it becomes harder for me to work with the same range Nimoy has.
  12. Hi! I’ve recently been doing a lot of impressions of various characters, specifically from the KH series, and it would mean a lot to me if some of you would check out some of them and tell me what you think. If there are certain things that come to mind that you think could be better in terms of performance and/or recording please do tell below or comment on the video! For reference I currently use a Røde microphone and Audacity to record. One of the things I’m struggling with is being able to yell and scream without having the sound become distorted. If anyone else here also does impressions – or some actual voice acting for that matter – feel free to share it as well! Below are some of the impressions I’m most satisfied with so far, but I do have a few more over on my Youtube channel.
  13. Oh that's a difficult one! I really like all the different areas and its gimmicks. Not a huge fan of the mechanics for his CoM fight and find it way easy to win. And though I like the gimmicks and mechanics of his KH1 and KH2 fights they do become a bit tiresome quite quickly. I'll have to go for the Manor fight. It's not the most exciting battle but I love the scale of it. Almost something out of Shadow of the Colossus. And it also has Destiny's Force as its battle theme which is one of my favorite battle tracks from KH1.
  14. Kingdom Hearts Re:coded EDIT: Damn, that's already taken. How 'bout a brawler sing-along first person multiplayer game? Something along the lines of Smash just that you sing instead of fighting and it's first person.
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