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  1. Kingdom Hearts Re:coded EDIT: Damn, that's already taken. How 'bout a brawler sing-along first person multiplayer game? Something along the lines of Smash just that you sing instead of fighting and it's first person.
  2. Here's video of summons from Re:CoM. Sora vanishes for most of them and then you sort of control them though with very limited attacks and abilities.
  3. Agreed. I really enjoyed that they added a segment where she fought back against Xemnas in ReMind. Wish we could have seen more of that. There are many things regarding the the whole end portion of the game I would have liked to change. The all confrontation against the 13 seekers feel pretty anti climatic in my opinion. SirSkyward has a really cool rewrite of KH3 on his youtube channel. Yeah let's not discuss alternatives and what could have been on this fanpage. Let's all just sit still and not discuss anything at all. Come on! If you don't have anything to add to the thread then don't comment rather than just shutting down OP. Starting to get real tired of seeing people make threads only to be met with such comments as "let's not talk about this".
  4. Rage Form is actually useful and the way Sora wields the Keyblade is dang cool. Anti-Form on the other hand has cost me too many fights that I don't have anything nice left to say about it.
  5. Ah yeah right. Yeah Nomura really made a lot of weird and dumb decisions regarding Union Cross. Time traveling Maleficent from after her defeat in KH1, Ventus, Marluxia, and Larxene showing up. I don't think Luxord and Demyx will show up though seeing as Union Cross is ending soon. I know Xemnas said they were connected to the ancient Keyblade legacy but I believe they're connected to it differently.
  6. Errr, there can't be emblemed Heartlesses in Agrabah at this point in time. Unless they travel through dream/data/memories/future versions of the worlds.
  7. Green Requiem I believe. It was the last of them to be introduced and the most interesting one. There's also the Black Ballade but guess that one doesn't count as it's Final Mix exclusive. Also, the Wizard Heartless wants a word with you regarding nominations for being best mage Heartless.
  8. After a quick search I'm quite certain the artist never released anymore images beyond Ultima Weapon, Oathkeeper, and Oblivion. Your best chance is if the artist responds to you. Other than that, good luck!
  9. Either they cut it because it didn't add much to the scene, or they are getting re-named.
  10. Could be. Their heads have the same shape, the hair line is similar (as can be seen in the mirror), and they have the same VA. Of course they could perhaps just use Luxord's VA as temporary filler as they did with Riku's VA for Young Xehanort in BbS. One should try and figure out who voices this random car driver in Japanese. If he's also being voiced by Luxord's Japanese VA then I very much believe this could be Luxord's somebody.
  11. I'm a bit disappointed. In my opinion most of the story updates within Re:Mind should have been implemented to the base game and not be exclusive to a separate scenario. This is the same awful and disjointed way of telling a story as with FFXV's season pass. The expanded Scala is not an expansion. It's one new room you can only visit during Re:Mind. The fights towards the end of the Re:Mind scenario are pretty cool. The data rematches are absolutely amazing but why have them only accessible through the title screen and not within the base game as with KH2FM? Edit: As for Radiant Garden, only Merlin's house is playable.
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