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  1. Yeah I sure wouldn't mind that! At least PC players can get the classic style through modding.
  2. One of the many constants in the KH franchise has been the use of the head icons to represent the character you're playing as, along with your teammates. Up until 0.2 all of these head icons had come in the form of drawings, but this would change as the franchise moved onto new engines and evolved its overall style. Some really like the new and current 3D head icons, while others are sadden by the change. I personally don't mind the new take but kinda miss the old style as I felt it was part of giving KH its unique identity. As a fun exercise I thought it would be fun to try and use the KH3 concept art for Sora, Riku, and Kairi and turn them into head icons similar to the ones we used to get. As a fun bonus I also made one of Master Xehanort using one of BbS's promotional artworks as a base. I hope you enjoy, I sure had a lot of fun making them!
  3. I honestly doubt they'll cancel it. Never have they cancelled a KH game before and if they did I'm sure they would've just told us in the announcement. Of course there's a first time for everything but I seriously doubt it.
  4. Problem is Square said late September and haven't given any updates since. September is almost done.
  5. It looks stunning! Absolutely incredible!
  6. I do not think we'll get anything at TGS but I do believe there'll be something at the Jump Festa.
  7. I can't say I hear anything that resembles Nachtflügel , sorry. Pretty sure that's some Sony/Playstation original music for the teaser. Would've been really strange for Sony to specifically use a rendition of some music that plays during one of KH3's dlc bosses. I would love for something to appear, but Nomura has already said there won't be much news this year. I don't think we'll get anything before Jump Festa in December, unfortunately.
  8. I agree. That definitely is a cool attack. There's something very raw and brutal about swinging your weapon at someone using a chain.
  9. Yes it's official. Don't remember where it's used but I've seen it many times over the years.
  10. Apprentice Xehanort/Terra-Xehanort has never been voiced by Paul Saint Peter. Epcar has always voiced him ever since his first appearance in KH2 to his birth in BBS, again during the opening for KH3D, again in 0.2 and KH3, and finally during his talk with Kairi in Melody of Memory.
  11. Paul Saint Peter only voices Xemnas. Richard Epcar is the voice for Apprentice Xehanort/Terra-Xehanort. It's the same person just with a different haircut.
  12. Riku is seen using that same stance in a flashback in Chain of Memories from when they were kids though.
  13. Stunning! Looking forward to the rest!
  14. That's a lot of speculation going on there presented as facts.
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