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  1. I don't get how people think that the voice at the end of the trailer is Mark Hamill. It sounds absolutely nothing like him.
  2. I strongly expected this. Nothing so far seemed to indicate their return.
  3. JTD95

    Orchestra Version

    Since we're apparently getting two new songs for KHIII by Utada, Face my Fears and Don't Think Twice, and since both Simple and Clean and Sanctuary have orchestrated versions, do you guys think we'll be getting orchestrated versions of these two new songs as well? Or if they only orchestrate one of them, which of them do you think it'll be?
  4. Think you got that wrong. The picture is depicting a KH3 Sora.
  5. JTD95

    Do you think all Original Worlds will be playable?

    I really want Radiant Garden to be playable, but at this point it doesn't seem like it will be. I also want Destiny Islands. That one wouldn't be too hard. Just give us the front and back of the island and then just a tiny bit of the main land and I'd be happy. Traverse Town and The World That Never Was seem to me highly unlikely as they were featured in KH3D.
  6. But his role in the franchise has skyrocketed ever since KH2. In that game he was just another Organization XIII henchmen but after BbS and KH3D his role has been greatly expanded I'd say.
  7. JTD95

    What do you expect to see in the longer TGS trailer for KH3?

    Just give me Master Xehanort in HD and I'll be happy!
  8. I don't know how it plays yet, but I'm quite sure it'll be requirement to complete Jiminy's journal, which again will probably be a requirement for platinum.
  9. Unlike cutscenes from KH1, KH2, and BbS, the cutscenes from Re:CoM are pre-rendered. Which means they can't go into the files the same way they did with the others and give the same clean-up. This is also the reason for why the characters have Japanese lip-sync rather than English, and why Ansem hasn't been updated with his 1.5 texture.
  10. Thought this was gonna be a shoutout to the minigames of Disney Town.
  11. JTD95

    Which console have you played the most games on?

    I used to play a lot on the ps2 when I was younger, but I've also played on my ps4 a lot since I got it. So either on of those.
  12. Master Xehanort. Just a 5 seconds long clip of him in glorious next-gen graphics.
  13. But Larxene says there are seven new ones in the trailer.
  14. But does Lea have two hearts now? His own original and the one Axel developed? That's what Axel and everyone else thought at the time. But Xemnas says in KH3D that Nobodies could grow hearts of their own over time.
  15. Kingdom Hearts has a story we all easily buy into in the moment of each scene but once we try to make sense of it all it becomes quite confusing. I've had a question for a while which I feel falls into this as well. I don't believe Nomura has an answer to what I'm about to ask nor do I think we'll ever get one. But its still fun none the less to ask these questions, and heck, maybe there is an answer and I just haven't paid enough attention. My question is regarding something Xemnas said in KH3D. He said that Nobodies can develop hearts within them over a period of time. But what I wonder is what happens to this new heart once the Nobody is defeated and joins with its original heart from its Heartless counter part? Lea's Nobody is Axel and Lea's Heartless is some random Heartless (a Red Nocturne or Crimson Jazz perhaps). So over time Axel either potentially could or perhaps even did develop a heart of his own. But Axel and Lea's Heartless have both been defeated now and joined together to recreate their original self, Lea. So, what happens to the heart Axel developed during his time as a Nobody?