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  1. Just wanna add that KH1 also had trinity marks and dalmations, while BBS Japanese had Vanitas Remnant and Mirage Arena. But yeah, I do agree that we shouldn’t compare KH3 with the Final Mixes.
  2. JTD95

    The organization members

    You forgot Saix on your list. I also dont believe yet that Demyx and Vexen are a part of the new Organization. Something about the scenes I’ve seen with them so far just doesnt seem right. I know Demyx stands with them at the beginning of the final battle trailer but I just dont see him as a returning member.
  3. The game is so close to release. Everything is done. Why would they use an old recording of Xehanort's voice rather the actual one that's in the game? No. The voice we heard in both the Winnie the Pooh trailer and the Final Battle trailer is Xehanort's new voice.
  4. Ah right. Thanks! Still I could have sworn I'd heard that melody before in another game. Guess it just sounds like typical KH music.
  5. Anybody know what the name of the music they used at 0:29 is? Or rather what it is an arrangement of? Been bothering me for days now. I know I've heard that tune before.
  6. You guys at KH13 got a source for it being Mark Hamill? Cause it sounds nothing like him.
  7. I don't get how people think that the voice at the end of the trailer is Mark Hamill. It sounds absolutely nothing like him.
  8. I strongly expected this. Nothing so far seemed to indicate their return.
  9. JTD95

    Orchestra Version

    Since we're apparently getting two new songs for KHIII by Utada, Face my Fears and Don't Think Twice, and since both Simple and Clean and Sanctuary have orchestrated versions, do you guys think we'll be getting orchestrated versions of these two new songs as well? Or if they only orchestrate one of them, which of them do you think it'll be?
  10. Think you got that wrong. The picture is depicting a KH3 Sora.
  11. JTD95

    Do you think all Original Worlds will be playable?

    I really want Radiant Garden to be playable, but at this point it doesn't seem like it will be. I also want Destiny Islands. That one wouldn't be too hard. Just give us the front and back of the island and then just a tiny bit of the main land and I'd be happy. Traverse Town and The World That Never Was seem to me highly unlikely as they were featured in KH3D.
  12. But his role in the franchise has skyrocketed ever since KH2. In that game he was just another Organization XIII henchmen but after BbS and KH3D his role has been greatly expanded I'd say.
  13. JTD95

    What do you expect to see in the longer TGS trailer for KH3?

    Just give me Master Xehanort in HD and I'll be happy!
  14. I don't know how it plays yet, but I'm quite sure it'll be requirement to complete Jiminy's journal, which again will probably be a requirement for platinum.