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  1. capjake


    Lindworm is the set of lances wielded by Organization XIII's rank III, Xaldin. Lindworm is made up of six spears, 3 of which Xaldin holds, and the other 3 simply float behind him. The Japanese name for Lindworm, Ryūgasen (Flash of the Dragon's Fang), is a reference to Xaldin's association with dragons, speed, and his aggressiveness when fighting.
  2. capjake


    Sharpshooter is a pair of Arrowguns wielded by Organization XIII's rank II, Xigbar. The two Arrowguns can be combined to create a rifle which Xigbar used to fire at targets from a distance. In Kingdom Hearts II, Sharpshooter can fire 6 rounds in the first battle with Xigbar. However in 358/2 Days, it can fire 32 rounds before reloading, and in the data battle they can fire without reloading at all.
  3. capjake


    Skysplitter is an Axe Sword wielded by Organization XIII's rank V, Lexaeus. Skysplitter is a long and presumably heavy weapon, which it's wielder uses to create earthquakes and attack with devastating strength.
  4. One last question, should I post the new ones that I make here?
  5. Then, for now, I'm gonna go for any symbolism and the wielder of the weapon.
  6. To what extent should we have mechanics on the page?
  7. capjake

    Graceful Dahlia

    Graceful Dahlia is the scythe wielded by Organization XIII's rank XI, Marluxia. The scythe is representative of the flower it is named after, with the pink blade resembling the pink petals that many dahlia flowers have. In the language of flowers, Dahlia flowers represent dignity and elegance, but also betrayal, instability, and dishonesty. Alongside the graceful in its name, this weapon refers to its wielders title, the "Graceful Assassin", as well as his rebellion against the Organization.
  8. Wow never thought of it like that. Thanks mate.
  9. Wish me luck, any tips would be appreciated. Competition btw lol
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