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  1. RaichuBender

    Which is your favorite platform to game on?

    Playstation 4, PC, Nintendo 3DS and Sony PSP are my favorites. (I don't like the Vita that much tbh ) EDIT: I should mention the GBA SP as well. I don't have it, but you can play the whole library of Game Boy games on it, plus it's backlit.
  2. RaichuBender

    Do you like or play Kingdom Hearts fan games?

    A lot of people are into them.
  3. Do you like or play Kingdom Hearts fan games? I like them, but most of them are really bad.
  4. RaichuBender

    What type of reach do you prefer on your keyblade?

    I really like long weapons, but I don't think a long Keyblade is pratical, unless you're Cloud Strife.
  5. RaichuBender

    My Top 5 Kingdom Hearts SUMMONS! (KH Top 5)

    Whut? Did I write that? I'm stupid! Lol.
  6. RaichuBender

    My Top 5 Kingdom Hearts SUMMONS! (KH Top 5)

    My favorites are (from less favorite to most favorite): 1. Bambi 2. Mushu 3. Peter Pan 2. Simba 1. Genie - I love Genie! He's just so funny! Don't judge me, I count from 1 to 1.
  7. When will we first see Aqua's face rendered in KH2.8's game engine? (Credit: Oli) I think we'll get a trailer with Aqua in full motion.
  8. Now that the year 2016 is coming, how many new Kingdom Hearts trailers do you think we'll get this time around? I think anywhere between 3 and 5.
  9. The Nintendo eShop and other digital stores.
  10. RaichuBender

    Have you ever sent a letter to Mickey Mouse?

    Source: http://www.themainstreetmouse.com/2013/08/29/write-a-letter-to-your-favorite-disney-character/ Well, I kwen you could do things like this, but why would I? I know Mickey Mouse doesn't exist in real life, so the mail I'd send would be answered by a total stranger. EDIT: If someone just gave me the address of Tetsuya Nomura, things would've been different. x)
  11. Do you think the new Kingdom Hearts 3 and 2.8 trailers are going to be released to the public? I think they will, eventually.
  12. MAN do I want to see this trailer! Especially that emotional moment! If Square Enix decides to not show this trailer to the west and the rest of Japan, I'll be pretty mad...
  13. I'm always excited when a Kingdom Hearts game comes out. I can understand a little bit of Japanese, so I can follow a bit of the story, but I will be playing the game with 100% attention when the English version comes out.