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  1. I mean....id buy an eggman themed controller. :kaysmile:
  2. That Is hilarious. :kaysmile:
  3. KinoKey

    General Chat

    I've finally got a look i love for my red mage. :HeartlessLove:
  4. KinoKey

    General Chat

    A 4th and I still haven't beaten the first. I NEEDTO CATCH UP
  5. KinoKey

    General Chat

    Dragon mounts are always the way to go. :HeartlessLove:
  6. KinoKey

    Fan Art Chat

    My favorite PKMN protag. :PikaSurprise:
  7. KinoKey

    Fan Art Chat

    ah. The bomb and scarf just screamed bean. :kaysmile:
  8. KinoKey

    Fan Art Chat

    Bean! I love it!
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