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  1. It didn't show anything! That's 24 seconds of my life I'm never going to get back.
  2. clatter411

    Kingdom Hearts 3

    To be honest, I've had similar worries. Many long time fans, myself included, want the game to play similarly to KH2FM. But from what I've seen, the Osaka team has given this game similar combat problems to the other entries in the series they've done. The same stuff they're known for. I'm also worried about the story. Parts of the story have gone through several retcons over the years and as more games get released the more dissatisfied I've become. I've been waiting for this game since '05 and so of course the hype is big. At the same time however I know this game won't live up to my huge expectations. The sad thing is, even knowing that, I don't think it will live up to much more reasonable expectations either.
  3. clatter411

    [Spoilers] Footage question?

    It looks cute
  4. I really appreciate this comment. It's really refreshing to see people understand others viewpoints instead of rejecting them even if it only is about a video game. I've seen that alot on this site and it's great to see.
  5. clatter411

    New Trio?

    I think we have enough trios already and it's nice to have characters stand on there own without needing a trio (like Namine). Characters like Namine and Repliku work better on there own. Namine has always had this air of not belonging anywhere which she seems to believe despite wanting friendships. It really adds to her character that she has that tragedy. I of course want her to eventually realize that she can belong, but she doesn't necessarily need a trip to do that. Repliku on the other hand while similar, I always felt he would either never be relevant again, or just end up being some boss battle who ends up fading into darkness.
  6. clatter411

    All this talk from Nomura about what comes after KH3

    That really makes me worry about this game.
  7. To be honest I never unserstood Lea's popularity. I thought his death in Kh2 was a great end to his character. His resurrection via fan love actually made me dislike him quite a bit since I didn't think he had any place in the story following Kh2. My biggest problem with Lea was him getting a keyblade. He didn't need one, his chakrams were already cool, and he didn't really need to be more special. I don't know what it is about him that people like so much. He's alright, but that's pretty much the extent of the feelings I can muster for him.
  8. Unfortunately Namine has always been a small character in terms of the story. While I was hoping for a bigger role for her, after seeing the opening I doubt it. I don't think it's a shipping thing at all to be honest as I doubt Roxas is ever going to be anything than just a friend to Xion or Namine. Her lack of appearance could also be due to the nature of the opening. It was attempting to recap important moments involving Xehanort. Namine hasn't really had any interaction with any of the Xehanorts in the series. In the DDD opening which was just trying to recap the series in general, she only apparead for a second or so. She's just the kind of character that is either forced to do things by others (Re:Com) or does things behind the scenes (KH2). She really isn't a character in the forefront nor is she a fighter.
  9. clatter411

    All worlds leaked

    I'm not really surprised to be honest. This is what I was expecting.
  10. clatter411

    I just preordered the game at GameStop

    Yeah be wary when pre-ordering from gamestop! I pre-ordered 1.5 + 2.5 when is came out for the ps4 pro. I was out of town when it came out and couldn't get someone to pick it up for me until 3 - 4 days later. They didn't have it. Why? Since I didn't pick it up for a few days they sold it to someone else.
  11. clatter411

    Riku's Braveheart Keyblade in KH3

    I'll have to go over all the details again to be sure. You may be right and I'm just overcomplicating things.
  12. clatter411

    Riku's Braveheart Keyblade in KH3

    Sora's keyblade was originally special because it was the keyblade from the realm of light and it chooses its wielder. That and the kingdom Key D which needed to be found in the realm of darkness. But birth by sleep and DDD and UX have changed the rules. It hasn't really been established since whether or not Sora's keyblade is still special or if its just like everyone else's. I mean kh1 implies there are only 2 keyblades in existence and that they're legendary weapons which is why they're so special. But then bbs said, "oh you just have to have a strong heart and go through an inheritance ceremony to get a keyblade". Then DDD said "oh anyone with a strong heart who trains can get one".
  13. clatter411

    The organization members

    It would be interesting, but I don't know about Isa attacking Xemnas. Out of every organization member he always came across as the one with the most loyalty to Xehanort. I think Lea hopes Isa is still in there somewhere but I just get the feeling he's long gone and if anything the scene is more of a representation of how little of Isa there is left.
  14. clatter411

    Full Opening Leaked

    I'm happy. The opening is the one thing I wanted to see leaked. Gotta see those sweet sweet visuals. I've been hoping to see the full thing ever since they released the opening trailer showing part of it. Plus the openings mainly recap things anyway so I doubt there's any real spoilers. Though I do understand why people would want to wait.
  15. clatter411

    Riku's Braveheart Keyblade in KH3

    As far as I'm aware there isn't an explanation for where the Kingdom Key D came from. Similar to Sora's keyblade being special and not knowing where it came from. Though I wonder if that's still even Canon considering the rules of people getting keyblades seems to change every few years.