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  1. Oh look is the “lost” trailer from amazon.
  2. Personally I feel like whoever did the animation for Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive would be a great fit for it animation wise. If there was one I would assume Square would have full control of screenplay and what they wanted to happen.
  3. I liked the battles a lot. The story had a great way of building character and getting dark at the right times.
  4. Hello. Have any of you guys played the Mega Man Battle Network or Star Force games? They are very fun rpg games that were actually one of the first games I've ever played and would have a great time if a few people on here would like to discuss some memories of the game or of the anime series they both got.
  5. Oh wow. Does it do anything when you have to pick them in kingdom hearts 2?
  6. What was the point of doing this in the game? I never really found out.
  7. They have those digitally as well. I have the first album they put out. I wonder if it’s a legal thing since maybe the music is also co-owned by Disney like most other aspects of the series. I think Square-Enix owns Sora but at the same time I’ve been told Disney does to so who knows.
  8. khfan14

    Which KH game has the best final boss sequence?

    Actually the final bosses of 358/2 were really well done. The difficulty was a little ridiculous though.
  9. They’ve released musical albums for the games countless times on the Square-Enix website. Isn’t it about time for a digital release like they do with the final fantasy games.
  10. khfan14

    Which KH game has the best final boss sequence?

    Did re:coded even have a final boss? Every time you thought you were done there were more things to do and after you beat Roxas you can just walk through the door anytime without having to finish the game mandatorily after like with all the others. You can literally just go to other worlds and do whatever.
  11. I still find the free poster from Gamestop a better deal.
  12. What are some theories you guys have about what will happen in the game that you would really like to see? Such as Roxas seeing Ventus and Sora seeing Vanitas.
  13. Its basically just a reskin of the kingdom key because in the trailers the kingdom key grans second form.