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  1. Honestly Id like to know to because I didnt get it either.
  2. I want to answer but before I do please tell me how far you are into the game so I don't spoil anything.
  3. Nothing really. Truthfully kingdom Hearts 3 was the only game I really cared about. I'm not really much of a gamer but I would have Jump force does grab my attention but I would want to wait to see a full roster because it seems they're showing off more and more characters and the release date draws close.
  4. So funny story. My first game was 358/2 days and the whole time I was playing I though that Roxas was Sora but he had been kidnapped and they erased his memories and dyed his hair so he wouldn't know. Imagine my confusion when Re:coded came out because then I thought that it turned out that Sora was actually from a digital dimension. I only had a ds at the time either way so it was really confusing.
  5. That’s so weird because I saw it as a playable world in trailers
  6. Is the mysterious tower not in the game? I remember it was shown in a trailer after the E3 2015 trailer in a trailer announcing kingdom hearts 2.8 but haven’t seen it since and was thinking they were just waiting for the game. Maybe in final mix version?
  7. As we all know the game we have all wanted is here but before we play I think it is important to remember the friends or family who are not able to be with us to enjoy it who had wanted to. When you play do not just play it for you play it for them. It is sad that we have lost so many people who had wanted to come this far but were unable to due to unfortunate happenings. Always remember they will always be with you wherever you go. Have fun playing the game.
  8. Are links and summons going to be the same thing or am I just missing something?
  9. Personally I feel like whoever did the animation for Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive would be a great fit for it animation wise. If there was one I would assume Square would have full control of screenplay and what they wanted to happen.
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