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  1. Is this for the states as well as eu and other areas or just japan?
  2. Happy one year on kh13!

  3. well i know thats not a set date, but september 30th is a monday. games usually come out on tuesday. so it might be oct 1st or sept 24th. but hopefully its way earlier than that
  4. dude....omg i hate you...jkjk i was like YES!!! now kh3 will be developed lol. Nice one tho, ill give you that
  5. Jester19

    Monster Hunter 3, or wait for 4?

    i think multiplayer is online now thru wifi with mh3...not sure tho
  6. Sonic , mario sunshine, donkey kong country
  7. It was the whole "Inception" concept. where riku was in soras dream. figured it out wayy after tho lol
  8. Destiny Island for the song, but it would be either agrahbah or hollow bastion,,,sorry cant choose one. least fav would be alice wonderland